other UFO websites

Latest additions are in red!

On Facebook, there is a UFO page, and several UFO discussion groups (the largest ones are S.H.A.D.O., UFO)
Michael Bourne has a UFO Comics website that features scans of the UFO comics that originally appeared in issues of Countdown / TV Action!
The Italian Section of SHADO is a club which has brought several UFO actors to Italy for conventions, dinners, etc.

Deborah Ann Rorabaugh's SHADO Library & Archives features the SHADO Library containing UFO fiction and episode transcriptions, the SHADO Writers Guild discussion forum, plus SHADO operations & personnel pages.

The Gerry Anderson fan club FANDERSON has a website containing news, a UFO episode guide a guide to filming locations, and exclusive merchandise. 
Andersonic is a Gerry Anderson fanzine which features UFO content in every issue.
Denise Felt has created UFO Forever, a website with links to other UFO websites!
Lisa Williams' UFO Image Library has frame captures from a couple UFO episodes, which are rotated every few months.
The Starship Modeller website has reference photos of many of the original models used in UFO.
Denise Felt has created a website devoted to UFO, which includes many pieces of UFO fiction.
Rob Hemmings' SHADO UK site has a UFO multimedia page, scans of the entire 1970 UFO Annual, and an article on Anderson model kits. 
Yuchtar's Home Page has a UFO page called SHADAIR HQ, featuring adult fan fiction, pages for Straker, Foster, and Freeman, plus Windows startup/shutdown screens.
Catherine Palmer's website features some great UFO animations.
For fans of Vladek Sheybal, there is a Vladek Sheybal website.
Simon Wickes' TV 21 Home Page has news, articles, and photos relating to all of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's productions, including UFO. 
There is a website for the late UFO co-creator Sylvia Anderson
There is a website for the late UFO actor Michael Billington (Col. Paul Foster)
Anthony Hughes' website features a UFO screen saver and UFO computer graphics
Author John Kenneth Muir has a retrospective on UFO.
Sci-Fi Online has an interview with Ed Bishop about UFO.
FABGEARUSA.COM sells a variety of UFO items.
Star Trader sells a variety of UFO items.
Louise Oatridge has created Lightcudder's World, a website featuring her UFO fiction and artwork!
Paolo Malaguti sells a variety of UFO photos.
Still Things sells a variety of color and B&W UFO photos.
The Italian website FAB Library features a summary page for UFO, color photonovels for several episodes in PDF format, plus detailed episode synopses for all 26 episodes in PDF format!