Highlander: Diplomatic Immunity

Episode of TV-series 'Highlander', 1997
Executive Producers : Christian Charret,
Marla Ginsburg, Denis Leroy
Creative Consultant : David Abramowitz
Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
Jasper Britton as Willy
Anita Dobson as Molly
Ed Bishop as Edward Banner
Alexis Denisof as Steve Banner

Plot Summary

Willie Kingsley, an immortal (like Duncan MacLeod), has come up with the perfect trick: he stages an apparent deadly accident by jumping in front of an approaching car, and has his wife Molly weeping over his 'dead' body, accusing the driver of killing her poor husband - poor, while the driver looks rich... Most of their victims bribe her rather than go to the police.

Duncan is a frequent visitor at the American embassy in Paris (France) and a friend of the consul general, Edward Banner, who is in line for the ambassadorship.
On leaving a party at the embassy, Duncan sees Willie and interferes with his and his wife's plan to collect on their latest victim. Duncan and Willie go way back, f.i. the time Duncan was Willie's second in a duel in London anno 1836.
Duncan invites Willie and his wife to come and stay with him on his houseboat.

Some time later Steve, Edward's son, is waiting for his dad at his mistress' place and takes his father's car to go and buy some drugs (Embassy cars are never stopped by the police). On the way there he runs down Willie. When he realises Willie is dead he picks up a stone and kills Willie's wife, thereby eliminating the only witness - or so he thinks. By the time Willie comes to, the murderer is gone.
Willie asks Duncan's help in tracking down the killer. Willie remembers part of the car's numberplate, and Duncan finds out it's a car that belongs to the American embassy. Duncan and Willie confront Edward, who readily admits that the car is his own.

Edward refuses to say who could have driven his car at that particular time, and tells Duncan he has an alibi - Duncan believes him, but Willie does not. While Duncan investigates what could have happened, and starts suspecting Edward's son, Willie ends up killing Edward.


Great episode of Highlander.
Ed Bishop has a major role, and plays the father sacrificing his life for his son beautifully.
His anguish at learning that his son knows about his affair with another woman, as well as his fear that his son is a murderer, seemed terribly real, and were done just right.


Duncan and Edward at an embassy function

Edward and his mistress arrive at her place, his son is watching them from around the corner

Duncan: "I have a partial numberplate, it's an
embassy car. Could you look up whose car it is?"

Edward:"I don't need to...
I know whose it is, it's mine."

While Duncan takes his friend outside, Edward thinks over what happened...
Did somebody 'borrow' his car and kill that woman? If so, who?
No, not his son - never his son, Steve wouldn't...

"No, I have no idea who could have used my car.
It wasn't me - I have an alibi.
I'll tell you if I have to..."

"Duncan, I was with a woman... In three days time they will decide if I'm going to be the next ambassador.
If it comes out I have a mistress, I can forget it."

"Steve, I can't find the spare keys of the car.
Do you have them? Did you take the car yesterday?"

Steve: "I didn't steal your car or the keys..
Whenever anything happens you accuse me..."

Steve: " I know what you used it for yesterday...
to go to your whore.
Everybody knows about it, except for mum."

Edward: "Steve, did you kill that woman?
Is my son a murderer?"
Steve: "It doesn't matter - thanks to you I have diplomatic immunity."

Willie enters the embassy pretending to be a plumber and tries to shoot Edward, but is 'killed' by a guard before he has the chance to do so.

"You know, don't you, Duncan. You know it was Steve... I have to protect my son, I'm sending him home."

"He was always a diplomat's son, moving every two years, never belonging anywhere.
I never had time for him - I feel guilty for not looking after him better."

In the mean time Willie is climbing over the wall. Duncan hears him and tries to protect Edward....

But Willie manages to shoot him anyway.

Edward is dying...
His last words to Duncan are: "Please look after my son, Duncan."

Duncan tells Willie he shot the wrong man, that the son, not the father, was responsible for Molly's death. Willie says he is going after Steve, but Duncan threatens him - if he does, he'll have to kill Willie... the family have suffered enough.
Willie is determined to go ahead though, so Duncan ends up in a sword fight with Willie - with the usual result (For those of you not familiar with Highlander: Duncan has to play in the next episode, Willie hasn't, that should give you a clue as to the outcome :-)


Text, Images by Lieve Peten, Belgium,,
Cast members by Yuchtar Klaan, Klingon Planet (, members of the Fab-Ufo List