The Avengers: "The Hidden Tiger"

The Avengers, Series 5
'The Hidden Tiger'
1967/British/TV/50 min/color

Written by Philip Levene
Directed by Sidney Hayers

John Steed - Patrick Macnee 
Emma Peel - Diana Rigg 
Cheshire - Ronnie Barker 
Dr. Manx - Lyndon Brook 
Angora - Gabrielle Drake
Nesbitt - John Phillips

Plot Summary

John Steed is painting his home when he is summoned to investigate the deaths of several people. The attacks are thought to be the work of a member of the large cat family (tiger, cougar etc.).

Dr Manx and Angora (portrayed by Gabrielle Drake) are part of an organization known as P.U.R.R.
P.U.R.R. plans to have domestic cats attack their owners using radiowaves to signal the attack and heighten their killing ability. The cats are fitted with an electronic receiver on their collars to receive this signal.
Emma Peel is tied to a chair, but manages to disable the transmitter to thwart the attack by the cats.
Dr Manx panics and drives away, eventually getting killed in an auto accident.


Gabrielle Drake's part as Angora is a major one in this episode. Most of her scenes are in the second half of the episode. This is a good episode to see her prior to her stint in UFO.



Angora at cat funeral

Angora in P.U.R.R. office

John Steed, Cheshire, Angora, Manx

Angora, Emma Peel

Angora with henchman

Angora before being knocked unconscious by Emma Peel



Plot Summary & Comment by Ron DeMedeiros, Images by Bill Cotter.