The following is from an American newspaper article dated October 8, 1973, which would have been one month after the initial broadcast of UFO ended in the USA.


by Joan Lyons

Actor Ed Bishop, Commander Straker in the CBS TV series, 'UFO', is making the most of his new-found popularity.

"I'm reading for daytime TV shows, auditioning for commercials, checking out plays, tours, you name it," said the youthful-looking 40-year-old Bishop. "At least the 'UFO' credit gets me in the door, but then it's up to me."

Bishop, commander of the Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defense Organization (SHADO) in the series, is an American who has succeeded as an actor in Britain, but is comparitively unknown in his own country.

"I have confidence in my ability as an actor and I want to come back to the United States," he said. "I want to fight for parts, be competitive ... even disappointed. I became an actor to work here, and I've got to try before it's too late."

He has appeared in such British-made TV shows as The Saint, Man in a Suitcase, The Baron, Court Martial, The Protectors, and The Adventurer.

"I was always cast as the clean-cut type who turned out to be a crook," he said.

How did he get the job as Commander Straker in 'UFO'? "I once did a show for Gerry Anderson, the producer, called 'Captain Scarlet', in which I was heard as the voice of Captain Blue, another clean-cut character with wall-to-wall teeth."

He was recommended for the 'UFO' series and landed the job. "We've got 26 shows in the can which were completed about a year ago," he said. "When the series stopped production, I stopped getting paid. So for obvious reasons, I am now looking for another job.

His movie credits include parts in '2001: A Space Odyssey' and Diamonds Are Forever', a James Bond film.

He now has a voice part in Gene Roddenberry's new animated 'Star Trek' series, and recently turned down a part in the ABC series 'Kung Fu' because of a previous movie commitment.

He plays a Vincent Price type of character in 'Pets', a new movie.

Bishop is cast as a reclusive person who keeps an assortment of odd pets, including a vulture, a white cat, a tiger, and finally, a girl, whom he keeps in a cage in his basement.

That was difficult part to play, because he had never before worked with large animals.

NOTE: The article includes a single photo of Ed Bishop wearing a turtleneck sweater, and is captioned: "ED BISHOP has hit it big as Commander Straker"