The Complete Book of Gerry Anderson's UFO: This is the ultimate UFO reference book, released in a paperback version in 2003, and then in an updated hardback version in 2006. Both versions are approximately 8.5" by 11". The paperback version contains 176 pages (none of them in color), and the hardback version contains 192 pages (with an 8-page color section). This book can be purchased from,, and FAB Gear!


UFO Technical Manual: In 2009, this very large (355 x 275mm) book was published in the UK. It has 48 pages, all in full color! This book can be purchased from,, Reynolds & Hearn, and FAB Gear!


Jaguar Pocket UFO Super Encyclopedia: In 1981, this pocket sized (130 x 205 mm) book was published in Japan. It has 237 pages -- the first 32 in full color! 


Purnell UFO Activity Books: In the UK, Purnell published 4 soft-covered UFO activity books in 1971. Here are some scans of these books (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection): 


English UFO Novelizations: Two English-language UFO novelizations were released which were based off the original UFO episodes. The UK/Australia/Canada/South Africa/New Zealand versions were released in 1971. The American versions was released in 1973. Here are scans of the front and back covers (UK novel scans courtesy Bill Cotter), and also complete transcripts in PDF format:


German UFO Novelization: In 1971 a UFO novel was published in Germany, titled "UFO - Unbekannte Flugobjekte -- In den Faengen der Ausserirdischen", by Wolfgang Klesl and Viktor Straub. This is about the Aliens kidnapping scientists, and SHADO fearing that the Aliens are using the scientist's knowledge to circumvent the Earth defense systems and make SHADO inoperable. Here is a scan of the front & back covers (courtesy Theo de Klerk) 


Italian UFO Novelization: In 1975, a UFO novel by Paolo Proserpio was published in Italy. This 139 page hardback contained a novelization of the UFO episodes IDENTIFIED, EXPOSED, SURVIVAL, CONFLICT, E.S.P., and ORDEAL, and featured 5 photographs. Here are some scans (courtesy of Angelo Zumbo):


UFO Annual: In 1971 this book was published by Polystyle in the UK. This is a scan of the front cover (courtesy Bill Cotter) 


UFO Super Visual (Town Mook Extra): In 1980 this book was published by Tokuma Shoten in Japan. Here are scans of the front and back covers (courtesy Tetsushi Yukawa). 


UFO Super Guide: In 1993 this book was published by Byakuya Shobou in Japan. Here are scans of the front and back covers (courtesy Tetsushi Yukawa). 


ITC SF Mecha Graffiti (Town Mook SuperVisual 4): This 84 page Japanese book was published in 1985 and is a visual guide to the characters and vehicles in the various Gerry Anderson series. Here are scans of the UFO pages (courtesy Robert Ruiz): 


UFO and Space: 1999: In 1994, this book was released in the UK. Here is a review from issue#66 of the SHADO-USECC newsletter COMMUNIQUE 


Starlog TV Episode Guides, Volume II: This book features a short UFO episode guide. Here is a transcription


Gerry Anderson: The Authorised Biography: This 228 page book was first released in hardbound in 1996, and then in paperback in 1998.  Here are some UFO related scans of the hardbound edition (courtesy Angelo Finamore & Angelo Zumbo):