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SHADO-USECC was a UFO fan club that existed from 1979 to 2002, and had operatives all around the world, including honorary members Ed Bishop ("Commander Ed Straker") and Mike Billington ("Colonel Paul Foster"). The club was created and run by Jim Main from 1979 to 1988, and then Helen Weber ran the club from 1988 to 2002.

Generally, the club produced 4 newsletters and 1 fanzine per year. The newsletters generally contained fan discussions, articles about the series, cast updates, convention reports, merchandise announcements/sources/reviews, photos from peoples collections, and classified ads for trading/selling collectibles. The fanzines generally contained fan fiction and artwork. All issues were reproduced using a xerox machine (black & white, although there were a couple color pages in the final issues).

The club also had a videotape lending library, so that North American members could borrow videotapes of UFO episodes (useful prior to the DVD releases)..

Here are brief descriptions of the newsletters / fanzines produced by the club:


1. Club introduction. Lunar module profile. April 1979. 3 pages.

2. Sky 1 profile. UFO merchandise listing. May 1979. 4 pages.

3. Identified episode synopsis. Sky 1 description and cockpit illustration. Figurine Panini UFO card album overview. August 1979. 6 pages.

4. Exposed synopsis. Panini cards 1-59 (Identified) description. October 1979. 4 pages.

5. Survival synopsis. 'The UFO' profile and photo. Panini cards 60-97 (Exposed). December 1979. 6 pages.

6. Conflict synopsis. Skydiver description, profile, and photos. Panini cards 98-148 (Close-Up). February 1980. 8 pages.

7. A Question of Priorities synopsis. Moonmobile description and profile. Panini cards 149-187 (Court Martial). April 1980. 6 pages.

8. The Square Triangle synopsis. SHADO-USECC Membership roster. Panini cards 188-245 (Conflict). May 1980. 4 pages.

9. Ordeal synopsis. Panini cards 246-298 (The Dalotek Affair). June 1980. 4 pages.

10-11. Space: 1999 convention reports and photos. Panini cards 299-338 (Sub-Smash). July-August 1980. 8 pages.

12. ESP synopsis. UFO Quiz. Panini cards 339-400 (Survival) September 1980. 4 pages.

13. Close-Up synopsis and photos. Convention survey. UFO episode order possibilities. October 1980. 4 pages.

14. Club news. UFO episode order possibilities. UFO Quiz. November 1980. 4 pages.

15. Convention survey results. UFO technical manual progress report. December 1980. 4 pages.

16. Court Martial synopsis. UFO year 2 episode possibilities. Invasion: UFO announced. January 1981. 7 pages.

17. Invasion: UFO reviews. UFO Quiz. February 1981. 4 pages.

18. UFO year 2 episode possibilities. March 1981. 4 pages.

19. Letter from Ed Bishop. Club news. April 1981. 4 pages.

20. Fanderson 81 convention report. UFO Town Mook Visual Guidebook overview. May 1981. 4 pages.

21. 'The Alien' profile. UFO year 2 episode possibilities. June 1981. 4 pages.

22-23. UFO visual guidebook description (color section). July-August 1981. 4 pages.

24. Confetti Check A-OK synopsis. SHADO-USECC and SHADO HQ meeting report. UFO pocket guidebook description. September 1981. 8 pages.

25. SID profile. UFO visual guidebook description (B&W section). October 1981. 4 pages.

26. Club news. Skydiver profile. December 1981. 8 pages.

27. Year in review. MOLLY surface to air weapon profile. SHADO technical manual progress report. Cartoons. February 1982. 12 pages.

28. SHADO poll results. Cartoons. April 1982. 8 pages.

29. Space: 1999 convention report and photos. UFO trivia contest. September 1982. 9 pages.

30. Fanderson 82 convention report. SHADO-USECC member bios. SHADO EVA Spacesuit profile. Cartoons. December 1982. 8 pages.

31. Year in review. SHADO-USECC member bios. March 1983. 4 pages.

32. SHADO transport profile. Response to SHADOFILE 1. Sightings of Ed Bishop on TV and film. August 1983. 4 pages.

33. Space 1999 convention report. Invasion: UFO promotional materials. SHADO Quiz Part 1. IMAI moonbase model kit instructions. Cartoons. October 1983. 8 pages.

34. IMAI SHADO mobile kit instructions. ESP blooper. SHADO Quiz Part 2. January 1984. 8 pages.

35. UFO cast agents listings. UFO cast member sightings on TV and film. UFO cast members playing two characters. SHADO Quiz Part 3. April 1984. 12 pages.

36. Memories of Barry Gray. UFO cast member sightings. Review of Pets, a 1973 movie with Ed Bishop. Cartoons. July 1984. 8 pages.

37. Fanderson 84 convention reports. UFO cast member sightings. SHADO Quiz answers. October 1984. 7 pages.

38. UFO comics in Countdown/TV Action reviewed. June 1987. 6 pages.

39. Flyer for UFO on home video. UFO book review: Sporting Blood. UFO cast member sightings. September 1987. 7 pages.

40. SHADO personnel profiles. UFO book review: Flesh Hunters. January 1988. 8 pages.

41. SHADO personnel profiles. LARK lunar module and lunar carrier kit instructions. Review of recent UFO magazine articles. June 1988. 10 pages.

42. Sound of Silence synopsis. SHADO personnel profiles. Breakdown (fiction). UFO merchandise sources. UFOria convention report and photos. October 1988. 12 pages.

43. The Square Triangle synopsis. UFOria 2 announcement. UFO merchandise sources. January 1989.12 pages.

44. Ordeal synopsis. Letter from Ed Bishop. UFO home videos vol 1-4 reviewed. UFO: 20 Years Ahead of it's Time (nonfiction). History of Manned Moon Operations (fiction). SHADO personnel profiles. April 1989. 18 pages.

45. The Dalotek Affair synopsis. UFO fan fiction overview. UFO model kits listing. July 1989. 10 pages.

46. Close-Up synopsis. UFO fan fiction. UFO merchandise sources. Noreascon 3 convention report. UFOria 2 convention reports and photos. Invasion: UFO review. October 1989. 32 pages.

47. Mindbender synopsis. SHADO organization chart. Review of Caves of Steel, a radio show with Ed Bishop. January 1990. 12 pages.

48. Confetti Check A-OK synopsis. UFOria 2 photos. SHADO in the 90's? Letters from Gerry Anderson and Ed Bishop. April 1990. 18 pages.

49. The Man Who Came Back synopsis. SHADO in the 90's? UFO merchandise sources. Ads for F.A.B. and Century 21. UFO in Italy. July 1990. 20 pages.

50. Sub-Smash synopsis. Fanderson 90 and Telly Con convention report. Fanderson 90 photos. UFO models of Teruo Yamada. October 1990. 36 pages.

51. Flight Path synopsis. SFA Network progress report. Conjecture on the Aliens. Italian UFO merchandise photos. January 1991. 18 pages.

52. Identified synopsis. Letters from Gerry Anderson and Gabrielle Drake. Anderson craft in fact and fiction. Review of The Man Who Had All The Luck, a play with Ed Bishop. SFA network update. Fanderson 91 registration form. April 1991. 29 pages.

53. Exposed synopsis. Review of Imagine Drowning, a play with Ed Bishop. Foreign Videotapes. SFA Network update. Ad for UFO home videos vol 1-4. Fanderson membership form. July 1991. 28 pages.

54. ESP synopsis. Doppleganger articles reprinted from Science Fantasy Film Classics. Anderson shows in the US: an interview with ITC. Review of Fool for Love, a play with Ed Bishop. Sci-Fi Channel research notes. UFO videotapes from Star Tech. Space:1999 convention registration form. October 1991. 49 pages.

55. A Question of Priorities synopsis. SHADO dream jobs. Proposed sites for new SHADO bases? SHADO-USECC back issues article and index. Newspaper articles on UFO's. Fanderson 91 photos. January 1992. 38 pages.

56. The Long Sleep synopsis. Aliens acquiring human diseases? US TV industry and Anderson shows update. Propulsion technology in UFO. UFO: Art & Entertainment Beyond the Ordinary. Japanese laserdisc review: UFO Part 1. Gerry Anderson productions on home video index and sources. UFO photos from S&P Parker's Movie Market. April 1992. 41 pages.

57. Conflict synopsis. New SHADO uniform designs? Sci-Fi channel and SFAN update. A comparison of UFO episode guides. S&J Production's British TV Catalog. July 1992. 29 pages.

58. Reflections in the Water synopsis. Japanese laserdiscs: UFO Part 2 review & photos. UFO merchandise collection of Paolo Malaguti photos (part 1). Sci-Fi Channel articles. USECC Videotape lending library rules. Real life UFO sightings. October 1992. 35 pages.

59. Court Martial synopsis. Japanese laserdiscs: UFO Part 1 review & photos. UFO merchandise collection of Paolo Malaguti photos (part 2). UFOs in fiction (part 1). Films featuring UFO cast members. January 1993. 42 pages.

60. Survival synopsis. Sci-Fi channel articles and comments. UFOs in fiction (part 2). UFO photos from Foto Fantasies. SHADO-USECC back issues. Ads for Japanese UFO LDs and The UFO Zine. April 1993. 31 pages.

61. Computer Affair synopsis. UFOs in fiction (part 3). Sci-Fi channel comments. Anglicon VI convention report. UFO coverage in Fanderson. Cast members appearing in the most episodes. UFO computer bulletin board discussions. July 1993. 21 pages.

62. Destruction synopsis. The UFO Documentary Video review and photos. UFO computer BBS discussions. SHADO small arms. UFO - The Movie (fiction). October 1993. 24 pages.

63. The Cat With Ten Lives synopsis. The UFO Super Guidebook review and photos. Space City convention & UFO shooting location tour report and photos. UFO coverage in TV Zone magazine. UFO merchandise from Comet Miniatures. January 1994. 32 pages.

64. Kill Straker! synopsis. Letters from Sylvia Anderson, Ed Bishop, Wanda Ventham, Gabrielle Drake, and George Sewell. UFO pre-production sketch book review & photos. Why My Lfie Revolves around UFO by Rick Baker. UFO computer BBS discussions. UFO review from 1973 TV Guide . April 1994. 42 pages.

65. The Psychobombs synopsis. Review of UFO on the Sci-Fi Channel. Review & photos from "Phil & Ed's Excellent Con". How I Became a UFO Fan by Neil Herdan. UFOs in fiction (part 4). A short UFO episode guide. July 1994. 40 pages.

66. The UFO & Space: 1999 Book review & photos. UFO comic reprint from 1973 TV Action. UFO movie idea. Computer generated UFO artwork. Review of the Comet Miniatures model shop. Internet UFO discussions. October 1994. 38 pages.

67. The Responsibility Seat synopsis. UFO frequently asked questions & answers. Moonbase model kits. Photos from Martin Michael's UFO merchandise collection. Internet UFO discussions. UFOs in print. January 1995. 38 pages.

68. Timelash synopsis. UFO comic reprint from 1973 TV Action. A single "universe" for UFO, Doppleganger, and Space: 1999? UFO movie idea. Internet UFO discussions. Laserdisc vs. SFC vs. 35mm film "framings". April 1995. 36 pages.

69. UFO movies featuring minor UFO characters & guest stars. UFO comic reprint from 1973 TV Action. Original TV Guide episode synopses. Danger Zone convention photos. Internet UFO discussions. ITCÕs new UFO marquee card. July 1995. 46 pages.

70. Reprint of an early script for ORDEAL (16 pgs). Danger Zone convention report. Photos of the box containing the Barratt UFO cigarette cards. Internet UFO discussions. Derek Meddings passing. October 1995. 38 pages.

71. UFO comic "Mind Probe" (15 pgs). Photos of Piatnik-Wien UFO cards. Supermarionation Phillips auction programme. Reprint of UFO article from July 1995 What Satellite magazine. Reprint of Ed Bishop interview from SFX#3 (Internet version). Internet UFO discussions. $1200 Fake Straker jacket. January 1996. 52 pages.

72. Letter from Ed Bishop. Announcement of a potential new UFO series. Photos of scratch-built lunar carrier. Photos of German UFO novelization. Reprint of TIMELASH script (16 pgs). Internet UFO discussions. April 1996. 41 pages.

73. Ed Bishop's Italy visit & Paolo Malaguti's Pinewood Studios visit. Internet UFO discussions: member introductions. SHADO hand weapons vs. reality. Reprint of Michael Billington interview from TV Zone special issue #21. IMAI mobile model kit photos. July 1996. 36 pages.

74. Fanderson Gold convention reports and photos (15 pages). Films featuring UFO cast members part 3: guest stars and main characters. Ed Bishop audio books. Fan artwork. October 1996. 41 pages.

75. Fanderson Gold convention photos (11 pages). Internet UFO discussions. PBS broadcast of Broken Glass, featuring Ed Bishop. Reprint of SUB-SMASH script (17 pages). IMAI Mobile and Sky One kit photos. January 1997. 44 pages.

76. UFO-2 series proposal booklet and fan reaction. Films featuring UFO cast members part 4: more on main characters. Various stuff on Lady Windermere's fan, a play starring Gabrielle Drake. Reprint of Ed Bishop interview in Dreamwatch #22. DAMON DARK project. April 1997. 52 pages.

77. Ed Bishop visits Italy for convention/TV appearances. More stuff on Lady Windermere's Fan. Reprint of A QUESTION OF PRIORITIES script (19 pages). "SHADO Moonbase Gal" model kit. Ed Bishop interview reprint from Starburst Special #31. July 1997. 46 pages.

78. David Warbeck dies. Ed Bishop appears on "Space Cadets". Ed Bishop at Italian convention photos. Internet UFO discussions. Bandai UFO model kit. Alexis Kanner article reprint from TV Zone Special #26. UFO articles from Cult Times #5, 15. Sky One flight simulator. October 1997. 26 pages.

79. Barratt UFO cigarette cards. Reprint of CLOSE UP script (16 pages). Reprint of Shane Rimmer, Gerry Anderson, and Ed Bishop interviews from SFX, Cult TV, and TV Zone #32. Ed Bishop in Highlander episode. German Super 8 UFO films. January 1998. 42 pages.

80. Letter from Ed Bishop. Polgram UK to release 5 missing UFO episodes on VHS? Reprint of Ed Bishop interview from Thermal Lance #32, 33. UFO Internet discussions. Space: 1999 convention advertisement. Eidai clockwork SHADO mobile. April 1998. 34 pages.

81. Ed Bishop's/Straker's watch. UFO artwork by Angelo Finamore. Crossword puzzle. Fanderson's UFO collector cards & Anderson soundtrack CD's. Reprint of Ed Bishop interview from Jigsaw#26. Photos of the Eidai Skydiver mini-metal. Internet UFO discussions. July 1998. 34 pages.

82. Fan-produced "Art of UFO" book. Films featuring UFO cast members, part 5.  Reprint of COMPUTER AFFAIR script (17 pages). Video about Gerry Anderson props & shooting locations in production. Space:1999 convention announcment. October 1998. 38 pages.

83. Lew Grade obituary. SHADO Jeep is brought to Italy.  More Fanderson UFO collector cards. Internet UFO dicussions. Inspector Columbo investigates the death of an Alien!  Photos of the Bandai Skydiver friction toy.  January 1999. 28 pages.

84. Letters from Ed Bishop & George Sewell.  Ed Bishops datebook pages for the first days of filming UFO.  UFO rereleased on video in UK. Reprint of THE LONG SLEEP script (16 pages). UFOs original filming dates.  Video about Gerry Anderson props & shooting locations update. April 1999. 38 pages.

85. Update on Straker & Foster car.  Ed Bishop in "The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax" (several newspaper clippings, reviews, pictures).  Internet discussions about the idea of a new Hollywood movie based on UFO.  Ed Bishop in the play "Small Craft Warnings".  Update on UFO rereleases on video in UK.  More Fanderson UFO collector cards.  July 1999. 40 pages.

86. Letter from Gabrielle Drake. Ed Bishop at Italian convention. UK UFO videos #7-8. BBC2 UFO broadcast dates. Fan script "Pow", by Darlene Young (38 pages). October 1999. 47 pages.

87. Reg Hill dies. Ed Bishop at the FAB cafe (10 pages). Ed Bishop in the play "Strike Gently Away From Body". "UFO:1999", a fan produced video spoof. Reprint of THE SQUARE TRIANGLE script (17 pages). More Fanderson UFO collector cards. January 2000. 42 pages.

88. Letters from Ed Bishop, George Sewell, Gabrielle Drake. UK UFO videos #9-10. Reprint of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models International article on building a SHADO mobile, parts 1 and 2. Original story outline for COMPUTER AFFAIR. Reprint of Gerry Anderson/UFO articles from Jigsaw magazine (14 pages). UFO Internet discussions episodes of the week. April 2000. 56 pages.

89. Letter from Gito Santana. Mike Billington at Italian convention. UK UFO video #11. DeepCon#1 (with Ed Bishop) convention report. Reprint of the CONFETTI CHECK A-OK script (16 pages). Reprint of Gabrielle Drake interview in FAB39. More Fanderson UFO Collector Cards. Reprint of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models International on building a SHADO mobile, parts 3 and 4. Reprint of George Sewell interview from TV ZONE Special 10. July 2000. 58 pages.

90. Visiting UFO filming locations. UFO Internet discussions episodes of the week. Model kits with pieces used to build models in UFO. Gerry Anderson/ITC home video update. October 2000. 24 pages.

91. Century 21 convention report. January 2001. 8 pages.

92. Letter from Ed Bishop. Century 21 convention report. Transcript of Ed Bishop & Gabrielle Drake interview at Century 21. Films featuring UFO cast members part 6. Sci-Fi & Fantasy FXs UFO issue. Italian UFO convention with Gabrielle Drake & Mike Billington. April 2001. 37 pages.

93. Letter from Gito Santana. Ed Bishop & Mike Billington at Eclectic 21 -- convention reports. 1973 Ed Bishop interview. SHADO Small Arms Update. UFO music odds & ends. UFO sheet music. Barry Gray's notes on UFO music cues. July 2001. 38 pages.


1. Ed Bishop interview at Fanderson 82. SHADO vehicles specifications and photos. UFO comics in Countdown/TV Action article and index. UFO behind the scenes photos. Spring 1983. 24 pages.

2. UFO cast index for all episodes. Lunar module profile. Paul Foster's character. Countdown/TV Action special editions and annuals. UFO behind the scenes photos. February 1984. 28 pages.

3. Gay Ellis model kit instructions. Conjecture on the Aliens. Invisible Raiders by Steve Caro (fiction, 11 pgs). Fall 1988. 16 pages.

4. Gabrielle Drake biography, credits, and photos. Dream-Shock (fiction). Dolores Mantez bio. LARK Skydiver model kit instructions. Comics. August 1989. 24 pages.

5. Brightness by Pat Jenkins (fiction, 13 pgs). BANDAI UFO model kit instructions. August 1990. 20 pages.

6. A Second Chance (fiction). Conjectural anatomy of a UFO. Ed Bishop interview reprint from Century 21 #2. UFO merchandise guide reprint from Century 21 #2&3. The Long Night (fiction). Huttcon convention review. August 1991. 35 pages.

7. Analysis of Barry Gray's Music for UFO. UFO ads from 1972 TV guides. UFO article reprint from Starlog#5. Ed Bishop interview reprint from Starlog#55. George Sewell interview reprint from Fantasy Empire #4. IMAI mobile model kit instructions. August 1992. 36 pages.

8. In the Name of the Father & Vanishings by Rick Baker (fiction, 51 & 16 pgs). By Invitation Only by Catherine Stewart (fiction, 21 pgs). UFO trivia contest. UFORIA 1 convention report & Ed Bishop interview reprint from Dark Star #3. August 1993. 101 pages.

9. Replacements by Rick Baker (fiction, 65 pages) Photos from the 1992 Gerry Anderson exhibition. Review of the Japanese Gerry Anderson Stills Volume. UFO trivia contest answers. August 1994. 88 pages.

10. Rock and a Hard Place by Rick Baker (fiction, 55 pages). UFO Press Book reprint and photos (13 pages). Danger of the Lights by Ralph Maximiliano Guidi Ferreira and Helen Weber (fiction, 15 pages). August 1995. 88 pages.

11. Another Question of Priorities, by Kyle Overdorf (fiction, 25 pages). Chances part 1, by Christa Richert (fiction, 15 pages). A partial listing of main UFO cast member's film, TV, theater, and radio credits, plus available biographical information. August 1996. 54 pages.

12. Hunches, by Kyle Overdorf (fiction, 31 pages). Sleep Learning, by Rick Baker (fiction, 42 pages). August 1997. 76 pages.

13. Operation Joy Ride, by Rick Baker (fiction, 57 pages). The North Woods, by Kyle Overdorf (36 pages). August 1998. 98 pages.

14. Friendly Fire, by Rick Baker (fiction, 130 pages). August 1999. 134 pages.

15. Savage Betrayal, by Rick Baker (fiction, 73 pages). August 2000. 78 pages.

16. Cost & Benefit, by Rick Baker (fiction, 42 pages). Damaged Goods, by Loretta Grecko (fiction, 16 pages). August 2001. 64 pages.

17. August 2002. Hunted, by Rick Baker (fiction, 107 pages). English translations of Japanese UFO materials (40 pages). "Stand by for Action" convention report. UFO cast member film appearances. 193 pages.

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