3-D viewmaster photos


One of my favorite collectibles from the 1970 British Science fiction television series "UFO" are the Viewmaster reels produced by the GAF Corporation. These reels contain 21 photos taken during the filming of the episode CLOSE UP, and show some of our favorite UFO actors & vehicles in 3-D!

This web page presents all of the photos from the UFO Viewmaster reels as "Stereo Pairs". Stereo pairs can be viewed in 3-D using special glasses called "3-D Print Viewers" (or "Stereoscopes"), and some people can even view these in 3-D without the aid of glasses (I'm not one of them!) using a technique called "Parallel Viewing".

The left column of this page shows small images of all the photos, along with the captions used in the Viewmaster reels. Please note that the story in the Viewmaster reels is a bit different than what was in the episode CLOSE UP.

To view a larger stereo pair of a particular image, simply click on that image.

If you would like to learn more about these Viewmasters, including seeing scans of the booklet pages, the packaging, and the reels themselves, please visit the Miscellanous Collectibles page on this site.

If you would like to buy a pair of 3-D Print Viewer glasses, you can buy several different models from 3dstereo.com: this one is suitable for stereo pairs smaller than 8" wide total, this one is suitable for stereo pairs larger than 5" wide total, while this one is suitable for stereo pairs larger than 8" wide total (you may need to adjust your monitor resolution to resize the images).

And if you would like to try and view these photos without special glasses, you can learn more about "Parallel Viewing" here.

And if you'd like to view more 3-D photos on the web, here are two pages with links: dddesign.com and precisionphotonics.com


Marc Martin