Born To Ride

Action/Suspense Movie, 1991, 87 minutes
Warner Bros/ Alfred Weintraub/Incovent Production
Directed by Graham Baker
Written by Michael Partridge and Janice Hickey
Music by Shirley Walker
Produced by Fred and Sandra Weintraub
John Stamos as Grady
John Stockwell as Hassler
Teri Polo as Beryl Ann
Ed Bishop as Dr. Philip Tate

Plot Summary

Grady is an adept motor cyclist, who manages to draw the attention of an Army Colonel when he chases the Colonel's daugther. As the Army have just acquired quite a few Harley Davidsons and nobody there has a clue how to ride them, the Colonel forces Grady into joining the army as an instructor in 'the art of motorcycling'.
Just after Grady starts to train the potential army motorcyclists the leading authority in atomic research (Dr. Tate, played by Ed Bishop) and his daughter are taken prisoner by Franco's troops and taken to a remote castle in Spain, pending Franco's negotiations with Hitler to turn Dr. Tate over to the Germans. As there is a large motorcycle race taking place in Bilbao, close to where Dr. Tate is being held, the army sends Grady and his unit in to go and rescue Dr. Tate and his daughter, using the race as a cover.


The real heroes of this film are the Harley-Davidsons and it is an enjoyable movie on the whole, including some excellent music.
Even though Dr. Tate's emprisonment is the key factor of the story, there are only a very few scenes involving Ed Bishop/Dr. Tate. One of them is really funny ... when we watch an uncomfortable-looking 'Dr. Tate' ride as a passenger on a Harley - with his hat on !


The military file on Dr. Tate and his daughter

Dr. Tate and his daughter, imprisoned in the dark and murky Spanish castle

When the army boys (on their Harleys) get to the castle they learn Tate and daughter are being moved to Santa Maria, by train

The train is slowing down - Grady and his friend jumped on the train and disconnected the locomotive

Grady and his friend have taken over the train and are eliminating the Germans

On the way to where a plane is waiting for them.


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