(USA title: "Captain Kronos: Vampire Killer")

Hammer Films
Written & Directed by Brian Clemens
Music by Laurie Johnson
Horror Adventure/UK/color/1973/91 min/R

Alfred Molina as Cliff
Horst Janson as Captain Kronos
John Carson as Dr. Marcus
Ian Hendry as Kerro
Caroline Munro as Carla
Wanda Ventham as Lady Durward

Plot Summary

Vampire hunter and expert swordsman Kronos finds himself in a small village where several of the local young women have been found in an advanced state of age, their youth drained from them by a vampire's kiss. Kronos' search leads him to the Durward estate where he is met by the effete children of the apparently aged and sick Lady Durward.


Despite what you might think, this is quite an entertaining movie -- written, directed, and with music by the same people who did "The Avengers" TV series! Wanda Ventham plays Lady Durward, who is briefly seen throughout the movie as an old hag, but gets her youth back near the end, where she has a several minutes of dialog and screen time.



Plot Summary from the Internet Movie Database. Comments & images by Marc Martin.