trading cards


Cards Inc. UFO Trading Cards: In February 2004, Cards Inc. is expected to release a set of UFO trading cards. Here are scans of preview cards and advertisements for this set:

Fanderson's UFO Collector Cards: During 1998-2000, the Gerry Anderson fan club Fanderson produced a set of "UFO Collector Cards" for its members. Some of these cards were included free with each issue of the club magazine, others were sent at the time of club joining/renewal, and others were being sold as subsets through Fanderson sales. The cards are 4x6". The fronts feature high quality color photos and the backs are loaded with information.  Here are scans of all the cards (some scans/cards courtesy Nathalie Audet & Suzanne Sutherland): 

Bassett & Barratt UFO Cigarette Cards: In 1970 Bassett and Barratt in the UK released 70 UFO cards. The only difference between the Bassett and Barrett cards are the fine print identifying the company. Here are some pictures (Barratt box from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 

Anglo Bubble Gum Cards: In 1970 Anglo Confectionery released 64 UFO cards in the UK. Here are some pictures (wrappers from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 

Monty Gum Cards & Album: In 1970 Monty Factories in Holland released 135 UFO gum cards which are essentially combined Anglo and Basset sets except that the fine print is different and the backs are blank. In addition, a 14 page album for these cards was released by PEZ-Unimint in Germany. These were both sold in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France. Here are some pictures (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 

Italian Panini Sticker Album: In 1973 a set of 400 UFO stickers and a 50 page album were produced by Panini in Italy. The album has one page for the main characters, and the remaining pages are for 8 UFO episodes. The album is 227 x 240 mm in size. Here are some pictures (all but the front cover are from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 

German/Canadian Panini Sticker Album: In 1979 the Panini stickers and album were released in Germany and Canada with German and French text. Here are some pictures (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 

Piatnik UFO card game: In 1971 Piatnik in Austria released a UFO card game in Germany and Austria. The game has a title card with rules on the back, and 32 game cards. The cards are 66 x100 mm in size. Here are some pictures (all but the first are from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 

British Telecom UFO Phonecard: Here is a mid 1990's advertisement for several British Telecom phonecards featuring photos from science fiction films & TV series.  A UFO card was advertised, but apparently it was never produced (courtesy Angelo Finamore).