special feature

1996 revival attempt

In January 1996, Albert Hastings sent a message to the FAB-UFO mailing list stating that he was part of an Australian film production company, and was going to attempt to create a new TV series which would be a direct sequel to UFO. He encouraged a letter writing campaign so that these letters could be included with a proposal to be sent to potential financers. He contacted actor Ed Bishop, who expressed great interest in reprising his role of Ed Straker. He also contacted original producer Gerry Anderson, who gave his blessing to the project. The proposal was completed and sent, but there was no response. By October 1996, Albert admitted defeat. 


Here are various messages Albert Hastings sent to the FAB-UFO mailing list between January and October 1996 regarding this project -- 7k TEXT


Here the text of the letter Albert Hastings sent to Ed Bishop informing him of this project -- 3k TEXT


Here is the text of the UFO-2 series proposal sent to potential financers -- 32k HTML (proposal courtesy Albert Hastings, transcription courtesy Danielle Plamondon)


Here is the front cover of the UFO-2 series proposal -- 45k JPEG (proposal courtesy Albert Hastings)


Here is a computer graphic of a "Stealth Interceptor", a vehicle for the new series -- 68k JPEG (courtesy Albert Hastings)


Here is a letter which came with the proposal from Michael Mundell, an Australian film producer who actually appeared in the original UFO! -- 3k HTML (courtesy Albert Hastings)