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UFOcast Podcast episode #2 (COMPUTER AFFAIR) is now available for listening!


Word has it that there will be a SHADO CON 2 convention on 30 June 2018, in the same location as SHADO CON 1 (Derby Quad).  Meanwhile, a DVD for SHADO CON 1 is expected to be available very soon!


In the UK, Network is having a 40% off sale, which makes the UFO complete series Blu-ray set only £26.00 (£31.20 with VAT) and the Invasion: UFO Blu-ray only £5.00 (£6.00 with VAT).

UFOcast Podcast episode 1 (IDENTIFIED) is now available for listening!


A new UFO podcast, UFOCAST, will begin on October 13, and there will be 26 podcasts over the 52 weeks that follow!


There is a new website,, which features scans of the UFO comics that originally appeared in issues of Countdown / TV Action!


Some sad news - actress Suzan Farmer, who played Paul Foster's girlfriend in the UFO episode "Survival", has passed away at age 75.


Network's new UFO Blu-ray is now available in the UK.  So far this appears to be the same as the previous release, except that the new version has no book, has no outer box, the disc case appears to be better designed (as it was difficult to remove the discs with the old case), and the retail price is lower.  However, at the moment on Amazon UK, you can purchased the old version for less money (£45.94) than the new version (£59.99)!


In the UK, Network will be releasing UFO on Blu-ray disc without the book and cardboard case, for a lower price than last year's release.  This will be released on September 11.

From this eBay listing, it appears that Unstoppable Cards will be releasing a second set of UFO trading cards in 2018, although I have not seen any official announcement of this.

The organizers of SHADO CON are putting together a 2-disc DVD covering the convention, which is expected to be available in the near future.

The website for the Italian Section of SHADO (ISOSHADO) has been updated recently, with photos from SHADO CON and Stephen La Rivière's new UFO book


With SHADO CON coming up in a few weeks, here is a page that has all of the current planned guests (as the list has changed over time). The current guest list includes Alan Perry, Shane Rimmer, Ayshea Brough, Susan Jameson, Michael Jayston, and Gary Raymond. Plus the possibility of a Skype session with Keith Alexander!

In the UK, UFO is now airing on Forces TV, Saturdays at 6pm! Forces TV is on Sky Channel 264, Virgin 277, and Freesat 165.


In the UK, UFO will start airing on "Forces TV" beginning on May 13!


A reminder -- Jeff Smart is releasing a 2-DVD special edition of his "The Future Was Fantastic" Gerry Anderson documentary. Jeff is taking orders until May 4, and then all discs will be manufactured and mailed out on May 8. There is definitely some UFO content here, with a focus on the UFO automobiles, but also the extra content will take a look at the original Interceptor and Sky One models. Narration is by Ed Bishop.

You can still order this on eBay here:


The UK UFO Blu-ray set is now selling for as low as £34.95 on!


There is a new UFO book coming out in Japan next month, "UFO Visual Archives" (謎の円盤UFO完全資料集成), written by Stephen La Rivière, available May 6, price 3800 yen.  Here is an article (in Japanese) on it, and here it is available for pre-order on!


For a very short time (until April 25th), the official Gerry Anderson website is selling a UFO T-Shirt!


The Gerry Anderson documentary, THE FUTURE WAS FANTASTIC, has been reissued as a 2-DVD special collectors edition, with new packaging and extra material.  You can now purchase this on eBay.  For UFO fans, the extra material includes an interview with director Ken Turner, the original large models of Sky One and an Interceptor, and studio outtakes of narrator Ed Bishop!


Ruric Powell, the writer of the UFO episodes CONFLICT and THE DALOTEK AFFAIR, has passed away.  He had been scheduled as a guest at the upcoming SHADO CON convention in June. 


In Publicity Photos, added a photo from CLOSE UP of the Lunar Module & B142 Space Probe!


In Publicity Photos, just added a new photo of a SHADO Mobile!


For those of you still looking for the newly revised and expanded edition of Chris Bentley's COMPLETE BOOK OF UFO, Forbidden Planet still have these in stock, while the more mainstream vendors appear to be out of them (or are now charging prices that are too high).


In Publicity Photos, just added a new photo of SID!


Tickets are now on sale for SHADO CON, a one-day UFO convention taking place on 3 June 2017 in Derby UK.  You can purchase tickets here.  The current guest list includes Ayshea Brough, Keith Alexander, and Michael Jayston.  Currently there is a Facebook page for this convention here, with a website expected soon.


For those of you still waiting for your copy of "The Complete Book of UFO" (which sold out prior to its initial release), here is the latest from the publisher:

"The UFO is reprint is imminent – I would hope that the outstanding Amazon orders will be delivered to customers around the middle of this month.

There are very minor corrections/differences in the 2017 edition. It's essentially the same book."

So ignore those high prices on Amazon right now... they're about to drop.


Jeremy Summers, who directed two UFO episodes (The Psychobombs & The Long Sleep), has passed away at age 85.


Following up on the Australian UFO Blu-ray rumor, I contacted MadMan Entertainment, and they said that they were unable to confirm a release at this time, as they are still in the middle of contract negotiations for this release.


Apparently, UFO is going to be released on Blu-ray disc in Australia by MadMan Entertainment, sometime in the March - May 2017 timeframe.  There has been no official annoucement yet from MadMan, but there is a listing and preliminary artwork on DVDLand.


A UFO convention has been announced, to be held 3 June 2017 in Derby, UK.  So far the guest list includes Ayshea and Micheal Jayston, but is expected to grow.  This convention has a Facebook page here.


Amazon uk seems all over the place with the pricing and availability of THE COMPLETE BOOK OF UFO.   Some people who were told to not expect it until December 23 have already received it!  And the price has again dropped, this time to .£9.99.

25-Nov-16 has now raised the price of THE COMPLETE BOOK OF UFO to £29.99, and is also now out of stock.  Some people who pre-ordered this from them are now being told that it will not arrive until December 23, while others have already received their copy.


I'm hearing reports that is now shipping the newly revised edition of THE COMPLETE BOOK OF UFO, which is still available from them at the ridiculously low pre-order price of £6.99!


People started receiving their Network UFO Blu-ray discs on Monday!  It appears that the major issues with the previous Blu-ray releases have been corrected (e.g. aspect ratio error, sepia tinting, day-for-night shots).  Generally the overall response has been favorable, although there has been some complaints about the packaging, and also about excessive noise reduction in some scenes.    I've updated my page on this release here with more information and photos, and have also started a frame capture comparison page here.


Now that Network has sold out of their first batch of UFO Blu-ray discs, they do not expect to get new stock until mid December.

I've created a page of information for the Network UFO Blu-ray discs here, and will update it as new information is available.


Network has posted some screenshots from their new UFO Blu-ray box, which you can see here.  It appears that these are brighter, have more contrast, have less grain and less sharpness than the Japanese UFO Blu-rays from several years ago.

Also, Network is reporting that their first pressing of this set has completely sold out already, so for new orders there will be a delay.


Network is now sending out emails to UFO Blu-ray pre-buyers that their orders have shipped!  Meanwhile, Network has increased the price of the set (when ordered directly from them) to £75.


Here is another Network UFO Blu-ray set promo clip, this time featuring Lt. Ellis.  Less than 2 weeks until release!


Network has extended their UFO Blu-ray set pre-buy to November 7th, and have added a UFO poster based on the 1970 Anglo UFO trading cards!  This poster is only available with sets purchased from Network, and is a limited edition.


The Gerry Anderson fan club Fanderson has just released interviews with Ed Bishop on CD, now available to its membership!


Network has posted two trailers for their upcoming UFO Blu-ray on YouTube, this one appears to be based on the Blu-ray menus, and this one is taken from a scene in the episode CLOSE UP!

Both HMV and have raised their preorder price from £62.99 to £69.99.  Although presumably orders already placed at the lower price will be honored.

20-Oct-16 has now lowered their price on the upcoming Network UFO Blu-ray box to £62.99!

Meanwhile, Network has just posted a new promotional video for this release, presumably based on new animations developed for the Blu-ray menus!


HMV is selling the upcoming Network UFO Blu-ray box for £62.99, which is the lowest price seen to date.

The Network UFO Blu-ray box has been confirmed to have 6 discs, not 7.

The release date for the upcoming "Complete Book of UFO" is now November 25.  There will be book launch event in London on that date with author Chris Bentley and Ayshea at the Cinema Museum!

9-Oct-16 is currently offering the upcoming revised and expanded COMPLETE BOOK OF UFO for only £6.99, which is a whopping 77% discount!  Not sure if this is intentional, a mistake, or if the price will rise to something more normal at any moment...

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