blueprints & artwork



Interceptor Cutaway Drawing: Here is an Interceptor cutaway drawing from the 1973 UK "Countdown for TV Action" Annual (courtesy Phillip Wright): 


"SIG" UFO Blueprints: During the 1980's a UK magazine named "SIG" was devoted to all of the Gerry Anderson productions. Here are some blueprints of UFO's alien spacecraft from the top, bottom and sides, which were printed in issue#13 (courtesy Rob Hemmings) 


"UFO Super Guide" Blueprints: The Japanese "UFO Super Guide" book has the following fan drawn blueprints inside (courtesy Tetsushi Yukawa): 


INVASION: UFO Poster Art: In 1980, several episodes of UFO were turned into a TV compilation movie called INVASION: UFO. Here is the original artwork for the INVASION: UFO poster 


UFO Puzzle Artwork: in 1970, Arrow Games in the UK released 3 UFO jigsaw puzzles. Here is a picture of the original artwork used for the one of the puzzles (courtesy Anthony Taylor)


UFO PRENDETELI VIVI Poster Art: In the early 1970's, several episodes of UFO were turned into theatrical compilation movies in Italy. Here is the original artwork used for the movie poster for the compilation movie UFO PRENDETELI VIVI. This is acrylic on cardboard and 41.5 x 60 cm in size (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection).