The Avengers: "Killer"

The Avengers, Series 6
1968/British/TV/50 min/color

Written by Tony Williamson
Directed by Cliff Owen
John Steed - Patrick McNee
Lady Diana Forbes Blakeney - Jennifer Croxton
Merridon - Grant Taylor
Brinstead - William Franklyn

Plot Summary

Agents are turning up dead, one after another, pre-packaged, gift-wrapped and dumped in a graveyard. Remak, a suspected agent-killer, proves to be more efficient than any human ever could -- perhaps because he isn't human. (Remak: Remote Electro-Matic Agent Killer)


Grant plays a bad guy, the head of a factory which houses a 'killing machine': a series of deadly levels which agents must pass through in order to save their lives. The various levels consist of hurling daggers, crushing machines and infra-red sighted guns etc, etc. Grant plays the part well and sounds quite convincingly English sometimes.



Credits & plot summary from The Avengers Forever. Comments & images by Keith McLaren.