Nurse Will Make it Better

Thriller, 1984
Made for British Television
Created by Brian Clemens
Music by Laurie Johnson
Produced by John Cooper
Diana Dors as Bessy Morne
Linda Liles as Charley Harrow
Cec Linder as Edgar Harrow
Ed Bishop as Carson
Michael Culver as Simon Burns
Andrea Marcovicci as Ruth Harrow

Plot Summary

Charley Harrow, the eldest of the three daughters of an American diplomat, falls off her horse and breaks her back. The doctors state she will never walk again. Her father decides she needs a full time nurse and engages Bessy Morne.
Carson (Ed Bishop), who is Harrow's security agent, investigates Bessy and comes up with a lineage for Bessy that spans centuries. He assumes the investigators have made a mistake. Carson distrusts Bessy because his dog Porter doesn't like her. A few days later the dog is found dead.
Bessy takes very good care of Charley, although Charley's sister Ruth is rather suspicious of Bessy and doesn't like her attitude.
Bessy then starts engaging in strange rituals and after a while Charley is suddenly able to walk again. Harrow decides he does not need Bessy's services any more, but leaves her free to stay on for a while.
Carson and Ruth want to find out more about Bessy and Carson decides to investigate : He goes into Bessy's room when she is out but Bessy can feel that somebody is in her room and returns to the house double quick. Upon finding Carson opening a strange looking box of hers, she taunts him to kill her... Carson tries to kill her with his gun, but the bullets have no effect ....


Pleasant witch story, with a not so small part for Ed Bishop, who's enjoyable to watch in any production. Diana Dors (Bessy) looks like a real witch and Ed Bishop is a very convincing security agent.


Carson with his employer

With Ruth and the dog Porter

Looking for the dog

Finding Porter dead

Family dinner - with witch Bessy

Another dinner - while upstairs witch Bessy is doing her ritual to make Charley walk again

Bessy's spell lets the forces of nature loose

(Ruth) "Check her out - she's a witch" - (Carson) "You're crazy!"

"OK - I'll have a look in her room next time she leaves the house."

Breaking into Bessy's room

Carson finds the terrifying proof that Bessy is indeed a witch

(Bessy, laughing softly) "It's no use dear, you can't kill me"

(Carson) "... What?"

(Bessy, to Charley) "There was no need to stab him, dear, I would have taken care of him.
But it shows your willingness."

(Bessy, to Charley) "Go and get my bag of
tricks, dear, I'll take care of it."

(Charley, to Ruth) "It must have been a
heart attack, there is not a mark on him."


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