Synopsis: After a UFO inexplicably self-destructs near Moonbase, a member of the debris search team begins hallucinating, and believes that all of his fellow Moonbase personel are Mexican banditos trying to kill him. After fistfights and a shootout, he is killed. Later in SHADO HQ, another operative undergoes similar hallucinations, this time seeing Aliens. After two deaths and Col. Lake being held hostage, Straker is forced to kill him as well. Later, in an argument with General Henderson, Straker suddenly starts hallucinating himself, and is now an actor playing Straker in a television series! [Spoiler]

Writer: Tony Barwick.
Director: Ken Turner.
Guest Cast: Al Mancini as Conroy, Charles Tingwell as Beaver James, Stuart Damon as Howard Byrne.

Featured Characters: Straker, Foster, Henderson, Barry, Lake.
Featured Hardware: UFO, Interceptors, Moonmobiles.

Review: Excellent -- if you like bizarre episodes! Straker's hallucination sequence is particularly interesting, since they show some of the actual sets used to film UFO. Grade: A

Note: This episode contains scenes from IDENTIFIED and A QUESTION OF PRIORITIES.

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