Who does not remember of the blond man commander Straker, the head of the Shado organization engaged in the fight without quarter to the extraearthlings, the bad aliens who arrived on the Earth to hunting of human organs? Television film English UFO, at the beginning of years '70 had become a true one and just " cult ". Thanks to the wonderful special effects signed by Derek Meddings, that it would then have gained the prize Oscar with Superman, but above all thanks to the charismatic personage of Straker commander, interpreted from the American actor Ed Bishop. True and just "a myth", unattackable at a distance nearly 30 years. And, just in memory of that myth of their adolescence, three young filmaker - Giovanni Robbiano, Lorenzo Vignolo and Matteo Zingirian - have chosen Ed Bishop in order to interpret one splendid " cameo " in " 500! ", a self produced movie that it is being turned in these weeks to Genoa.

Shots have been carried out yesterday in the studios prepared in center "HOP Elsewhere" of vico Mallone, in the heart of the historical center. Giovanni Robbiano explains: "It was a dream that we caress for a long time, that one of having mythical Straker commander in a turned film from we. " 500!" it is a road-movie, a ironic and surrealistic history that tells a pursuit. In order to stop dangerous killer (Massimo Olcese) engaged from a tv-preacher of the future (Ed Bishop), who want to become the firs religious head of the the world, a strange boy (Andrea Bruschi) and journalist (Veronica Logan) puts itself to the pursuit, to edge of one old the 1500's". The film would have to exit in spring: the fans of Straker commander they are perceived.

m.r. (Marco Raffa)

La Stampa, Sunday, October 4th, 1998

Note: "500" is Fiat's smallest car, produced from '50 to '70