Jeff Smart (the maker of "NOSEY PARKER IS GO !") is making a video that
may be of great interest to fans of all Anderson series.

In order to make this project a reality he will need help from the fans
themselves - this is your chance to contribute to a very special

Here's what Jeff says about the project.....

This video will be a documentary featuring actual props, locations,
models etc from the shows of Gerry Anderson. I already have a number of
people who have agreed to contribute to the show and it appears a number
of original anderson staff and cast members have also indicated interest
in the project. The documentary will be shot on DV cam which is damn
near broadcast quality and as I work for a major video graphics and post
company here in Bristol, the editing and Graphics side of it is sorted.

I will be creating this off my own back and everyone involved in the
project is putting in their own time to get this thing done. At the end
of the day any monies from sales of the final product will go towards
covering my costs involved in making the video, and perhaps into further
productions of this type.
                JEFF SMART NEEDS YOU !

What I am trying to do is track down people who have (of know of
someone who has ) original props , models, items etc from any anderson
series. The only stipulation is that the items have to be originals or
at least mostly the originals,- no merchandise or copies or remakes (
all that can wait for another video ).
 All information will be handled in the strictest of confidence ( this
is starting to sound a bit like crimestoppers!) and the only person who
will be privy to that information will be me ( unless someone wants to
take me along blindfolded to their secret original props lair ( bit like
the end of the raiders of the lost ark ).
Filming of each of the props/models can take place either at the homes
of the individual owners or at the studio facilty here in Bristol, or
possibly by some other convenient arrangement .

Over the next few months I will be filming locations in the UK whilst
the weather holds out and soon after this I will be shooting the actual
models and props and interviewing various cast and crew . It is
envisaged that the whole thing will be complete by years end ( making it
the ideal xmas present- !!ha ha! ) and will be available soon after.
Apart from the opportunity to be a part of what I hope will be a very
entertaining and informative video, all actual contributors to the
program will recieve a special copy of the tape and anyone providing
information leading to an item with recieve a credit thanking them for
their help.

I am particularly interested in unusual or rarely seen items , such
props as the ufo cars ( where is Strakers car??, it's out there
somewhere!!), the 1999 moon buggy, original costumes, - you name it!
We may also go into some of the interesting back stories that may
accompany the item ( ie how it was aqquired,  was it saved from being
dumped in a skip, found in an old junk shop etc etc.) 
Basically if anyone knows where these things may be, dont be backward in
coming forward with any leads- JEFF SMART NEEDS YOU !

At present this is not an authorised Fanderson product, but I may make
it available to the club sometime in the future! (- as I have done with
previous productions of mine such as Nosey Parker is Go and the UFORIA 2

So I ask everyone who is interested to contact me at my email address     with the subject JEFFS DOCO (and your name!)

or by phone on  UK 0117 946 4409 ( work hours 9.30am to 6.00pm )

or write to me care of...
Jeff Smart- "the doco"
c/o 422 videographics 
St Johns Court
Whiteladies Rd.