computer graphics & animations



UFO Inspired Short Film: John Lester has created a 4-minute short film titled "From Out of Nowhere", which will hopefully be available for download in the near future. In the meantime, here are some frame captures (courtesy John Lester) - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5.


SHADO Logo: Here is SHADO logo by Lindsay Prescott in GIF and EPS formats (courtesy Lindsay Prescott).


Geoff Saul / Don Showalter Lightwave 3D Graphics: Geoff Saul & Don Showalter created the following computer graphics using the Lightwave 3D program  (UFO & Skydiver by Don; Interceptor, Sky One, SID & SHADO Mobile vehicle models by Don with final surface details and renders by Geoff) (courtesy Geoff Saul & Don Showalter): 


Lt. Ellis Picture: Roman Locsin created this Manga-style picture of Lt. Gay Ellis (courtesy Roman Locsin)


Andy Marrs' Lightwave 3D Graphics: Andy Marrs created the following computer graphics using the Lightwave 3D program and an Interceptor and UFO computer model created by Don Showalter (courtesy Andy Marrs): 


SHADO Mobile and Skydiver in Action! Keith McNeill created the following 4 pictures using a variety of techniques (courtesy Keith McNeill): 


Computer Generated UFOs: Here are 4 computer generated graphics of UFO's Alien spacecraft against different backgrounds (courtesy Anthony Hughes): 


More Computer Generated UFOs: Here is a computer generated graphic of many UFOs passing in front of the Earth (courtesy Alain Lapointe) 


Even More Computer Generated UFOs: Jochen Bruesseler created this small picture of a UFO in the atmosphere using 3-D software on an Amiga (courtesy Jochen Bruesseler) 


Computer Generated Sky One's: Here are 3 computer generated graphics of Sky One (courtesy Albert Hastings): 


SHADO Mobile in the Driveway! Jim Small created this picture by taking a photo of his IMAI SHADO Mobile and the front of his house, and combining them on the computer (courtesy Jim Small) 


Gordon Carew's UFO Artwork: Gordon Carew created the following artwork using Bryce 3D and Photoshop (courtesy Gordon Carew): 


Interceptors in Space: Adrian Kleinbergen created this picture with one repainted Dinky Interceptor, 2 scratchbuilt Interceptors, an image from a NASA CD, and Corel Photopaint (courtesy Adrian Kleinbergen) 


Computer Generated UFO Animations: Paul McCullough has created several computer generated UFO animations (see his home page for the latest!). Here are the first five: