Diamonds Are Forever

Action/Suspense movie, British,1971, United Artists
Made by Eon production Ltd. Featuring 'James Bond'
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman
Directed by Guy Hamilton
Music by John Barry
Title song sung by Shirley Bassey
James Bond theme by Monty Norman
Original story from the novel by Ian Fleming (written in 1954)

Sean Connery as James Bond, 007
Jill St. John as Tiffany Case
Charles Gray as Ernst Blofeld
Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole
Jimmy Dean as Willard Whyte
Norman Burton as Felix Leiter
Bernard Lee as M
Desmond Llewelyn as Q
Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny
Joe Robinson as Peter Franks
Ed Bishop as Klaus Hergersheimer

Plot Summary

Large shipments of uncut diamonds are disappearing and fail to show up on any black (or even legitimate) market anywhere. The British Government suspect one man and his organisation is responsible, and that this person is hanging on to the diamonds to drive up their price.
They send James Bond 007 to the Netherlands posing as a diamond smuggler in order to find out where the gems disappear to. From there James Bond travels to the States with the diamonds, passing them on to the next link in the smuggling chain.
Bond follows the diamonds to the HQ of the diamond smugglers in an underground desert hide-out. He succeeds in entering this installation by following Klaus Hergersheimer (played by Ed Bishop) in, whose function it is to check the 'radiation shields' - Klaus even gives a badge to Bond, assuming Bond is a part of the organisation. This badge allows Klaus - and now Bond too - to walk around the installation.


Any James Bond movie is always a pleasure to watch. Ed Bishop plays a minor part in this movie, he only has a few lines. Still, without him Bond might never have gotten in this secret installation undetected, and the plan of Ernst Stavro Blofield, Bond's old adversary, might have succeeded.


Klaus about to enter a restricted area

And meets James Bond

Klaus: "Hi!"
Bond: "haven't seen you here before"

Klaus:"I've been here 3 years!
I'm Klaus Hergensheimer, G section"

Bond: "How are things in G section?"

When James Bond leaves the area, Klaus enters to check the radiation shields, but every body looks at him curiously and he doesn't understand why. What he doesn't know is that James Bond just past himself as Klaus minutes ago!! Very good acting from our dear Ed.

Hi! Sorry to bother you, I'm Klaus Hergensheimer....

G section...


Radiation shields!?!


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