miscellaneous collectibles



Paolo Malaguti's UFO Collection: Italian UFO collector Paolo Malaguti has what must be the largest collection of UFO merchandise in the world. Here is a photo of him and a "very very little part" of his collection (photo courtesy Paolo Malaguti) 


American UFO Lunchbox: In 1973, King Seeley Thermos Company sold a metal UFO lunchbox and plastic thermos in America. Here are some pictures:

  • Front (Sky One, UFO, Moonbase)
  • Back (Straker, Interceptor)
  • Sides (Female Skydiver Operative, Foster, Mobile, Tilt-Rotor Plane)
  • Top & Bottom (Interceptors, Astronauts on Lunar Surface)
  • Thermos (Sky One, UFO)


American UFO Viewmaster: In 1969, GAF produced a UFO Viewmaster using photos taken during the filming of the episode CLOSE UP. Here are some scans of the American version: 


UK Viewmaster: Here are scans of the UK UFO Viewmaster booklet, which is quite different from the US booklet (courtesy Branko Vekic):


German UFO Viewmaster: Here are scans of the German UFO Viewmaster, which is similar to the UK Viewmaster (courtesy Theo de Klerk) 


UK "Red Alert" Game: In the early 1970's, UK Quaker Oats puffed wheat cereal boxes had a mail-away offer for a UFO board game called "Red Alert". This game could be played in the dark because it had a glow-in-the-dark board & pieces! Here are some pictures (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 


Engale UFO Postcards: From 1986-88, 48 postcards were created by Engale Marketing (UK) devoted to the various Anderson TV series. Here are the 4 UFO cards


Biken Picture Story & Record: In 1971, an original UFO picture story and record set were released by Biken in Japan. The picture story was on 16 cards (drawn by Shigeru Komastusaki, who also did artwork for the Japanese UFO model kits). The package is 260 x 190 mm, and the record is 175 mm in diameter. Here are some pictures (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 

  • Package front cover: Straker, Interceptors, Sky One, UFO, Moonbase 
  • Package back cover: mostly Japanese text 
  • Card 1: Children with camera/UFO in the sky 
  • Card 2: UFO in the sky/Straker & Dr. Jackson (or Foster?) 
  • Card 3: Sky One/Skydiver, Moonbase, Interceptors, SID 
  • Card 4: Foster & Ellis on Moonbase/SID 
  • Card 5: Interceptors in flight 
  • Card 6: Straker on phone/Interceptors attacking UFO 
  • Card 7: Children run in the forest/UFO flies past 
  • Card 8: From above, the children, UFO, and Sky One 
  • Card 9: The children 
  • Card 10: The children, UFO, and a SHADO Mobile 
  • Card 11: Sky One launches from Skydiver 
  • Card 12: Sky One fires upon the UFO 
  • Card 13: Sky One pilot sees Alien floating on ocean surface 
  • Card 14: Straker & Dr. Shroeder in the SHADO Medical Center 
  • Card 15: Straker, Freeman, Interceptor Pilot, 2 Moonbase girls, UFO 
  • Card 16: Children and an empty sky 
  • The backs of the cards have Japanese text and an explanation of the next card
  • The record is a 33 1/3 RPM mini EP with the Japanese UFO story on both sides


Italian UFO puzzle: Here is a puzzle which was distributed after the Italian UFO photo-novelization magazines "I FILM DI UFO". The picture is the same as the cover of issue #1 (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection) 


Italian UFO school excercise books: Here are 4 UFO "school excercise books" sold in Italy in 1974. These are 295 x 205 mm in size, and were produced by ICCI. The covers feature photos from UFO and inside are 50 white pages with small squares for doing homework/classwork (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 

  • Book 1: Astronauts on the lunar surface
  • Book 2: Foster & Alien stranded on the lunar surface 
  • Book 3: UFO firing & being fired upon 
  • Book 4: Straker 


Italian UFO board game: here are photos of the Italian UFO DISTRUGGETE BASE LUNA board game, produced by SALINI in 1974 (courtesy Angelo Zumbo):