The Lonely Lady

Universal Pictures, 1983
Directed by Peter Sasdy
Music by Charles Calello
Produced by Robert R. Weston
Adapted from a book written by Harold Robbins
Pia Zadora as Jerilee Randall
Lloyd Bochner as Walter Thornton
Bibi Besch as Veronica Randall
Jared Martin as George Ballantine
Ed Bishop as Dr. Baker

Plot Summary

Jerilee wins an award for creative writing at High school and dreams of a career as a writer. When she meets Walter Thornton, an famous script writer, she promptly falls in love with him even though he is a lot older. After writing and publishing a book she helps her husband with a film, which is when she realises they are not suited at all.
Jerilee decides to leave Walter and tries to get her own career of the ground.


The story demonstrates in a typical Harold Robbins fashion how a career is made in Hollywood : it's who you know and how willing a women is to befriend the 'powers that be' that counts rather than talent.
After winning her high school award Jerilee is assaulted by some of her acquintances. Ed Bishop is Dr. Baker, the friendly family doctor, who administers a sedative to the victim and advises her to call in the police - probably the best scene of the whole movie.


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