The Steal

Written & Directed by John Hay
Comedy Thriller/UK/color/1994/91 min/PG

Alfred Molina as Cliff
Helen Slater as Kim
Peter Bowles as Lord Childwell
Stephen Fry as Wimborne
Gabrielle Drake as Anthea (Wimborne's Secretary)

Plot Summary

A young American computer hackeress is hired by a liberal British lawyer to right the wrong done to a third world country by a London investment company. Even the expertise of her building inspector sidekick can not prevent a surprising development though.


Gabrielle only appears only for one short scene near the end of the film. She is called in by her boss, answers the phone for him, lets him finish the call, and then he asks her to do something and she runs off and does it.

And that's it!



Plot Summary from the Internet Movie Database. Comments & images by Marc Martin.