Synopsis: Straker and Col. Lake are attacked by a UFO while driving to SHADO HQ. When they arrive they find that night has turned into day, and that everything at the studio and SHADO HQ is frozen in time. They then discover a traitorous SHADO operative, Turner, who is working with the Aliens and caused the time freeze using a device hidden in SHADO HQ. Straker and Lake attempt to kill Turner, but cannot because he is able to jump back and forth in time. A UFO approaches, and Straker gets a rocket launcher to try and destroy it, but Turner steals the key and knocks out Lake. What can Straker do to stop Turner and prevent the Aliens from taking over? [Spoiler]

Writer: Terence Feely.
Director: Cyril Frankel.
Guest Cast: Patrick Allen as Turner.

Featured Characters: Straker, Lake, Foster, Henderson, Jackson.
Featured Hardware: Straker's car, SHADO Jeeps, UFO.

Review: An excellent episode, especially if you like time-freeze stories. There is also a lot of action, and the interplay between Straker, Lake, and Turner is great. Grade: A

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