The New Avengers:
"Dead Men Are Dangerous"

Directed by Sidney Hayers
Written by Brian Clemens
Patrick Macnee as John Steed
Joanna Lumley as Purdee
Gareth Hunt as Mike Gambit
Clive Revill as Mark Crayford
Richard Murdoch as Perry
Gabriella Drake as Penny Redfern

Plot Summary

Ten years ago, Mark Crayford was shot down by his old schoolfriend John Steed as he defected to the Soviet Union. Now, with shrapnel from Steed's bullet moving towards his heart giving him only days to live, Crayford is back in the UK determined to totally erase all evidence of the existence of the one man he could never beat.

Gabrielle Drake guest stars as Penny, a maths instructor at the British boys school that Steed once attended.

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Mark laments over past sports defeats by Steed as Penny offers assistance.

Penny tends to Mike Gambit's wounds after he's thrown from a moving car.

Penny and Mike Gambit looking through school documents.


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