Carrott Confidential

British Comedy Series
Broadcast BBC 1 1989
Written by Jasper Carrott, Neil Shand, Nick Hills, Steve Punt, Paul Alexander, Christian Howgill, Pete Sinclair & Nick Yapp
Directed by Geoff Miles
Produced by Bill Wilson
Jasper Carrott
Steve Punt
Hugh Dennis
Ed Bishop
Vicky Ogden
Raj Patel


This was a fairly political stand-up show fronted by Birmingham comedian Jasper Carrott, featuring monologues and sketches, including guest appearances by comic duo Punt and Dennis.


Ed appears in the fourth show, as an American Doctor who has stunned the world with his statement to a tabloid newspaper, claiming that Elvis is in fact dead.


Later tonight on 'Forty minutes' we examine a national newspaper's story concerning 'The King of Rock and Roll', and their astonishing claim that Elvis Presley is, in actual fact, DEAD.

That's the amazing claim made by this man - Dr Larry Schneider of the Memphis Coronerís Office.

"Look, I examined his corpse. So did twenty other doctors."

"They published a photograph of him lying in his coffin."

"I signed his death certificate personally. His body was so full of drugs, his coffin had a child proof lid. The guy was a stiff."

Pretty circumstantial evidence, I think you'll agree. How does Dr Schneider explain the thousands of sightings of Elvis over the last few months, including the latest one, this afternoon, of him shopping here behind me in the Nuneaton branch of Tesco's?

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