Anyone For Sex

(aka The Love Ban)

Directed by Ralph Thomas
Written by Kevin Laffan
UK/color/1973/certificate 15

Hywel Bennett as Mick Goonahan
Nanette Newman as Kate Goonahan
Milo O'Shea as Father Andrew
John Cleese as Contraceptives Lecturer
Antonia Ellis as the Bra Model

Plot Summary

From the video cover: "Kate and Mick Goonahan are a young married couple. They are happy, successful - they have everything going for them. But they sleep in separate beds. Trouble is that they are too happy, too succesful. They have procreated like mad and now they have six children! But Mick, an ardent catholic will not practice birth control - so Kate turns him out of bed. But Mick begins to have erotic fantasies about women he sees in the street..."


Antonia Ellis plays a 'bra model' and is actually on the video cover. I have no reason to doubt that this was the actual publicity shot/advertising material for the movie, however, I cannot be certain. Her name is not listed on the video cover - she really only has a brief appearance and is frankly probably only there for her body! Antonia's lines are brief and she relies on facial expressions - perfunctory smiles etc.


From the video cover


Words & images by Keith McLaren.