The Champions: "Full Circle"

British/TV/50 min/color/1968

Stuart Damon as Craig Sterling
Alexandra Bastedo as Sharron Macready
William Gaunt as Richard Barrett
Patrick Allen as Westerman
Gabrielle Drake as Sara

Series Summary

Three agents of the law-enforcing NEMESIS organisation are resurrected with super-powers after a plane crash in Tibet.

Episode Summary

Patrick Allen plays 'Westerman' who is suspected of taking illegal photographs of important documents which could adversely affect arms negotiations beween Britain and an un-named South American country. Westerman is imprisoned, however various interested parties have plans to 'spring' him from jail. Gabrielle Drake plays Sara who is the 'companion' of Booker - a kind of high class 'fixer' hired by a leading Diplomat working in the UK Mission of the South American country. Booker is hired to get Westerman out of prison.


I think Gabrielle plays her part really well and it is testament to her great acting ability that she comes across as a kind of clinical, well-educated, young companion to the older (bordering on lecherous) Booker. It's obvious that she is only with him for the money. Just as it's obvious why he wants her around! Her first appearance is in a large and affluent suburban house where she is peddling an exercise bike wearing a 'turtle-neck' leotard. I think the producers were making full use of Gabrielle's sex appeal! Some of the unusual camera angles and close-ups focus on her thighs and backside as she dismounts from the bike!

As I recall, The Champions was a popular TV series in the 60s and early 70s. To think that 'The Champions' pre-dates 'UFO' by a couple of years, and bearing in mind the popularity of the former this was, I imagine, a good production for Gabrielle in which to appear.



Words & images by Keith McLaren