Blast-off put the B142 space probe into orbit

Straker looked at the model. His career was at stake.

Lunar module arrived at Moonbase operation.

Paul Foster, Moonbase Comdr, met Straker and Gay Ellis

The B142 orbited around the Moon.

Straker gave instructions to the lunar module.

Foster pulled the lunar module alongside the B142.

Foster left the lunar module for his space walk.

He installed the Electronometer on the probe.

Paul returned to the lunar module.

Foster reported Phase One successfully completed.

Straker explained Phase Two -- placing of the detonator.

The S.I.D. reported an approaching UFO.

Suddenly the UFO hurtled in.

The interceptor sped off toward the UFO.

The Interceptor fired missile with deflecting charge.

Missile exploded, sending the UFO back to its planet.

B142 homed on to UFO to trail it back to base.

Mission successful, Straker prepared for return to Earth.

Four months later, Probe flashed vital information.

A planet never seen before!