Star Trek: The Magicks of Megas-Tu

Star Trek, the animated Series - 1973 CAST
Starring the voices of:
William Shatner as Capt. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock
DeForest Kelly as Dr. McCoy
George Takei
Nichelle Nichols
Majel Barrett
James Doohan
Ed Bishop as Asmodeus

Plot Summary

Stardate 1254.4: The Enterprise is on a scientific mission to explore the center of the galaxy. If the galaxy was formed from a great explosion, then scientists theorize that at the center of the galaxy, matter may still be in the making. Upon arrival, the ship is sucked in by a "matter/energy whirlwind" only to find themselves out of time and space. All ships functions cease to operate and the crew are about to die of suffocation when Lucien shows up, welcomes them and makes the life support work again.

Lucien, who resembles a Satyr, introduces himself and welcomes them as if they are all old friends. Megas-Tu, he explains to them, is not governed by the laws of their universe. Here, what they would call magic, thrives. He hears other Megans approaching and quickly hides the Humans, telling them not to give themselves away. Curious, and a little fearful, the Humans start experimenting with magic. They discover that "belief" has a lot of power on this planet. But Lucien reappears and tells them to stop - all the mental energy they are using can be traced and they will be found out, but it's too late - the other Megans have found them.

They crew is transported to the stocks of old Salem, Massachusetts and put on trial. It is explained - by the Prosecutor, "Asmodeus, he who sees all," that many years ago, the Megans went in search of companionship, for there are no other life forms in their universe. They arrived on Earth and, using what magical ability remained from their world, they became advisors and teachers to Man. But they were used and abused and then persecuted and burned as witches. The remaining few gathered together, and using their combined power, were able to transport themselves back to their world. They - all except Lucien, are now fearful of Humans and think the Enterprise will only bring more to their world. Lucien is a "generalist in a world of specialists" and loved Earth so much - he didn't want to leave the first time and he wants to play now...

Spock speaks for the Humans, for he is not of Earth (Lucien calls him "My Elfan Friend") and Kirk explains that Humanity has grown since then and tries to accept all forms of life with an open mind - he invites them to view the history of Earth, available on the ship's computer. Asmodeus decides that Humanity has indeed changed and that their arrival here was an accident - they can go free. But Lucien must be punished for betraying his world - he is sentenced to spend eternity in an isolation bubble, which Kirk vehemently denounces. That will kill him, he argues! He mustn't do that! And Kirk fights the Megans with their own magic, but can not win. In the end, because he was willing to die for a creature not of his world - a creature known by other names, such as The Frolicker, The Tempter, Lucifer - they accept the truth that Humans really have changed (that last bit was a test), and it is proclaimed that if any other Humans make it there, they will now be welcomed...


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