Thriller, British, 1969
Directed by Alvin Rakoff
Written by John Kruse, Leigh Vance
Music by Stanley Black
Produced by Robert S. Baker
Roger Moore as Gary Fenn
Claudie Lange as Maria Kogash
Martha Hyer as Jo Grinling
Alexis Kanner as Tarquin
Gabriella Drake as Celia

Plot Summary

Gary Fenn, who works in advertising, promises one of his company's clients he will find Maria Kogash as a model for an advertising campaign.
Maria, however, is being chased by some villains who are planning an assassination. They think (erronously) she has overheard them talking about their plans when she was at her aunt Jo's place. Gary gets caught up in the chase, trying to rescue the heroine. Tarquin, a friend of Maria, is the leader of quite a few demonstrations against dictatorship and for peace. He (who turns out to be a lord, Lord Everley) uses Maria to try and find the villains. He ends up in a fight with Gary, before Gary realises the guy is on his side.
Movie ends with assassination plot being foiled by Roger Moore, who ends up getting the girl as well, of course.


The movie is classed as a thriller, but personally I thought it was a comedy and not a very good one at that. (The movie wore out my fast forward button, but then I don't like comedies as a rule)

Gabriella Drake has a small role, she was only seen in the background as one of the ladies working for the advertising company.

Alexis Kanner (Regan, UFO episode 'The Cat With 10 Lives') had one of the bigger parts - he was rather good as Tarquin.



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