Synopsis: A UFO investigation is reopened when a young woman, Catherine Fraser, awakens from a ten year coma. In the hospital, Catherine tells Straker that she ran away from home, met someone named Tim, travelled to an abandoned farmhouse, and discovered Aliens installing a device into the ground. While on LSD, they playfully stole a piece of the device, and Tim died jumping off the farmhouse roof. However, Catherine can not remember where the farmhouse is, or what happened to the piece of the device, which Straker believes to be a bomb. Catherine is secretly visited by Tim, who was brought back to life by the Aliens. After being injected with an Alien syrum, Catherine remembers where she left the missing piece. Now Straker and Foster must find the farmhouse and deactivate the bomb, or all of London will be destroyed! [Spoiler]

Writer: David Tomblin.
Director: Jeremy Summers.
Guest Cast: Tessa Wyatt as Catherine Fraser, Christian Roberts as Tim.

Featured Characters: Straker, Foster, Lake, Jackson.
Featured Hardware: Straker's Car.

Review: An excellent episode, with great interaction between Straker and Catherine, and great music. Also notable are the sepia-toned flashback sequences and the multi-colored LSD sequence. Grade: A

Note: This episode was not shown during the initial 1970-71 UFO broadcast by ATV (England) due to the LSD sequences. It was eventually aired in 1973, but even then it was shown at 11:30 PM!

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