The Greatest American Hero:
"It's All Downhill From Here"

American/TV/50 min/Color/1982

Directed by: Sidney Hayers
Written by: Patrick Burke Hasburgh
William Katt as Ralph Hinkley
Robert Culp as Bill Maxwell
Connie Sellecca as Pamela Davidson

Sandra Kearns as Samantha Brice
William Lucking as Robert Alan Kline
Stefan Gierasch as Karpov
Sarah Turgov as Anna
Curt Lowens as Older KGB Leader
Robert Hastings as Sportscaster
Norbert Weisser as Yuri
Michael Billington as Talenikov

Series Summary

This American (naturally!) television series follows the adventures of Ralph Hinkley, a school teacher who is given a super-powered suit by alien visitors. Unfortunately, he lost the suit's instruction manual, and thus was unable to control his flying or the suit's other powers.

Episode Summary

Ralph and his partner, FBI Agent Bill Maxwell, stumble across a plot involving secrets passed on the ski slope by a member of the Czechslovakian ski team. Michael Billington plays a minor role as a KGB agent intent on discovering who the traitor is.


Series Title

Episode Title

Talenikov inside the snow cat

Talenikov exits the snow cat

Talenikov takes aim

The KGB team gets their orders

The KGB agents search for the traitor

Talenikov radios that he has spotted his targets


Words & Images by Bill Cotter.