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An audio drama reimagining of UFO is coming to Big Finish Productions, with the first of two box sets due for release in August 2022!  See this article for more information!


Sad news... Leo Eaton, assistant director on 7 episodes of UFO and the writer of the unfilmed UFO script "The Patriot", has passed away at age 76.


Some sad news -- Helen Weber, who ran the "SHADO-USECC" UFO fan club in the United States from 1988 - 2002, recently passed away at age 63.


The Official Gerry Anderson store has a new item available for pre-order -- "UFO Comic Anthology Volume 1", featuring 288 pages of UFO comic strips from old issues of COUNTDOWN and TV ACTION!  Pre-order this here!


The band "Yes" has released a new song called "The Ice Bridge", which sounds very similar to the credits music for INVASION: UFO!  Some backstory here.


A new book, "What the Fans Think: UFO", is now available for purchase here!


Sad news -- actor Basil Moss, who played doctor Frazer in 4 episodes of UFO has passed away at age 85.


The 3rd series of UFO trading cards from Unstoppable Cards will be available for pre-order on Sunday November 29!


Unstoppable Cards is about to release a 3rd series of UFO trading cards, currently scheduled to be released December 16th!


The December 2020 issue of the UK magazine STARBURST has a 4-page article about UFO!  This is issue 475, with a Mandalorian cover.


Issue 26 of Andersonic magazine is now available!  This issue contains an episode review for the UFO episode "ESP", plus the final part of the UFO comic strip "The Trojan Horse"!  See here for more information.


So today is the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of UFO on 16 September 1970 in some (but not all) of the UK.  Other parts of the UK and the world didn't see UFO broadcast until 1971 or 1972.  Happy anniversary!


RadioTimes has a new article online celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of UFO (which occurred on 16 September 1970)!


The Gerry Anderson fan club FANDERSON has created a new UFO annual which will be available to club members in September.  This will be done in the style of the original 1971 UFO Annual, and is what may-have-been if there was ever a 1972 UFO Annual.

The streaming service BritBox now has all 26 episodes of UFO available for viewing!


Pencil Tip Publishling will be publishing an upcoming book "UFO: What Fans Think".  They are still looking for contributions for a few more episodes.


Some sad news -- actor David Collings, who played Daniel Clark in the UFO episode THE PSYCHOBOMBS, has passed away at age 79. 


Fanderson has just announced a 4-disc CD soundtrack for UFO, now available for pre-order for club members, and to be available in about a month.  More details here!


Registrations for the Italian Section of SHADO (ISOSHADO) are now open for 2020!  For more information, visit the ISOSHADO website at


The September 2019 issue of the UK magazine "Classic Cars" (available now) has an article about the restored SHADO jeep!


Silva Screen Records is releasing a UFO soundtrack on compact disc, 2-LP colored vinyl, and digital download on 13 September 2019!  The CD is now available for pre-order at Screen Archives Entertainment!  The vinyl edition is now available for pre-order from the Sound of Vinyl!



In the USA, Shout! Factory has announced that they will be releasing both seasons of Space: 1999 on Blu-ray disc.  The website "the Digital Bits" is also reporting that a UFO Blu-ray is also in the works!


Some sad news - actor Shane Rimmer, who played the Seagull X-Ray co-pilot in the UFO episode IDENTIFIED, has passed away at age 89.


Ayshea Brough has just released a new book containing images from her life (including UFO).  It is now available at her online store!


In the USA, Amazon Prime now has all 26 episodes of UFO available for streaming, in high definition!  These are the same versions that were used for the Japanese and German UFO Blu-ray disc releases (and are not the versions used for the UK Blu-ray release).  And if you're wondering about Amazon's crazy episode order, that appears to be the order that was used in the original New York City & Los Angeles 1972 - 1973 broadcast.


Unstoppable Cards will be releasing a 2nd set of UFO trading cards in March -- you can pre-order this on Sunday March 3rd!


A new set of UFO trading cards is being released by Unstoppable Cards, with an expected ship date of late February/early March 2019!  More details are expected next week.


In Australia, the compilation movie INVASION: UFO is being released on DVD (not Blu-ray) on 20 February 2019!


Sixteen 12 have three new UFO limited-edition items listed on their website for release in fall 2019 -- a set of 3 Moonbase Interceptor replicas (each 7" long), a Sky One replica (19" long), and a SHADO Mobile replica (21" long).  There are no prices listed, but presumably these will be expensive!


The new issue of the UK magazine "Infinity" features a previously unpublished 3 page interview with Ed Bishop!


UFO visual effects production manager Ken Holt passed away yesterday at age 88.


In the UK, Network is having a "Black Friday" sale through November 29, and the UFO Complete Series blu-ray is now only £14!


Issue 24 of ANDERSONIC magazine is now available, and for fans of UFO this features the first installment of a new UFO comic strip, and a look at the UFO episode "The Dalotek Affair"!


The Italian Section of SHADO (ISOSHADO) has added a convention report and many photos from SHADO CON 2 to their website!

In Publicity Photos, added a new photo of Commander Straker and Lt. Harrington on Moonbase!


In Publicity Photos, added a photo from the UFO episode COURT MARTIAL, of Commander Straker standing outside General Henderson's office.


A 2-DVD set with footage from this year's SHADO CON 2 convention is now available, and is limited to 100 copies total.  See this Facebook page announcement for details on how to order!


Moonbase Central has a guest article written by ISOSHADO founder Paolo Malaguti!


That UFO rifle that was up for auction ended up selling for £7000!  I don't know who the new owner is.

This site was down for a few days, due to a major failure at the web hosting company it was hosted at.  I finally gave up waiting for it to be restored, and moved it to a new web host.  Hopefully everything is still here!


There is currently an auction going on for a rifle prop that was used in the UFO episode "Kill Straker"! 


Starting next week in Germany, all 26 episodes of UFO will air on ARD Alpha (free to air via Astra satellite), in English.

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