7 January 1996:

Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 13:08:27 GMT
From: bumpmap@mpx.com.au (Bump Map)
Subject: Fan Petition
Dear fans,

If you have followed the conversations about us getting another series of 
ufo off the ground, and wondered how you can help, there IS a way.

We need a nice fat pile of supporting letters from fans to go with our 
proposal to the networks. We have a series pitch that has been carefully put 
together to give the networks and potential backers cause to consider our 
plan. In Australia, only 5% of series ever get to the pilot stage, and only 
15% of those ever make it into production. Therefore, we need all the 
firepower we can get to give these people an opportunity they simply can't 
afford to miss.

If you want to show your support, please put it in writing and send to:

Albert R Hastings
Bump Map Pty Ltd
C/o Film Australia
PO Box 377
Lindfield, NSW 2070

If you feel comfortable sending it on letterhead please do so. The more 
influential we look the better. And don't worry about not being in 
Australia, one of the best selling points of a series is pre-sales overseas. 
Forunately there is a whole department here at Film Australia that 
specialises in exactly that.

So get off your modems, write and get your friends to write. Get your aunts, 
uncles and distant cousins to write. Anyone who is interested at all in UFO 
should send us something to say so.

Please give us your support, and we will do our best to bring back the series.

Albert R Hastings
\  Bump Map Pty Ltd          
 | C/O Film Australia          
 / 101 Eton Rd               
|  Lindfield 2070           
\  ph (02) 416-7552
/  e-mail: bumpmap@mpx.com.au

14 Februrary 1996:

From: bumpmap@mpx.com.au (Bump Map)

Hi all,

As for Ed Bishop, he sent us a letter to say yes, he would be very 
interested in taking part in our UFO2 series, if we can get it happening. In 
fact he outlined the 'yes' in red!  We sent him an overview of the first 
script for his opinions and are looking forward to hearing back from him. 

Gerry Anderson also faxed us a very supportive letter to say he would like 
to help in any way possible, so things are going well. At the moment we are 
spending a lot of time getting the proposal together and re-working (and 
re-working and re-working...) the script.

Let you know more as it happens.


5 April 1996:

From: bumpmap@mpx.com.au (Bump Map)

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know how things are going on UFO2.

As I said before, it's a long process and progress is slow but steady. We 
have heard back from Polygram that they are prepared to talk on the rights 
to the series, which is good because it looked for a start as if that might 
have been a problem. We are putting together an overview of the project and 
the credentials of the people involved as their first priority is that we 
are a bona fide production company with a good record. At least they care 
about that.

Second, there are two main groups in Australia for getting finance from, one 
is called 'Southern Star', the other 'Time/Warner'. Southern Star was 
enthusiastic and is waiting on a treatment for the pilot from us, but one of 
the producers at Time/Warner has asked us to submit it to them first and 
hold off on Southern Star. It's great that both companies are interested and 
in fact scrabbling to get their hands on it first. We are being 
over-cautious with the proposal to make sure we don't lose control of the 
project but the next step after they get it, assuming they like it is that 
they will give us some money to develop it further. Fingers crossed.

So that's all for now. Thanks to all those who sent us letters. The stack is 
getting quite big now and they will all be going into the proposal. No 
definite news this time, but rest assured - we'll keep you up to date. For 
those of you who are wanting information on the plot or other details, we 
have to keep those confidential at this stage, apologies to all. But thanks 
for your support.


16 May 1996:

From: Albert Hastings 

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I posted you guys about our progress.

We have one very large potential backer in the process of reviewing our
series proposal.  All indications so far are good, but it's taking a long
time so we have decided to approach a few of their competitors to stir
things up a little. 

There is a danger that if a backer likes an idea, but wants to develop
it along their own lines that you simply don't hear anything back until
their series goes into production.  We don't want that, so we will put
some pressure on by leting their opposition know we have the idea as

Next stage from here is *someone* will give us a small amount of money
to develop the idea both in script and design if they like it, otherwise
we will go back and revamp and try again.

Basically it's a waiting game!


14 June 1996:

From: Albert Hastings 

We have now got addresses for Sylvia Anderson and Gabrielle Drake and we
have already been in touch with Mike Mundell (Interceptor pilot Ken
Matthews) who is now a Producer and has agreed to act as producer on the
series.  His letter in the proposal is in the form of a very amusing
letter to Straker about starting up the organization again.

As for response from backers, we're still waiting. This is not unusal
though and we'll let you know when we hear anything.


19 August 1996:

From: Albert Hastings 

Things are less than promising at the moment on the UFO2 project.

The initial submissions were all well met and we signed numerous
agreements allowing a range of potential backers to have a look, but so
far none of them have replied. This could either be because of a large
number of submissions, or because new productions won't seriously be
considered until the last quarter for production for next year, but I'm
afraid it might also indicate a lack of interest.

It's no use calling these people continuously because in the end they
won't return the calls, but we have been sending follow-up letters and
hey, ID4 hasn't hit Australia yet.

Still keeping fingers crossed!


3 October 1996:

From: Albert Hastings 

Hi all,

I guess it's time to admit defeat. There has been no response whatsoever
to our proposal by any of the major companies we sent it to. Very, very
frustrating. We were perfectly timed, what with the success of
Independance Day et al but it also probably worked against us as well in
that there wound have been dozens of similar pitches for series ideas
and a remake probably got second priority to new ideas.

It would take a miracle now to get it off the ground, however thank you
to all who supported the project with their letters and good wishes.
There were over two hundred supporting letters that went in with our
proposal. A terrific effort for a series this old.

Perhaps the time will come when we make that chance connection that gets
it all going, but for now it would be unfair to say there is any real
prospect of a new series.