Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Century 21 Television/ITC - 1966/67
32 episodes x 25 mins
Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson
Producer: Reg Hill
Associate Producer: John Read
Directed by: Brain Surgess / Ren Turner
Character Creation: Sylvia Anderson
Visual effects: Henry Oakes / Bert Mason
Script Editor: Tony Barwick
Music composed and directed by: Barry Gray
Puppetry co-ordinator: Mary Turner
Puppetry Supervision: Christine Glanville
Operators: Peter Johns, Mel Cross
Production Manager: Frank Hollands

Francis Matthews as Captain Scarlet
Janna Hill as Symphony Angel
Sylvia Anderson as Melody Angel
Ed Bishop as Captain Blue
Jeremy Wilkin as Captain Ochre
Paul Maxwell as aptain Grey
Donald Gray as Colonel White and Captain Black
(and also the voice of the Mysterons)
Gary Files as Captain Magenta
Cy Grant as Lieutenant Green
Charles Tingwell as Dr. Fawn

Plot Summary

In 2068, the indestructible Captain Scarlet leads the agents of Spectrum in a war of nerves against the Mysterons from Mars.
The Mysterons are heard, but never seen...

(From the first episode) Mars - 2068 AD: a mission to the red planet ends in disaster as the crew make an unprovoked attack on the complex of the Mysterons. Sentient computers left behind by the dying Mysteron race announce that they will destroy all life on Earth in a slow but effective war of nerves. Their first act of retaliation will be the assassination of the World President...

Sound Files

Ed Bishop's voice as Captain Blue (click to download)

'The Mysterons have the power of retro-metabolism...' (MP3, 23.174 bytes)
'Forceline HQ are still locking us out, Sir' (MP3, 9152 bytes)
'Captain Blue, Spectrum' (MP3, 5976 bytes)
'The Mysterons, sworn enemies of Earth...' (zipped WAV, 155.383 bytes)
'Gentlemen, I cannot elaborate... Scarlet will continue the fight against the Mysterons...' (zipped wav, 90.732 bytes)
'No, he's safe now, the mysterons will leave him alone, with them it's a war of nerves...' (zipped wav, 61.373 bytes)

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Sound files by Richard Wright, New Zealand (,
Image by Lieve Peten, Belgium (
Text by Richard Wright and Lieve Peten, members of the Fab-Ufo List