The Helpful Pirate

The Saint, 1966
Character created by Leslie Charteris
Produced by Robert S. Baker
Director of photography: Paul Beeson
Music composed by Edwin Astley
Production supervisor: Peter Manley
Art director: Alan Harris
Editor: Bert Rule
Roger Moore as Simon Templar
Erika Remberg as Eva
Paul Maxwel as Kolben
Vladek Sheybal as Nikita Roskin
Anneke Wills as Fran Roeding
Redmond Phillips as Prof. Roeding
George Pravda as Uhrmelster
Jack Gwillim as Major Carter
Laurence Herden as Alexi
Ray Austin as Erich Brauer

Plot Summary

Few people are able to resist the attraction of money for nothing, but when it is wrapped up in the guise of hidden treasure which is providing a profitable racket for confidence trickster Kolben, the Saint steps in to see fair play.

The action takes place in Hamburg, Germany. The Saint helps to rescue a scientist who has been kidnapped by Kolben after falling into the pirate trick. The trick is simple. Kolben's girl friend spots a man and tells him about an old legend. She convinces him a pirate treasure is hidden somewhere and a map to get to the treasure are hidden in the stem of an old goblet. She just happens to see the goblet in an antic shop while taking a walk with him. She finds the map, but won't show it to him. Later, she would come back to him asking for money to dig the treasure out, offering half of it. Of course, he would never see her again.

So the scientist, professor Roeding, falls for it. But when Kolben realizes that he is a famous scientist, he kidnaps him for a ransom. He sells him to the Russians. Now Roeding's daughter's worried because her father never came back from his trip to Hamburg. So she goes to British intelligence. Unfortunately, there are no agents available, so they ask Templar to help. As a good gentleman, he accepts to help the girl. Later, she will be caught too, but Templar will come to the rescue.

He will follow the steps of the professor and will pretend to fall for the pirate trick, but he is not that easily fooled...


It's a good Saint episode. And Vladek is brilliant as the Russian agent Roskin who makes the deal with Kolben to get the professor. It's quite a big part he's got. His character is sarcastic, arrogant and self confident. Reminds you of someone?


Roskin waiting for Kolben with one of his agents.

They have seen Kolben at the rendezvous point
and Roskin is getting out of the car.

Roskin: "Your price is too high"

Kolben: "A British agent has arrived"
Roskin: "I don't believe it!"
Kolben: "Why don't you check on it?
His name is Simon Templar."

Roskin: "Have you contacted him?"
Kolben: "Not yet"

Roskin: "You'll delay it!"
Kolben: "How long?"
Roskin: "24 hours, I must get approval
of the price!"
Kolben: "OK, 24 hours"

Roskin: "There is one problem"
Kolben: "What's that?"
Roskin: "How do we know he will work for us? Ohh, we can make him confess, say this, say that, but we cannot make a scientist do constructive work against his will!"

Kolben: "I was always under the impression that you guys could be most persuasive! .... 24 hours!"

Roskin is perplexed.

Back in the car, he calls headquarters.

The radio operator is taking a message

Radio operator: "Alexi called from the
Northside hotel, Kolben's girl just
made contact with the British agent"

Roskin: "Ohhh, then he was not bluffing!" (winking)

Kolben went to tell Roskin they just captured Professor Roeding's daughter. He shows him her passport as a proof.

Roskin looking at Professor Roeding's daughter's passport.

Roskin: "Yes, it seems genuine enough!"
Kolben: "I figured you'd be interested."
Roskin: "Veeeery interested Mister Koooolben!"
(in a very Jackson way)

Kolben: "So we have a deal then?"
Roskin:"50 thousand US dollars for Roeding and the girl"

Kolben: "Right, where do you want them delivered?"
Roskin: "Ahhh!"

Roskin: "Before I tell you that, there's one flaw"
Roskin argues with Kolben over the fact that Kolben's girl friend is spending time with the British agent (Simon Templar). Kolben tries to convince him that he's falling for the treasure trick.

Roskin: "A British agent fell for this pirate lunacy?"
Kolben tries to convince him again and reassures him.

Now, Roskin and his men are waiting in a warehouse to conclude the deal and then embark in a ship with Roeding and his daughter.

Captain: "They're late"
Roskin: "Are you criticizing my arrangements Captain?"

Captain: "I'm only saying that my ship sails in 22 minutes"
Roskin: "your ship sails when I tell it to!"

Roskin: "Kolben will be here"
Captain: "You're very confident Comrade!"
Roskin: "I know my man, Kolben is completely a creature of greed! Money is the key to his whole life."

We hear a car stopping in front of the door.
Roskin: "You see?"

Roskin: "Why are you so depressed professor Roeding? You're worth a great deal of money!"

Roskin is showing the money to Kolben

Roskin is closing the briefcase but Kolben is saying: "Just a minute, I'll count it if you don't mind.
Roskin: "Oh, really Mister Kolben, do you think..."
Kolben: "Look, I don't thrust anybody, not even myself!"

Roskin: "Satisfied?"
Kolben: "They're all yours, comrade!"

Roskin: "Well, you sail on time, Captain!"

The Captain and the prisoners went out and Templar rescued the prof and his daughter. Then, Templar came inside the warehouse. Roskin just saw him.

Roskin is being crushed by falling boxes that Templar pushed on him.


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