From Russia with Love

Action/Suspense movie,
British, 1963 , United Artists
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli
Directed by Terence Young
Screenplay by Richard Maibaum
Music by John Barry
Sean Connery as James Bond
Pedro Armendariz as Kerim Bey
Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb
Robert Shaw as Grant
Bernard Lee as "M"
Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana
Vladek Sheybal as Kronsteen

Plot Summary

Gorgeous Soviet Embassy cipher clerk (Daniela Bianchi) ensnares incorruptible British Secret Service Agent 007 in a scheme to steal the Russians' decoding machine.

Stunningly photographed in historic Istanbul mosques, Venice and aboard the Orient Express, this explosive Bond epic stars the legendary Lotte Lenya and Robert Shaw as killer stalking the hero for "just the right blend of tongue-in-chill" (Los Angeles Times)


In this movie we get to see a very young Vladek Sheybal at his debut. We can appreciate the great actor he is. It makes us wish he would have got a bigger part. The part he got had a lot of face expressions and good dialogues.

Vladek plays a villain named Kronsteen (or Number 5). He is a member of S.P.E.C.T.E.R., a criminal organization. He is in charge of the plan to steal a decoder from the Russians with the use of British and Soviet agents. Without their knowledge of course. He will get the help of Rosa Klebb (Number 3) whose character is played by Lotte Lenya, who will become a very good friend of Vladek's.


Kronsteen playing chess.

Kronsteen: "Check!"

Kronsteen looking at the barmaid who brought him something to drink.

Message: "You are required at once"

He reads the paper then tears it apart.

He finishes the game with a brilliant coup.

His opponent has no choice but to concede.

Kronsteen leaves without shaking hands with anyone

He waits to enter the office of the big boss of SPECTER, number one

Number 3: "I hope Kronsteen's efforts as director of planning will continue to be as successful as his chess"
Kronsteen: "They will be!"

Kronsteen: "According to your instructions, I've planned for SPECTER to steal from the Russians their new lector-decoding machine"

"For this we need the service of a female member of the cryptograph section in Turkey and the... the help of the British secret service!!"

Number one: "Kronsteen, you're sure your plan is fool proof?
Kronsteen: "Yes it is!"

"because I have anticipated every variation of countable."

Number one: "What makes you think the head of the British secret service will oblige you by falling in with your plan?"
Kronsteen: "For the simple reason that this his so obviously a trap..."

" reading of the British mentality is that they always treat a trap as a challenge."

"In any case, they couldn't possibly pass up even the slightest chance of getting their hands on the lector-decoder!!"

"They have wanted one for years!"

Number one: "All that you say could be true, what else?"
Kronsteen: "As an added refinement, I think SPECTER would get the chance of a personal revenge for the killing of our operative, Dr NO..."

"... because the man the British would almost certainly use in a mission of this sort would be their agent.... James Bond!"

Number one: "Let his death be a particularly painful and humiliating one"
Kronsteen: "Good! I should put my plan to operation straight away..."

"... and there will be noooo... failure!"

stop stop

But there were some failures! Because of James Bond, of course. And both number 5 and number 3 had to give explanations to number one...

Number one: "... what have you to say number 5?"
Kronsteen (in a very soft voice): "It was Klebb's choice, their people failed."

Number 3: "It was your plan, they followed it implicitly."
Kronsteen (again very softly): "Impossible, it was perfect!"

Number 3: "Except for one thing, they were dealing with Bond!"
Kronsteen: "who is Bond..."

"... compared with Kronsteen?"
Number one: "Exactly, what have you to say to that Number 3?"

Now Number 3 is sweating, because she thinks she will be executed, but Number 5 is in for a little surprise...

Number one: "I warned you Number 3, we do not tolerate failure!"

"Our rules are simple, if you fail... "
Kronsteen (gasping): "Ahhh!"
He gets hit by the poisoned spiked shoe.

Kronsteen's slow death...


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