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UK Blu-ray Discs: On 14 November 2016, Network Distributing will release 26 UFO episodes on Blu-ray disc in the UK. This will feature a new HD remastering in the original 4:3 aspect ratio, new special features, and a 600+ companion book. More details about this release
Japanese Blu-ray Discs: On 5 December 2012, Geneon Universal released all 26 UFO episodes on Blu-ray disc in Japan. This was the first high-definition home video release of UFO. It is in the original 4:3 aspect ratio, and includes 3 audio tracks - Japanese mono (dubbed), English mono, and English 5.1. Includes a 40-page booklet. More details about this release
Australian DVDs: In Australia, Umbrella Entertainment released all 26 episodes of UFO in an 8-disc boxed set September 2007 (also released separately as four 2-disc volumes). These are in the PAL format, and there are no region restrictions.

Pre-release marketing materials:


Frame grabs:

American DVD's: In the USA, A&E Home Video released UFO on 2 DVD sets in 2002 and 2003, and then re-released the entire series in one "Megaset" in 2003. Picture & sound quality are superb, due to excellent digital remastering. Special features include commentary tracks on the episodes IDENTIFIED (Gerry Anderson), SUB-SMASH (Ed Bishop), KILL STRAKER (Mike Billington & director Alan Perry), and TIMELASH (Sylvia Anderson & Wanda Ventham), and miscellaneous video/audio outtakes. A&E also advertises "production photos", however these unfortunately are just frame grabs from the episodes.

The UFO Megaset is available from (as are the older set 1 and set 2)


Frame captures (courtesy Catherine Bujold):

Audio extras:

UK DVD's: Carlton Visual Entertainment released all 26 episodes of UFO in 2002 on 8 DVD discs, available on 2 deluxe box sets or in individual volumes. Picture & sound quality are superb, due to an excellent digital remastering. Extra features include 4 extended sequences from IDENTIFIED and EXPOSED, commentary by Gerry Anderson and Ed Bishop, 100+ behind-the-scenes and publicity photos, actor biographies, merchandise photos, pre-production artwork, and information on SHADO.

These can be ordered worldwide from (set 1, set 2). Note that these are PAL discs, but they have not been encoded with any region restrictions.

Frame captures (courtesy Christian Jenisch & James Gibbon):

Commentary tracks:

Packaging for the two box sets:

Packaging for the separately released individual volumes (courtesy Deaks & Philby):

Promotional folder released in January 2002 to retailers (courtesy Paolo Malaguti):

German DVD's: In Germany, EpiX released all episodes of UFO onto DVD in 2005. Here are some scans and frame captures from the first 4 volumes released so far (courtesy Christian Jenisch):

Italian DVD's: In Italy, Cult Media released all 26 episodes of UFO onto DVD in 2003. Set 1 is available in a standard and a deluxe version. The deluxe version contains many features found on the UK DVDs (Gerry Anderson commentary, behind-the-scenes & publicity photos, alternate versions of scenes from IDENTIFIED and EXPOSED), plus it contains several unique features -- the complete film of INVASION:UFO, a 34 minute interview with Ed Bishop, 5 minutes of highlights from past Italian UFO conventions, PDF scans of the original dialog continuity script (DVD-ROM). The audo tracks for the episodes feature 4 choices - 2 different Italian dubbed versions in mono, one Italian dubbed version in "fake" 5.1 surround sound, plus the original English mono track. Subtitles are available in both Italian and English.
French DVD's: In France, TF1 Video released all 26 episodes of UFO onto DVD in 2002. This is a single box set containing 7 DVDs. This is a dual language release, with a choice of English subtitled in French, or dubbed in French. Unfortunately, picture & sound quality are poor, as 22 of the 26 episodes are not digitally remastered. Extra features include short interviews with Ed Bishop and Sylvia Anderson, deleted scenes, merchandise galleries, and a trailer for INVASION: UFO.

This set is available from (note that these are region 2 PAL discs)


Frame captures:

Audio clips:

Japanese DVD's: In Japan, Tohokushinsha released UFO Part 1 on DVD on 27 June 2003. Here is an in-store advertisement for this release page 1 | page 2 & 3
Fanderson's "UFO Documentary" video: Fanderson's "UFO Documentary" video: In 1993, the Gerry Anderson fan club FANDERSON released a one hour "Making of UFO" documentary video. This video was subsequently released on DVD and is still available via Fanderson Sales.
American VHS Tapes: In 1988, Today Home Entertainment released 8 UFO episodes on VHS tape in America. Here are scans of the cover artwork:
UK Digital Entertainment VHS tapes: In 1999 - 2000, a company named "Digital Entertainment" released all 26 episodes of UFO on PAL VHS tape in the UK.  Here are scans of the cover artwork, plus a review (most scans courtesy Angelo Finamore & Richard Barraclough):
UK Polygram VHS tapes: Before the Digital Entertainment tapes were released in the UK, Polygram released 11 volumes on VHS PAL tape. Here are cover scans (courtesy Jan Sparks):
UK Channel 5 VHS Tapes: Volumes 1-6 of the UK Polygram VHS tapes were originally released under the "Channel 5" label in 1987-1990. Here are some cover scans (courtesy Branko Vekic): 
American Laserdiscs: In the late 1980's, Image Entertainment released 6 UFO episodes on NTSC laserdisc in America. Here are the front & back covers of the disc jackets:
American "Invasion: UFO" VHS Tape: In 1986, the Mirish Video Company released the compilation movie "Invasion:UFO" on NTSC VHS tape in America.  Here is a scan of the cover artwork (courtesy Angelo Finamore).
Japanese Limited-Edition Laserdiscs: In 1991-92 Tohokushinsha Home Video released all 26 episodes of UFO on 2 limited edition boxed sets of laserdiscs. Included with the discs were booklets and a "SHADO Secret File" bonus disc featuring an overview of the series. Here are what the front & backs of the boxes and each volume looks like, plus some reviews: 
Japanese Re-Release Laserdiscs: In 1993 Tohokushinsha Home Video re-released all 26 episodes of UFO on 4 boxed sets of laserdiscs. Here is a review and photos (courtesy Steve Pilant) 
Japanese Laserdiscs Promotional CD Video: Here is a promotional CD video for the first Japanese limited edition laserdisc set (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection) 
Italian Compilation Movie VHS Tapes: In the early 1970's, several UFO episodes were edited into 5 compilation movies which were shown in Italian theaters. Three of these movies were later released in Italy on PAL VHS tapes by AVO FILM. These videos were released in 1982 then re-released in 1986 and 1994, with each release having completely different cover artwork. The cover artwork for the 1982 releases was the same as that used for the theatrical releases. Here are some pictures of these videos, plus some advertising materials (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection, except where noted): 
Italian Super 8mm Film: In Italy, several UFO episodes and compilation movies were released on Super 8mm film during the 1970's. Here are pictures of the packaging of some of these (courtesy Angelo Zumbo)

Japanese Emotion Videotapes: In 1984-87, Emotion Video produced 8 VHS & Beta tapes containing UFO episodes. Most of these tapes were subtitled, while a few were dubbed in Japanese. Here are pictures of some of them, showing the box, a card insert, and the videotapes (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 
Japanese Pack-in-Video Videotapes: In 1987-88, Pack-In-Video produced 3 VHS & Beta tapes containing Italian UFO compilation movies. These tapes were subtitled in Japanese. Here is the cover for DISTRUGGETE BASE LUNA (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection) 
German Videotapes: In the 1980's, German-dubbed versions of the Italian UFO compilation movies were released in Germany. Here are some pictures (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 
Japanese INVASION: UFO Laserdisc: This is the front cover on this late 1980's laserdisc (courtesy Bill Cotter)

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