other UFO websites

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When Carlton held the rights to UFO, they produced an official UFO website with an episode guide, actor biographies, photos, and information about their UK DVD releases.
Currently there is a "re-imagined" UFO film in pre-production, due for release in 2011. Here is the official website for that film!
The Italian Section of SHADO is a club which has brought several UFO actors to Italy for conventions, dinners, etc.

Deborah Ann Rorabaugh's SHADO Library & Archives features the SHADO Library containing UFO fiction and episode transcriptions, the SHADO Writers Guild discussion forum, plus SHADO operations & personnel pages.

The Gerry Anderson fan club FANDERSON has a website containing news, a UFO episode guide a guide to filming locations, and exclusive merchandise. 
Angelo Finamore's The Art of UFO features blueprints, drawings, and frame captures from UFO!
Denise Felt has created UFO Forever, a website with links to other UFO websites!
Lisa Williams' UFO Image Library has frame captures from a couple UFO episodes, which are rotated every few months.
The Starship Modeller website has reference photos of many of the original models used in UFO.
G. De Guffroy has a website devoted to the UFO series, with an Ed Straker page and an amusing section devoted to a SHADO Marsbase.
Robin & Pauline Day's Space City features a number of great computer-generated images and model photos of the vehicles from UFO.
Steve Christensen's Shado Control features Windows/DOS UFO desktop themes, screen savers, and flight simulations.
Denise Felt has created a website devoted to UFO, which includes many pieces of UFO fiction.
Rob Hemmings' SHADO UK site has a UFO multimedia page, scans of the entire 1970 UFO Annual, and an article on Anderson model kits. 
Yuchtar's Home Page has a UFO page called SHADAIR HQ, featuring adult fan fiction, pages for Straker, Foster, and Freeman, plus Windows startup/shutdown screens.
Catherine Palmer's website features some great UFO animations.
On YahooGroups, there is a SHADO discussion group.
Also on YahooGroups, there is an Ed Bishop discussion group.
For fans of Vladek Sheybal, there is a Vladek Sheybal website.
Simon Wickes' TV 21 Home Page has news, articles, and photos relating to all of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's productions, including UFO. 
The Gerry Anderson Complete Comic History has pages on UFO comics.
Douglas Killings has a website devoted to the Japanese manga comic UFO 1988.
UFO co-creator Sylvia Anderson has her own website.
UFO actor Michael Billington (Col. Paul Foster) has a website.
Anthony Hughes' website features a UFO screen saver and UFO computer graphics
Paul McCullough has created several great UFO animations, and some of them are available on his home page -- one of a UFO skimming over a lake, and a space battle with Star Trek vehicles. 
Typo Literary Site has an article on UFO.
Author John Kenneth Muir has a retrospective on UFO.
Sci-Fi Online has an interview with Ed Bishop about UFO.
The South London Warlords has a site for a UFO game
FABGEARUSA.COM sells a variety of UFO items.
Star Trader sells a variety of UFO items.
Comet Miniatures sells a variety of UFO models.
T'n'T Hobbies sells models & dioramas from various Gerry Anderson series, including UFO.
Louise Oatridge has created Lightcudder's World, a website featuring her UFO fiction and artwork!
Paolo Malaguti sells a variety of UFO photos.
Still Things sells a variety of color and B&W UFO photos.
The Space: 1999 Catacombs has a nice page devoted to UFO.
Andersonic is a Gerry Anderson fanzine which features UFO content in every issue.
UFO - DIE TV SERIE is a German-language UFO fan site.
The Italian website FAB Library features a summary page for UFO, color photonovels for several episodes in PDF format, plus detailed episode synopses for all 26 episodes in PDF format!
The Italian website FANTAMODELLISMO 70-80 features photos of sci-fi models, including several from UFO!
"Nick" Michael Martinides has German language pages devoted to UFO merchandise from Austria and a Lt. Ellis poster from S.i.G. magazine.
Torsten Kracke's home page has German-language guides to various television series, including a UFO guide based on the German broadcasts.