The Saint: "The Revolution Racket"

The Revolution Racket (1964),
an episode of The Saint
British TV series
Screenplay written by Terry Nation
Roger Moore as Simon Templar
Ed Bishop as Sherm
Suzanne Lloyd as Doris

Plot Summary

The setting is South America and a Police Official is also working as an arms dealer. Sherm and his sister Doris are American con artists who come to South America to allegedly sell weapons. The police official and cartel force Sherm and Doris to sell them the weapons and at a reduced price.

Ed and Doris have a few crates for appearance's sake that actually contain rifles but the rest of the crates just contain iron bars so the weight of the crate fools the cartel into believing all of the crates contain weapons.

Simon Templar rescues Doris from the cartel and Doris and Sherm bring Simon into the scheme to scam the cartel. Sherm tells Simon Templar his cut will be 1/3.

Sherm drives the truck containing the bogus shipment of weapons, followed by one of the cartel members with Doris and Simon Templar. One of the crates falls out and the cartel member retrieves it and realizes they are being duped.

Again, Doris is taken hostage and Simon rescues her. Simon and Doris force the cartel member to accompany them and meet Sherm and the police official. The money is received and a short time later, as the money is to be divided, Doris points a pistol at Simon Templar. It turns out Doris is actually Sherm's wife.

However, Simon Templar knew they never intended to give him 1/3 of the money, because a con artist wouldn't give that high a percentage to an accompice. For this reason, Simon unloaded the pistol at an earlier time.

Simon takes the money and donates it to UNICEF.


Ed Bishop has a major role in this episode. As usual, he provides a great performance. The character Sherm is different from the usual roles Ed plays such as military officers or U.S. State Department officials.


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