Master of the Game

7-part mini series, 1984
Adapted from the book by Sidney Sheldon
Ed Bishop as Dr. Mattson
Barry Morse as Dr. Harley

Plot Summary

When Kate Blackwell-McGregor inherits her father's business, it blossoms into an empire she'll stop at nothing to preserve. Kate Blackwell's only child, Tony, is more interested in art than in business, which disappoints Kate - she wants an heir that can run her empire when the time comes.
Tony marries Marianne, who is told not to have children since doing so would endanger her life. Marianne, however, is pregnant already when she hears this news. She confers with her mother-in-law who tells her to go ahead and have the baby since any woman takes a risk when deciding to have children.
Marianne doesn't tell Tony about the danger to her life, and when she dies giving birth to twins Tony goes and tries to kill his mother. Kate has Tony put in an institution and takes care of the children herself, to raise them as worthy heirs to the business.


The story is one of Sidney Sheldon's best books, and the mini series follows its lead.

Ed Bishop plays the part of the doctor who delivers the babies.


"I have some news for you, Mrs. Blackwell, you're going to have twins."

"Come on, Marianne, don't let go, hang on."

Delivering the babies

"Mr. Blackwell, you have 2 beautiful daughters.
Your wife died on the operating table - there was nothing we could do."

(Tony) "It isn't true - my wife isn't dead, she came here for the baby."

(Tony)"No !!!!... Marianne !!!!"

Barry Morse (Space 1999) played the part of the family doctor.


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