Battle Beneath the Earth

GB, 1967
US title: "Battle Beneath the Sea"
Directed by Montgomery Tully
Executive Producer Charles F. Vetter
Producer: Charles Reynolds (I)
Written by Lance Z. Hargraves
Music by Kenneth V. Jones
Cinematography by Kenneth Talbot
Special effects: Tom Howard (IV)
Assistant Director: Pat Kelly (V)
Kerwin Mathews as Commander Jonathan Shaw
Vivienne Ventura as Tila Yung
Robert Ayres (I) as Admiral Felix Hillebrand
Peter Arne as Arnold Kramer
Al Mulock as Sgt. Marvin Mulberry
Martin Benson as General Chan Lu
Peter Elliott (I) as Kengh Lee
Earl Cameron as Sgt. Seth Hawkins
John Brandon as Major Frank Cannon
Ed Bishop as Lt. Cmdr. Vance Cassidy

Plot Summary

The plot revolves around an evil Chinese general who has built a laser tunneling machine and proceeds to tunnel all the way under the Pacific, intent upon invading the USA. The intention was to place nuclear bombs under US cities and military bases. The subsequent catastrophe could be passed off as 'earthquake damage'.

Seismologists in America detect the burrowing yellow peril and the US military (eventually) investigates. Using an existing mine to breach into one of the Evil Chinese Tunnels (tm), Da Marines proceed to do a reccy and discover the nefarious goings-on (evil commie bastards!).
The army rush to develop their own laser tunneling machine to counter-attack Da Dirty Commies. Much running around by GIs through papier mache tunnels ensues.
The US laser-mole blows up at a critical moment, however due to grit, determination, know-how and all-round GI can-do, the filthy godless commies are vanquished.


A truely horrible 'Da Dirty Commies Are Burrowing Beneath Us' Sci Fi paranoia film from 1967.
This film has all the budget, style and charm of a '50s B-Grade shocker, or an '80s telemovie.

Best bits of the film:
* The opening sequence where a bug-eyed seismologist is in Main St. USA and is gradually going more and more ga-ga putting his ear to the sidewalk and trying to warn passers-by about "Them!", "They're down there!", "Burrowing beneath Us!".
* The transportation system used by the Evil Chinese General to zip around his tunnels ... it's a man sized version of those pneumatic tubes which they used to have in department stores (and in Sylvester & Tweety-pie cartoons).

Ed Bishop had a role as some sort of military technical development officer, in charge of building the laser mole. The name of his character - Lt. Cmdr. Vance Cassidy.



Plot summary and comment by Jason Hellwege, Australia (;
Images by Lieve Peten, Belgium (, both members of the Fab-Ufo List