The Spy Who Loved Me

Action/Suspense movie, British,1977, United Artists
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli
Directed by Lewis Gilbert
Screenplay by Christopher Wood and Richard Maibaum
Music by Marvin Hamlisch
Roger Moore as James Bond
Barbara Bach as agent XXX
Curt Jurgens as Stromberg
Richard Kiel as Jaws
Michael Billington as Sergei

Plot summary

From the death-defying opening that finds Agent 007 nonchalantly skiing straight off a 3000 foot mountain precipice to the explosive finale aboard a humongous supertanker, The spy who loved Me is Bond at his exhilarating best!

Roger Moore as 007 finds himself partnered with voluptuous Soviet agent XXX (Barbara Bach). Together they battle to save the world from total annihilation- this time at the hands of a menacing megalomaniac named Stromberg (Curt Jurgens).

The extravagant production offers exotic Egyptian and Sardinian locales, a gallery of inventive gadgets topped by amphibious Lotus Esprit. And the largest interior set ever built comfortably houses three nuclear submarines!

But undoubtedly the most outrageous spectacle of all is the 7'2" 315-pound villain known as "Jaws" (Richard Kiel), whose sadistic specialty is tearing out people's throats with his stainless steel teeth. It's Bond and beyond... and nobody does it better.


Michael Billington plays a small part in this movie. He is the lover of agent XXX and gets killed by James Bond in the beginning of the movie while he pursuit him on ski in the mountains. Agent XXX swore to avenge his death, but she falls in love with the killer, of course...


"It's been a wonderful weekend - I shall never forget it"

Agent XXX: "When can we meet again?"

Sergei: "As soon as my mission is accomplished"

Sergei: "I must go. I have to be in Austria tonight"

Agent XXX: "Five more minutes"

Sergei on the Mountains in Austria

Spotting James Bond

Being killed by James Bond

Sergei is dead!!


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