The French and Saunders Christmas Special

BBC Production, 1988
Produced and directed by Geoff Posner
Written by Dawn French
and Jennifer Saunders
Music Simon Brint, Rowland Rivron
Choreographer Nicky Hinkley
Film Editor Colin Jones
Production Managers: Peter Laskie
and Carrie Mallen
Dawn French
Jennifer Saunders
Alison Moyet
Kevin Godley
Paula Yates
George Avory
Ed Bishop


French and Saunders are watching the (black and white) Christmas film on TV, which is about a family celebrating Christmas.
Ed Bishop plays the father of the family French and Saunders are watching and playing in at the same time.
Watch out for the inflatable bosom of the maid...


Merry Christmas, daughter

The second daughter arrives

Someone else is arriving...

Who could it be?

It's the fiancÈ of the second daughter

'I hear you're an atomic scientist...'

'I tried to split the atom myself...'

'on the kitchen table...'

Then the turkey arrives
(it has chocolate stuffing)

and the other guests...


This page by Lieve Peten, Belgium (, member of the Fab-Ufo List