UFO Cast Information

Compiled by Marc Martin and Chris Campbell

(last updated 14 June 2005)

This page contains information about the regular cast members of the 1970 British science fiction television series "UFO". For each cast member, personal information and credits for film, television, theater, and radio are listed, and additional information such as year of production, name of character, and whether or not it was a recurring role are included if known. If you have any additional information or correctionse, please e-mail them to Marc Martin at marc@ufoseries.com.



ED BISHOP (Cmdr. Ed Straker)
GEORGE SEWELL (Col. Alec Freeman)
WANDA VENTHAM (Col. Virginia Lake)
GRANT TAYLOR (Gen. James Henderson)
VLADEK SHEYBAL (Dr. Doug Jackson)
ANTONIA ELLIS (Lt. Joan Harrington)
GARY MYERS (Capt. Lew Waterman)
PETER GORDENO (Capt. Peter Carlin)
AYSHEA (Ayshea)
HARRY BAIRD (Lt. Mark Bradley)
JON KELLEY (Lt. John Masters)
NORMA RONALD (Miss Ealand)
MAXWELL SHAW (Dr. Shroeder)
JEREMY WILKIN (Skydiver Navigator)
GEORGINA MOON (Skydiver Operative)
SUZANNE NEVE (Mary Straker)

ED BISHOP (Cmdr. Ed Straker)

Born in Brooklyn New York, 11 June 1932.
Died 8 June 2005 (chest infection).
Light brown hair, blue eyes, 6 ft tall.

Born as George Victor Bishop, changed his name to Edward when he became a professional actor, as there was already an actor named George Bishop.
Raised in Peekskill New York through high school.
Served in the US Army 1952-1954, worked as a disk jockey on Armed Forces Radio at St Johns' Newfoundland.
Planned for a career in Business Administration and went back to school at Boston University.
Decided he didn't like Business Administration and enrolled in Boston University Theater Division (1956).
Graduated in 1960 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.
Won a scholarship to study drama at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 1960.
Started his professional acting career in July 1961.
Married economist Hillary Preen at Caxton Hall in 1962.
Met his wife in Trafalgar Square when he was visiting places of interest in London.
Has 4 children, born in 1964 (Daniel), 1967 (Georgina), 1968 (Jessica), 1971 (Serina).
Attended FANDERSON 81, 82, 84, 90, 91, UFORIA (88), UFORIA II (89), SPACE CITY (93), ACTION 93, Phil and Eds Excellent Con (94), DANGER ZONE (95) conventions.
Currently lives in a little village in Warwickshire, where he bought a large old house in 1980.
Became a grandfather ~ 1994.

Battle Beneath the Earth (1967, Lt. Cmdr. Vance Cassidy)
The Bedford Incident (1965, Lieutenant Hacker, small part)
Born to Ride (1991, Dr. Tate, good movie)
Brass Target (1978, Colonel Elton F. Stewart)
The Bunny Caper (aka The Games Girls Play, Sex Play) (1974, American politician)
Calliope (1993)
The Devil's Web
Diamonds Are Forever (1971, Klaus Hergersheimer)
Funny Man (1994, card player)
Going for the Gold - The Bill Johnson Story (1985)
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppelganger) (1969, David Poulson, minor role)
Judgement in Berlin (1988)
Living Planet (1979, narration by Ed)
Lolita (1962, film debut, ambulance attendant, extremely small part)
The Lonely Lady (1983, Dr. Baker, one scene, bad movie)
Lords of Discipline (1983, Commerce St. Croix, more than one scene, southern US accent)
Madame Claude (aka The French Woman) (1977, CIA agent - Ed has no dialog)
Man in the Middle (aka The Winston Affair) (1964, Lieutenant at Sikri)
Mouse on the Moon (1963, American astronaut)
Nutcracker (1983, diplomat)
The Other Side of Venus
Pets (1973, Vincent Stackman, major part)
The Recruit
Restless Natives (1985)
Rollerball (voice only)
Saturn 3 (1980, Harding, underneath a helmet and with only 4 lines)
Silver Dream Racer (1980, Al Peterson)
S.O.S. Titanic (1979 made for TV movie, Henry Harris)
Testimony (1988, American Commentator)
Three Wishes for Jamie (1986)
Turnaround (1986)
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1976, Major Fox)
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, lunar shuttle pilot, tiny non-speaking role)
The War Lover (1962, Col. Vogt, minor role)
Whoops Apocalypse (1984, Wink Perelman)
You Only Live Twice (1967, radar operator)

The Adventurer (1972, "Miss Me Once", Wayne)
The American Civil War (Narrator)
Anne of Avonlea (2 episodes, Judson Parker)
After the War
The Baker Street Boys
The Baron (196?, "Storm Warning Pt 2: The Island", An American Naval Officer)
Because the Sets are Cheaper
Breakaway ("The Local Affair", Scott Douglas)
Broken Glass (1996, Stanton Case)
Cadbury Wispa Ad (80s, TV commercial, US president)
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967, voice of Captain Blue, recurring major character)
Carrott Confidential
The Cases of Sherlock Holmes ("A Study in Scarlet", Joseph Strongerson)
The Cedar Tree ("Fete Accompli", Earl Mulligan)
Chocky's Children (Dr. Deacon)
Court Martial (196?, "Shadow of a Man")
Colditz ("Liberation", Lt. Colonel Harrity)
The Day After Tommorow (aka Into Infinity, 1973, one hour special, the narrator)
Drama 61 ("The Edge of Truth")
Dick Turpin ("Dick Turpin's Greatest Adventure", Sam Harding)
The Fall of Edward Barnard (Edward Barnard)
The Fifth Missile, (1986 TV movie, Stewart Cullinane)
The First Olympics - Athens 1896 (1984 mini-series, Mr. Bogartus)
French and Saunders Christmas Special (1988)
The Girls of Slender Means (2 episodes, Felix Dobell)
Great Mysteries ("Complements of the Season", The Millionaire)
Highlander (1992, "Diplomatic Immunity", Edward Banner)
It Aint Half Hot Mum
Jackanory (tells the story of "The Hawkstone" in five 15 minute episodes)
Jasper Carrott
Jif Dessert Topping Ad (1977, TV commercial, narrator)
Just Fine (the Director)
Just Good Friends (American tourist)
Kelly Monteith
Land of the Eagle (narration)
The Les Denis Laughter Show
Life at Stake ("Houston, We've Got a Problem!", Jim Lovell)
The Mad Death (episode#1, Tom Siegler)
Man in a Suitcase (196?, "The Boston Square", American agent)
Marlowe - Private Eye ("Finger Man", District Attorney)
Marked Personal (4 episodes, Howard Morris)
The Master of Ballantrae (1984, Pinkerton)
Master of the Game (1984 mini series, Dr. Mattson)
Nurse Will Make it Better (1984 TV movie, Carson)
Nutcracker (1982)
1990 (1977, "Whatever Happened to Cardinal Wolsey?", Ed Burbank)
Oppenheimer (7 part production, Gen. Tom Farrell)
Out of the Unknown (1969, "Beach Head", Cmdr. Tom Drecker)
Oil Strike North ("Deadline", Bob Patterson)
Orson Welles' Great Mysteries ("Compliments of the Season", The Millionaire)
Portrait of a Lady (1967, Casper Goodwood)
The Professionals:
   * 1978, "Long Shot", Dr. Harbinger, several scenes
   * 1979, "Man Without a Past", Braddock, several scenes

The Protectors (1971?, "First Circle", Col. John Hunter, main guest star)
Quiller: Prince of Violence (1975, TV Movie, Frank Ilroy)
Rogues' Rock (5 episodes, Cyrus Triphammer)
Running Blind
The Saint (196?, 6 episodes, including:
  * "The Man Who Liked Lions", Tony Allard
  * "The Saint Bids Diamonds", George Felson
  * 1964, "The Saint Steps In", Cy Imberline, minor part
  * 1964, "The Revolution Racket", Sherm Inkler, major part

The South Bank Show (1989, "Slampacker", Ben Elton)
2 Point 4 Children (1993, "Whoopie We're All Going to Die", Chet)
Stainless Steel and the Star Spies (voice)
Star Trek (1973, animated, "The Magicks of Megus-Tu",
Asmodeus  (the Prosecuter, pretty major voice part)
The Strange Report (1968, "#5055: Murder Shrieks Out", Moran)
S.O.S. Titanic (1979, Henry Harris)
Space Precinct trailer (1994?, narrator)
Strange Report (1968, "Cult Murder Shrieks Out", Moran)
Take a Letter Mr. Jones (1981, Joe Bradley, part is integral to story)
The Two Ronnies (voice only)
Three Wishes for Jamie (1986, TV movie)
Two's Company ("The Honeymoon", Jack)
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles (1987, TV movie in 2 parts, 2 scenes, no dialog)
Top of the Pops (with Landscape performing 'Norman Bates')
UFO (1969-1970, Cmdr. Ed Straker, main character/26 episodes)
War and Remembrance
Warship ("The Man from the Sea", Sanders)
The Way We Live Now
We Can Keep You Forever
What Katy Did (PBS childrens series ~ 1975, 6 episodes, Dr. Philip Carr)
Wild Alliance ("Danny Boy", Wingman)
Whoops Apocalypse (1982, 6 part mini-series, Jay Garrick)
Worlds Beyond (1986, "Reflections of Evil")
Wynne and Penkovsky
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992?, "The Curse of the Jackal", soldier)

...plus many voiceovers for television commercials.

And People All Around (196?, Somerset)
The Archbishop's Ceiling (1985)
A Boston Story
Broken Glass (1994-95, Stanton Case)
Bye Bye Birdie (1962, understudy & small parts)
Death of a Salesman
Death Trap (80s?, Sydney Bruhl)
The Fatal Weakness (Windsor)
Ffeiffers America (80s?)
Fool For Love (1991, the old man)
Goodnight Mrs Puffin
The Great White Hope (80s?)
Hospitality (1989)
Imagine Drowning (1991, Buddy)
Little May Sunshine (1962, London, American Indian)
Look Homeward Angel (1961, Surrey & London, American sailor, first acting role)
Look, No Hands! (London)
Macbird (1966, John F. Kennedy, London)
Man and Superman (1963, Boston)
The Man Who Had All the Luck (1990, Dan Dibble)
Play Mas (London)
The Price (1991)
The Rehearsal (1963, New York)
The Russia House (1994)
Sabrina Fair (Surrey)
Suez (1977 on tour in England)
Turnaround (1994?)
Waiting for Lefty

Abraham Lincoln (William H. Steward)
Accidental Murder (1992, Jasper)
Aesop's Animals (1996, Berryman)
The Ambassadors
The Archers (1996, BBC radio 4 daily series)
The Best that Money Can Buy (1994, Hal Weissen)
The Big Sleep (Phillip Marlowe)
Bodyguard of Lies (1994)
The Bostonians (Phillip Marlowe)
The Caves of Steel (1989, Elijah Bailey, top billing)
The Dolphinarium (1995, Senator Muldoon)
Eight Ball (Earl Green)
The Enemies Within (Albert Samson)
The Fall of Edward Barnard (Edward Barnard)
The Fifth String (Phillip Marlowe)
The Fwog Pwincess
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (11/1995, Gus Eisman, 4 parter on Radio 4)
The High Window (Phillip Marlowe)
How the West Was Sung (various voices)
The Lady in the Lake (Phillip Marlowe)
Letter from Paris (George Flack)
The Little Sister (Phillip Marlowe)
The Long Goodbye (Phillip Marlowe)
Keys of the Kingdom (1994, Wilbur Fiske)
Malgosia and the Men (1994)
Man in Space (Gus)
A Matter of Honour
Medical Detectives (1995, "The Last Infirmity")
Meeting Bea (1993?)
Mildred Pierce (1993?)
A Movie Starring Me (1991)
The 95 File (reader for the five 30 minute programs)
An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge (23 Nov 1995, the captain, on Radio 3)
Our Town (1995, the Stage Manager)
Now and at the Hour of our Birth (Phillip Marlowe)
The Psychedelic Spy (1992, part 3 of 5, Alex Lindstrom)
The Russia House
The Search for Amelia Erhart (Dr. Shaft, Cmdr. Bridwel, Adm. Smith)
Sherlock Holmes: His Last Bow (1994, "The Last Bow")
Stardust (1992)
The Things that are Caesar's (Raymond Fisk)
The Third Man (Phillip Marlowe)
The Toff on the Farm (Red Brant/CIA Agent)
Typhoid Mary (Phillip Marlowe)
Waggoners' Walk (Tony Sargant)
Waiting for Lefty (1994, Dr. Barnes)
The Way We Die Now (Albert Samson)
Willis is Barking (1993?)
The Winter of Our Discontent (1995, Biggers)

...plus many radio commercials.

Accounting for Murder - 6 tapes
Apollo 13 (Life at stake: Houston we have a problem) (Jim Lovell)
Breakheart Pass - 4 tapes
Caves of Steel
Easter Meditation
Farewell my lovely (Philip Marlow)
Fires Unseen
The Fwog Pwince
It's a Beautiful Day, by Isaac Asimov
The Long Good Bye (Philip Marlow)
The London Embassy - 6 tapes
The Poseidon Adventure, by Paul Gallico (1994, ISBN 1-85848-254-2)
Snow White and Rose Red - 4 tapes

...plus many more


Born in Blackburn Lancashire on 24 December 1941.
Died 3 June 2005 (cancer).
Prefers to be called "Mike".
Got into show business by being a straight man in stage comedies.
6', light brown hair, blue eyes, 182 lbs, 41" chest (during UFO, at least!)
Is into fitness and healthly eating.
In recent years has concentrated on teaching method acting and raising a family.
Attended Phil and Ed's Excellent Con (1994).

Alfred the Great (1969, Offa)
Antony and Cleopatra (1983, Ventidius)
Flicks (aka Hollyweird, Loose Joints) (1987, Deputy Inspector)
KGB: The Secret War (aka Lethal) (1986, Petyr Kolpakov/Peter Hubbard, *the* main part)
Silver Dream Racer (1980, actor and writer)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977, Sergei, minor role)

Broadway Goes Latin
The Collectors (1986)
Edward the King (PBS series, 1979, Czar Nicholas II)
Fantasy Island
Gavilan (1982, Morgan)
The Greatest American Hero (1982, "It's All Downhill From Here", Talenikov)
Hart to Hart (1982, "Vintage Harts", Raymond Dumont)
Hadleigh (early 70s, 2 episodes)
Maigret (1993, "Maigret and the Night Club Dancer", Oscar)
Magnum P.I. (1984, "Holmes is Where the Heart is")
Marlow - Private Eye ("The King in Yellow")
Spearhead (1978)
The Onedin Line (early 70s, Daniel Fogherty, recurring lead role for 3 yrs)
The Prisoner (1967, "A Change of Mind", 2nd Woodland Man)
The Professionals ("The Rack", John Coogan)
The Quest (1982, Count Louis Dardinay)
United (60s, football player)
UFO (1969, Paul Foster, recurring lead role)
War and Peace (BBC)

Broadway Goes Latin (60s)
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (60s)
Incident at Vichy (60s)
Les Liaison Dangerouses (New Zealand)
Little Me (60s)
Sleuth (70s)
Spearhead (70s)

GEORGE SEWELL (Col. Alec Freeman)

Born 31 August 1924 in London.
Served in the Royal Airforce in World War II

Worked as an apprentice printer, window cleaner, bricklayer, courier, barman, street photographer, carpenter, ships steward, and assistant manager of a US roller skating team before becoming an actor at age 35.
George Sewell appeared in the first 17 episodes of UFO, but after a several month stop in production, he was unavailable for the remaining episodes as he was already starring in MANHUNT and PAUL TEMPLE.
Attended the UFORIA (88), FANDERSON 90, ACTION 93 conventions.

Barry Lyndon (1975)
Deadlier than the Male (1966)
Diamonds on Wheels (1973)
Get Carter (1971, Con McCarty)
The Haunted House of Horror (aka The Dark) (aka Horror House) (1970, Kellett)
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppelganger) (1969, Mark Neuman, minor role)
Kaleidoscope (aka The Bank Breaker) (1966, Billy)
Mark of the Devil (1984, Det. Inspector Grant)
Operation Daybreak (aka Price of Freedom) (1976, US/UK/Czech war movie, Panwitz)
Poor Cow (1968, UK drama)
Robbery (1967, Ben)
Sparrows Can't Sing (1963, Bert)
This Sporting Life (1963, Jeff)
Underworld Informers (British title: The Informers) (1965, crime drama, Hill)
The Vengeance of She (aka The Return of She) (1968, Harry Walker)

The Adventurer
The Bill (1994, guest appearance)
Callan (1981, "...Wet Job")
C.A.T.S. Eyes
Crimes of Passion
The Csaesars
The Detectives (1991-95?, Superintendent Cottam)
Don't Forget to Write
Dr. Who (1988, "Remembrance of the Daleks", Mr. Ratcliffe)
The Edwardians (1972)
The Fix (1997, Chairman)
The Fuzz
The Gentle Touch (various episodes, Dave Connelly)
Gideon's Way
Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense (1984, "Mark of the Devil", Detective Grant)
Home James (1987-9?, Robert Palmer)
Love Story (60s)
Man in a Suitcase (1968, "The Sitting Pigeon", Drake Rufus)
The Man in the Room 17 (60s)
Manhunt (1970)
Mr. Rose (60s)
Minder ("Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore", Frank)
Play for Today (60s)
Play of the Month (60s)
Paul Temple (1970)
The Power Game (60s, recurring role)
Private Eye (60s)
Public Eye (60s)
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) (1968, "Vendetta for a Dead Man", Jansen)
Quartermass (1970s)
Redcap (1960's)
Rising Damp (1975, "The Prowler", Baker)
Running Blind
Softly, Softly
Special Branch (Detective Chief Inspector Alan Craven 1973-4, recurring role)
The Suspect (60s)
The Sweeney ("Bait", Vic Tolman)
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1980 mini-series, Mendel)
UFO (1969, Alec Freeman, major/recurring role)
Up the Junction (1965)
The Upper Hand (1990, "Minder", George Carver)
The Wednesday Play (60s)
Wet Job (1981, Haggerty)
Z Cars (60s)

Aladdin (late 1995-27 Jan 1996)
The Business of Murder
Cinderella (1991, Baron Hardup)
Fings Ain't Wot They Used 'T Be (acting debut) (1960)
Night and Day
Oh What A Lovely War (1960's, Earl Haig)
Oliver (Bill Sykes)
Pack of Lies
Policy for Murder
Putting on the Glitz (1991)
Rat Trap
Signpost to Murder
Verdict (1991)
Veronica's Room
Who Killed Agatha Christie?

Remembrance of the Daleks (1988, "Ratcliffe")

The Day of the Jackal (1983)

WANDA VENTHAM (Col. Virginia Lake)

Born in Brighton in 1938 (or 1942?).
Studied at the Central School of Drama.
Became a professional actress in 1958.
Has a daughter.

Wanda made a brief guest appearance in the first UFO episode IDENTIFIED. After a break in production after the 17th episode, George Sewell was unable to return as Alec Freeman, so Ed Bishop suggested bringing Wanda back to replace his character.

The Big Job (1965)
The Blood Beast Terror (aka The Vampire Beast Craves Blood) (1967, Clare Mallinger, small part)
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (aka Kronos) (1974, Lady Durward, small part)
Carry on Cleo (1964, Bidder)
Carry On Up the Kyber (1968, Wife #1)
Cracksman, The (1963, Sandra)
The Knack...And How to Get It (aka The Knack) (1965, Gym Mistress)
Love is a Woman (aka Death is a Woman) (1967, Priscilla)
Mister Ten-Percent (1967, Kathy, sister of theatre owner)
The Navy Lark (1959, Mabel)
Sappho Darling (70s)
The Spy with a Cold Nose (1966, Mrs. Winters, only has one scene)
Teenage Bad Girl (aka Bad Girl) (British title: My Teenage Daughter) (1959, Gina)
Zulu War? (1963, film debut)

All Creatures Great and Small (1987)
Boon (1989, Marion Kershaw)
The Brack Report
The Caesars
Capstick's Law (1988)
Casualty (1998, "Everlasting Love" pts. 1 & 2, Mrs. Seabrook)
The Champions (1967)
City 68
Crown Court
Danger Man (1964, "A Man To Be Trusted", Stella Dorset 1965, "The Mirror's New", Penny)
Department S (1969, "The Man from X", Leila)
Don't Wait Up
Dr. Who (1977, "Image of the Fendahl", Thea Ransome)
Dr. Who (1967, "The Faceless Ones", Jean Rock)
Dr. Who (1987, "Time and the Rani", Faroon)
Enter Baron (1964)
Executive Stress (1986, Sylvia, recurring role)
The Expert
Fallen Hero
Family at War
The Gentle Touch
Lost Empires (1986, mini-series, Mrs. Muriel Dirks)
The Lotus Eaters (1971, Anne Sheppard)
Just a Gigolo (1993, Marge Payne)
Men Behaving Badly (1997, "Ten", Deborah's Mother)
Minder (1981, "Dreamhouse", Beryl Murdoch)
Next of Kin (1995-1996, Rosie, recurring)
No Place Like Home
Only Fools and Horses (1988, Rodney's Mother-in-Law)
Only When I Laugh
Out of the Shadows (1988, Liz Bennett)
Out of the Unknown (1965, "The Eye", Josephine)
The Prisoner (1967, "It's Your Funeral", Computer Attendant)
Riviera Police (1965, "The Lucky One Was the Snake", Marguerite)
Rutland Weekend Television (1975)
The Saint (1964, "The Death Penalty", Laura Stride)
The Saint (1966, "Escape Route")
The Sweeney (1975, "Abduction", Brenda)
The Troubleshooters
UFO (1969, Col. Virginia Lake, recurring/major role)
Union Castle
The Wednesday Special: Breakdown (1976, Sylvia)
What's My Line? (a panelist on the game show, 1988)

Out of Order (1991)

GRANT TAYLOR (Gen. James Henderson)

Grant Taylor was dying of cancer during the filming of UFO and died shortly after the series had finished.

Calamity the Cow (1967, UK, childrens film, Mr. Grant)
Captain Thunderbolt (1953)
Dad Rudd MP (1940)
Danny Boy (1941, Danny)
Daughter of Darkness" (1948, Larry Tallent)
Eureka Stockade (aka Massacre Hill) (1949, Sergeant Major Milne)
Fighting Rats of Tobruk (aka The Rats of Tobruk) (1951, Bluey Donkin)
Five Million Years To Earth (aka Quatermass and the Pit) (1967, Police Sergeant Ellis)
40,000 Horsemen (1941, Red Gallagher)
Four Desperate Men (aka The Seige of Pinchgut) (1960, UK, thriller, Constable Macey)
His Majesty O'Keefe (1953, Lt. Brenner)
The Kangaroo Kid (1950, Australian, western, Phil Romero)
Long John Silver (aka Return to Treasure Island) (1954, Patch)
On the Beach (1959, Morgan)
Smiley Gets a Gun (1959, UK drama/comedy, Stiffy)
Yosei Gorath (aka Gorath) (1962)

The Adventures of Long John Silver (50s)
The Avengers ("Killer", lead villian)
The Champions ("Happening")
Doomwatch (1970, Re-Entry, Colonel Kramer)
UFO (1969, Gen. James Henderson, recurring/major role)

VLADEK SHEYBAL (Dr. Doug Jackson)

Born in Poland of American and Scottish extraction in March 1923.
During WWII, he was captured by the Nazis once, escaped, and captured again.
Began his show business career as a Director in 1960.
Attended the FANDERSON 90 convention.
Died 16 October 1992 of an abdominal hemorraghe.

All About a Prima Ballerina (1980, Marcus, also wrote and directed)
The Apple (1980, Boogalow)
The Billion Dollar Brain (1967, Dr. Eiwort)
The Boy Friend (1971, C.B. De Thrill)
Casino Royale (1967)
Deadfall (1968, Dr. Delgado)
The Debussy Film (1963, Film Director)
Fire and Sword (1985, Andret)
From Russia with Love (1963, Kronsteen)
Gulliver's Travels (1977, voice only)
Hamlet (1976, UK)
Innocent Bystanders (1973, Aaron Kaplan)
The Jigsaw Man (1984, General Zorin)
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppleganger) (1969, Dr. Beauville)
The Lady Vanishes (1979, Trainmaster)
The Last Valley (1971, Mathias)
Leo the Last (1970, Laszlo)
The Limbo Line (1969, Oleg)
Marco Polo (84?)
Memed My Hawk (1984)
Mosquito Squadron (1969, Nazi officer Lt. Schack)
Kanal (aka They Loved Life) (1956, The Composer)
Puppet on a Chain (1971, Meegeren)
Red Dawn (1984, Bratchenko)
Return from the Ashes (1965, Manager)
Scorpio (1973, Zametkin)
The Sell Out (aka Set-Up, 1976, The Dutchman)
S*P*Y*S (1974, Russian Spy Chief Borisenko)
Strike It Rich (aka Loser Take All) (1990, Kinski)
The Wind and the Lion (1975, The Bashaw)
Women in Love (1970, Loerke)

The Bill (guest appearance 17 Sept 1992)
Callan (1969, "Little Bits and Pieces of Love")
The Champions ("The Dark Island")
Danger Man (aka Secret Agent, 1964, "Fish On The Hook", Tewflick)
The Man in Room 17
Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy (1986, British miniseries, Muslim Pakistani leader)
Napoleon and Love (1974, mini-series, Prince Poniatowski)
The New Avengers (1976, "Cat Amongst the Pigeons", Zacardi)
The Protectors (1972, "Brother Hood")
Quest of Eagles (1979,
R3 (1965, "A Whole Lot of Reasons", Jan Wolkowski)
The Saint
Shogun (1981, Ferriera)
Smiley's People
Strange Report (1968, "Sniper - When is your Cousin Not?")
UFO (1969, Doug Jackson, recurring role)

Friederich Nietzsche


Born 30 March.
5'5 1/2", light brown hair and green eyes.

Her father worked in an import/export company, and she spent her first 8 years traveling around Burma, India, and the Orient. After this they moved back to England near Stratford-upon-Avon. After graduating school she worked for a year as an Au Pair in Paris. She then trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and made her professional debut in 1966.
Her brother is Nick Drake, the singer.
Married artist Louis De Wet in 1977.
They live in a medieval abby in the English Midlands. Gabrielle was unavailable for shooting UFO during episodes 5-7, and later for episodes 18-26.

All About a Prima Ballerina (1980, Barbara)
Au Pair Girls (1972, Randi Lindstrom)
Commuter Husbands (1973, Carol Appleby)
Connecting Rooms (1971, Jean)
Crossplot (1969, Celia)
The Late Mr. H (1989)
The Man Outside (1968, BEA Girl)
The Steal (1995, Anthea, very short speaking-part as a secretary)
Suburban Wives (1973, Secretary)
There's a Girl in My Soup (1970, Julia Halforde-Smythe)

The Adventure (1972, "The Good Book", Marian)
The Avengers (1967, "The Hidden Tiger", Angora)
Boon (1989, "Do Not Forsake Me", Natalie Robinson)
The Brothers (1972-75, Jull Hammond)
The Champions (1968, "Full Circle", Sara)
Commercial (1989, "The Talking Telephone Book", wife)
Coranation Street (1968, 3 episodes, Inga)
Crossroads (1985-88, Nicola Freeman)
Crosswits (1988, TV game show)
Family Pride (1991 soap opera)
File on Harry Jordan (1978, "The Haunted Butterfly")
Haunted (60s, university student)
The Importance of Being Earnest (1982, Gwendolyn)
Intrigue (1966, TV debut)
Journey into the Unknown (1969, "The Beckoning Fair One")
The Kelly Monteith Show (1979-80, Susan Monteith)
Kill Two Birds (aka Cry Terror) (1974, Tracey)
Man at the Top (1971)
A Man Without Friends
The Marriage Counsellor (1978)
Medics (1995, senior researcher, 5 episodes)
Never the Twain (1981)
The New Avengers (1977, "Dead Men are Dangerous", Penny Redfern)
No 10: Wellington (1982, "The Duke of Wellington", Harriet Arbutnot)
The Professionals (1978, "Close Quarters", Julia)
The Saint (1968, "The Best Laid Schemes", Diane Fleming)
Special Branch (1970, "Sorry is Just a Word", Karolina)
This is Your Life (1990s)
UFO (1969, Gay Ellis, recurring role)
The Upchat Line (1977)
Villians (1972)
Virgin of the Secret Service (1968, "Russian Roundabout", Countess Kolinsky)
Who is Sylvia (1968, Sylvia and two other roles)
Wodehouse Playhouse (1975)

Pride and Prejudice (1986, Jane, seven 30 minute episodes)

An Absolute Turkey (1994)
Androcles and the Lion
Cavalcade (Aug-Sept 1995, lead role)
The Cherry Orchard (1979)
A Comedy of Errors
Court in the Act (1986, Gobette)
Cyrano De Bergerac (1967, Roxanne)
Dangerous Obsession (1989, Sally Driscoll)
Edward II (Isabella)
Exit the King (1968)
French without Tears
Getting Married (60s)
How the Other Half Loves (1988)
The Importance of Being Earnest (1966, Cecily, professional debut)
The Importance of Being Earnest (1982 & 1987, Gwendolyn)
Inadmissible Evidence
Jeeves (1974, Madeline Bassett)
Jumpers (1978, Dorothy)
Look No Hans (1984)
Lady Windermere's Fan (1996) as Mrs Erlynne
The Lower Depths (1979)
The Merchant of Venice (1980, Portia)
Mr. Kettle and Mrs. Moon (60s, shop-girl)
Night and Day (1980)
Noises Off (1983)
A Phoenix too Frequent (1976, Doto)
Po' Miss Julie (1972, Julie)
Present Laughter (1993)
Private Lives (Sybil Chase)
The Provok'd Wife (1978)
The Servant (60s, Vera)
Simpleton or the Unexpected Isles
A Slight Accident (1976, Penelope)
Tea Party (1970, the wife)
Titus Andronicus (1978)
Twelfth Night (Olivia)

The Kama Sutra (1994)


Born in Liverpool England.
Father is African, mother is Irish.
Started out in show business by being a singer, later worked as an actress.
Attended the SPACE CITY (93), UFORIA (88), FANDERSON 91, DANGER ZONE (95) conventions.

Life for Ruth (aka Walk in the Shadow) (1966, nurse)
Sapphire (1959, student)

Breakaway (60s)
Danger Man (60s, "Loyalty Always Pays", agent, another episode as a West Indian girl)
Human Jungle (60s)
Late Night Extra (60s)
Man in a Suitcase
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (60s, pilot episode)
Shadow Squad (60s)
UFO (1969, Nina Barry, recurring role)

Every Other Evening
Porgy in Bess (in East Berlin)

ANTONIA ELLIS (Lt. Joan Harrington)

From Newport in the Isle of Wight, England.
Birthday is April 30th.
Is the daughter of dance-band leader Martin Ellis.
5' 6", brown hair, blue eyes.
Career has been mainly devoted to dancing in musical shows, although she has done some straight acting roles.
Moved to Los Angeles in the late 1970's, married writer/actor Jerry Colker.
At one time, she had her own jazz ballet touring Canada and Europe.
Note: she is not the same Antonia Ellis who is producing HBO's "Sex and the City"!

Anyone for Sex (aka The Love Ban, aka It's A 2'6" Above the Ground World) (1973, Bra Model)
The Boy Friend (1971, Maisie)
Casino Royale (1967, Dancer)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968, double for Sally Ann Howes in mechanical doll dance scene)
Goodbye Gemini (1970)
Mahler (1974, Cosima Wagner)
Percy (1971, Rita La Rousse)
10 (1979, Party Guest)

The Pirate (1978, Commanding Officer)
Sunshine (1973)
Tommy Tune Special
UFO (1969, Joan Harrington, 13 episodes)
The Users (1978)

At the Music Hall
Chicago (Roxie Hart, at the Sheffield Crucible/London Cambridge theatres, 1979)
Cinderella (Dandini)
Irma La Douce
Kingdom Coming
Lie Down I Think I Love You
Mail (Sandi, 1988)
The National Health
Once in a Lifetime (silent movie star)
Pippin (Broadway & US tour, late 1970s)
Please of Hide Park
Ring Round the Moon
Sweet Charity
The Talk of the Town (Soubrette)
Up Victoria!


Lived and worked in Australia until moving to London in 1965.
5' 11 1/2".
Speciality is reproducing accents.
Attended the UFORIA II (89) convention.

Hanover Street (1979, Soldier in Barn)
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppelganger) (1969, flight controller)
Submarine X-1 (1969, Sub-Lieutenant on X-3)
Superman (1978, Newscaster)
Thunderbird 6 (1968, voice of Black Phantom/John Tracy)

The Day of the Triffids (1981, Newsreel voice)
Home and Away (90s, Australian soap)
Joe 90 (voice of Sam Loover)
No Hiding Place (60s)
The Secret Service (voice only)
Softly, Softly (60s)
Mrs. Thursday (60s)
The Ed Sullivan Show (60s, voice for Topo Gigio, the Italian puppet mouse)
UFO (1969, Lt. Ford)

My Three Angels (60s)

The Last Cargo of the Cathay Queen (1983, ship owner, top billing)

GARY MYERS (Capt. Lew Waterman)

Born 22 July 1941 in Perth, Australia.
6'1", dark brown hair, green eyes, 175 lbs.
Was a physical training instructor for 3 of his 6 years in the Australian army.
Lived in Malaya, Brussels, Cannes, the Bahamas before coming to London, taking any odd job so that he had enough money to eat.
In London, became a model and appeared in TV commercials prior to UFO.
Returned to a life of luxury in Australia in 1984.
Reported in May 1994 that he had developed a brain tumor.

UFO (1969, Lew Waterman)

PETER GORDENO (Capt. Peter Carlin)

Born in Rangoon, Burma on 20 June 1939.
Died October 18, 2008 from liver cancer.
Dark hair, brown eyes, 5'11".
Italian-American father and part-Scot-part-Burmese mother.
Began dancing in India, moved to England to try and get established there.
Became known in England as a dancer, choreographer, and singer, appearing in a number of television programs and making a number of records.
Married an English girl named Angela.
Two sons, Peter (1964) and Jeremy (1965), plus an adopted daughter Nicola Jean (1968).
Peter Gordeno's agent was worried about him becoming typecast as an actor, and only allowed him to appear in 6 episodes of UFO. Since Gordeno's character was supposed to be a main one, many scripts featuring him were rewritten to feature Paul Foster.

Carry On Columbus (1992, The Shaman)

Showtime (featured the Peter Gordeno dancers)
UFO (1969, Peter Carlin)

Blue Magic (chorus singer)
West Side Story (chorus dancer, later played Pepe for 3 years)

AYSHEA (Ayshea)

Born in 1949 in Highgate, London.
"Ayshea" was the only name she used at the time (pronounced EYE-sha)
Prior to UFO her surname was Hague.
Following UFO her surname was Brough, as she married record producer Christopher Brough in 1969.
Father is from Kashmir.
5' 3 1/2", dark brown eyes, jet black hair.
Became known primarily as a singer and a model in the late 60s.
She made her first album and 3 singles while filming UFO.
Hosted the popular children's pop series "Lift Off With Ayshea".
Rumor has it that she married Roy Wood of ELO sometime in the 1970s.
Moved to America in 1983.
Married her third husband Hollywood film producer Michael I Levy in 1985, was a "Beverly Hills housewife" until they divorced in 1990.
Started up her own interior design business in the early 1990s.
In 1994 her latest career was as a motivational speaker.

Although her character in UFO was only credited as "SHADO Radio Operator" or "Ayshea", several scripts referred to her as "Lt. Ayshea Johnson".

Nine Hours to Rama (aka Nine Hours to Live) (1963)
tom thumb (1958, at age 9!)
The Winslow Affair

Discotheque (late 60s, guested as a singer)
Lift Off With Ayshea (70s, music program)
Mickey Dunne (60s)
Othello (60s)
UFO (1969, Ayshea)

The King and I

HARRY BAIRD (Lt. Mark Bradley)

Born in Georgetown, British Guyana.
6'1", 195 lbs.
Has been a sailor, dishwasher, longshoreman, car racer, judo fighter.
Decided to study drama while visiting his brother in London.
On UFO, his acting abilities proved unsatisfactory to the producers, and as a result he only appeared prominently in several of the early episodes.

Castle Keep (1969, Dancing Soldier)
Charge! (1973)
Cool it Carol! (1970, Benny Gray)
The Count of Monte Cristo (1976, Ali)
The Four Gunmen of the Apocalypse (1975)
Flame in the Streets (1961, Billy)
He Who Rides a Tiger (1966, Stan)
The Italian Job (1969, Big William)
A Kid for Two Farthings (1955, Jamaica)
Killers of Kilimanjaro (1960, Boraga)
The Mark (1961, Cole)
The Oblong Box (1969, N'Galo)
Offbeat (aka The Devil Inside) (1961, Gill Hall)
1,000 Convicts and a Woman (aka Fun and Games) (1971, Carl)
The Road to Hong Kong (1962, Nubian)
Sapphire (1959, Johnny Fiddle)
The Small World of Sammy Lee (1963, Buddy Shine)
Station Six-Sahara (original title: Endstation 13 Sahara) (1964, Sailor)
The Story of a Three-Day Pass (aka La Permission) (1968, Turner)
Tarzan the Magnificent (1960, Warrior Leader)
Thor and the Amazon Women (1960)
Those Dirty Dogs (1974, Washington Smith)
Tor (1960)
The Touchables (1968, Lilywhite)
Traitor's Gate (original title: Das Verratertor) (1966, Mate on Tramp Steamer)
Trinity and Santana Sons of Bitches (1972)
The Whisperers (1966, Earl)
When the Devil Holds a Gun (1972)

African Patrol
The Count of Monte Cristo (1975, Ali)
UFO (1969, Mark Bradley)
The White Hunter

Nude With a Violin

JON KELLEY (Lt. John Masters)

Born in London of Irish/Jewish descendants.
While in the Army, he worked as an announcer in the Forces Broadcasting Service.
Worked a lot in the theater as an actor.
Worked as a TV announcer.
Married to a former television make-up girl, has two daughters.

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppleganger) (1969)

UFO (1969, John Masters)

His Mothers Son (60s, the son)

NORMA RONALD (Miss Ealand)

Born in Newcastle.
Married actor Edward Judd (60s)
Acted since she was 15. Worked in theater and radio.
Established the Terrance Higgins Trust's Helper Call Service to provide assistance to people with AIDS.
Died in 1994?

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppleganger) (1969, Pam Kirby)
The Power Game (60s, secretary)

UFO (1969, Miss Ealand)

MAXWELL SHAW (Dr. Shroeder)

Born in 1928.
Became ill and hospitalized soon after UFO began shooting, so Vladek Sheyball as Dr. Jackson took his place.
Has worked both as an actor and a producer in the theater.
Married casting executive Rose Tobias (who cast UFO!)
Died in 1985.

The Barber of Stamford Hill (1963, Dober)
Ben Hur (1959, Rower No. 43)
The Concrete Jungle (1962, Man at Party)
The Horse Without a Head (1963, Disney film, Cesar)
In Search of the Castaways (1962, Disney film)
The Man Inside (1958, Desk Clerk, Lisbon)
Mr. Quilp (aka The Old Curiousity Shop) (1975, Isaac List)
The Oblong Box (aka Dance Mephisto, 1969, Tom Hackett)
Once More, With Feeling (1960, Jascha Gendel/Grisha Gendel)
Start the Revolution Without Me (aka Two Times Two, 1970, Duke de Sisi)
Tank Force (aka No Time to Die) (1958, Sheik)

The Crunch (1964, Mr. Ken)
Danger Man
Gideon's Way
Hine (1971, Raschid)
Man in a Suitcase ("Find the Lady")
Nicholas Nickelby
The Oblong Box (1969, innkeeper)
The Persuaders (1971, "Someone Waiting", Vine)
The Protectors (70s, "A Matter of Life and Death")
The Saint
Talking to Strange Men
The Troubleshooters
UFO (1969, Dr. Shroeder)

The Good Soldier Schweik
The Hostage
The Quare Fellow

JEREMY WILKIN (Skydiver Navigator)

Born at Byfleet, Surrey.
Blond, blue eyes.
Although only officially credited in UFO as "Skydiver Operative",
the scripts referred to his character as "Gordon Maxwell".
Plays Rugby, Judo enthusiast.
Married, has four children, two sons and two daughters.

Beg! (1994, Dr. Melplash)
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppleganger) (1969, technician)
Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979, Artillery Officer)
The Strange Affair (1968, P.C. Wills)
Thunderbird 6 (1968, voice of Virgil Tracy/Hogarth)
Thunderbirds Are Go (1968, voice of Virgil Tracy/President of Exploration Center)

The Cocktail Party
The Death of Peter Mann
Dr. Who ("Revenge of the Cybermen", Kellmen)
The First Lady (60s)
The New Avengers
The Protectors ("Route 27")
The Three Sisters
Colombe (husband)
Court Martial (60s)
Detective (60s)
Man in a Suitcase (60s)
Murder Story
Ondine (60s, knight)
Thunderbirds (voice of Virgil Tracy in final episodes)
Troubleshooters (60s)
UFO (1969, Skydiver Navigator)

(made over 100 TV appearances while working in Toronto in the 60s)

George Dillon (Ontario)
Henry VII (London, as a singer)
The Hostage (Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia)
The Long and the Short and the Tall (New York)
Murder at the Cathedral (London)
Rhinocerous (Ontario)

GEORGINA MOON (Skydiver Operative)

Born 1950.
Daughter of actor-comedian George Moon.
5' 2 1/2", fair haired, blue eyes.
Began dance school at age of 3.
Although only officially credited in UFO as "Skydiver Operative",
the scripts referred to her character as "Sylvia Howell".

Bless This House (1972)
Carry on Behind (1975)
Carry On Camping (1969, Joy)
Fragment of Fear (aka Freelance) (1970, Schoolgirl #2)
The Mind Benders (1963, at age 13, Persephone)

The Liberace Show (60s, maid)
UFO (1969, Skydiver Operative)
Up, Pompeii (Erotica)
Vendetta (60s)

Toad of Toad Hill


Designed and owns the famed Blakes Hotel in South Kensington.
She is also one of London's leading fashion designers.
Is now Lady Weinberg.

Blacksnake! (aka Dutchess of Doom, Sweet Suzy, Salves) (1973, Lady Susan)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969, Australian Girl)
The Scars of Dracula (1971, Tania)
Tiffany Jones (1975, Tiffany)

The Doll (1982, Phyllis Du Salle)
The Persuaders (1971)
   * "Ozerov Inheritance", stewardess
   * "The Long Goodbye", Carla II
Return of the Saint ("The Armageddon Alternative")
Space: 1999 (1975, "The Metamorph", Annette Fraser)
UFO (1970, SHADO Radio Operator, several episodes)
Zodiak (1974)

SUZANNE NEVE (Mary Straker)

Backfire! (1961, Shirley Curzon)
Bunny Lake is Missing (1965, Second Mother at School)
Exorcism at Midnight (aka Naked Evil) (1966, Janet)
Mosquito Squadron (1970, Beth Scott)
Portrait of a Lady (1967, Isabel, main character)
The Saint (1963, "The Benevolent Burglarly", Meryl Vascoe)
Scrooge (1970, Isabel Fezziwig)
Terror From Within (1975)

The Saint (1963, "The Benevolent Burglary")
The Saint (1964, "The Frightened Inn-Keeper")
Dracula (1965 TV movie, part of the "Mystery and Imagination" series)
The Forsyte Saga (1967, Holly Dartie nee Forsyte)
UFO (1969, Mary Straker)
The Year of the Sex Olympics (1968, Deanie Webb)


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