Dear Mr. Bishop,

I am writing to notify you of a series that is in the early stages of planning and would be interested to know if you would consider becoming involved.

The planned series is a follow up to your 1970 series UFO. We are a production company with Film Australia, and we have a number of people here who are fond fans of the UFO series. Our considering the possibility of a follow up came about after the filming in Australia of the FOX TV pilot for their "Space Above and Beyond" show. A number of people came to me and pointed out that the concept for this series was similar, but not as well developed to ITC's UFO. We have begun to investigate licensing issues and are putting together a series proposal which I would be delighted to send you if you are interested.

Our show is situated in the present day, 26 years after the time period of UFO. Our organisation would be much larger and more powerful than the original. The elements of secrecy and subterfuge would be expanded upon as the public appears more open to this approach now than it was when UFO went to air (as evidenced by the success of the X Files). I initially had some difficulty with the way UFO gave characters and personal drama second place to the special effects and techno-story lines of the original and I think we would like to expand upon these elements greatly in our follow up.

I would be interested to know if you would consider playing the role of Commander Straker in another series. Currently scripted as General Straker he would be the overall chief of staff for SHADO. Although the character would remain true to the Commander Straker of UFO, he will have more direct involvement with the storylines as I feel in the earlier series he often became more of an observer. Filming of the scenes involving the character for the pilot would be done in a block so as to minimise the amount of travel and time away from home for you.

We plan to produce a pilot episode initially once the proposal is complete and we have some firm endorsements in place from our backers. As it is early days yet, this letter is just an inquiry but I feel confident that things are proceeding nicely to this next stage.

Please let us know if you find this prospect attractive. If so we will forward details of the project to you.


Albert R. Hastings

PO BOX 377
TELEPHONE: (02) 413-8644 FAX: (02) 415-6446