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For those who haven't looked lately, the website for the upcoming UFO movie has been updated since last week -- there is a new "UFO" graphic on the home page, the "About" page now has a short description of the film's premise (including a new style SHADO logo in the background), and the "Media" page has a higher resolution version of the poster -- plus an orchestral version of the UFO theme!
Here is a must-read interview with Matthew Gratzner, the director of the upcoming UFO film, in which he discusses many aspects of the film that fans have wondered about, along with the news that there are three UFO films planned, the budget for the first film is $130 million dollars, Ali Larter is being considered for the part of Colonel Lake, Cmdr. Straker and Lt. Ellis have yet to be cast, and SHADO HQ will be based in England, not Hollywood as previously reported!
The upcoming UFO movie now has its own website! (although there's not much there).

The Internet Movie Database's entry for the upcoming UFO movie has quite a few production credits listed, including those for music, casting, art department, and visual effects!
Fanderson's updated UFO soundtrack CD (only available to Fanderson members) is now available and shipping to those who preordered!
Franco Brambilla has a new piece of UFO-inspired artwork on his website -- Shado Big Night Out!
Another news item on the upcoming UFO film -- Variety is reporting that Joshua Jackson (FRINGE) will be playing the part of Paul Foster!
The Italian Section of SHADO (ISOSHADO) website has been updated with a report and photos of their October event with UFO director Ken Turner!
Wanda Ventham (UFO's Col. Lake) and Gary Raymond (UFO's Col. Grey) will be among the guests at the Memorabilia show on November 21 and 22 in Birmingham England!
Fanderson has now announced the upcoming UFO soundtrack CD on their website! (note that this CD is only available to Fanderson members)
In Fanderson's latest club magazine (FAB issue 64), they have announced that in November they are re-issuing their UFO soundtrack CD in a "40th Anniversary Edition", which will include "quite a few surprises that have been discovered since the original club release in 2003"!
The Gerry Anderson fan club Fanderson has announced that their next convention will be held in October 2010!
Here is a remix of the UFO Theme by Gak Sato that you can listen to online! (and if that link doesn't work, try this page on MySpace)
Issue 8 of the Gerry Anderson fanzine ANDERSONIC is now available at, and it includes a review of the UFO episode "The Square Triangle"!
For those of you in the US, is now selling the UFO Tehnical Manual for only $16.47!
On my Books page, I've added 9 photos from "The Complete Book of Gerry Anderson's UFO"!
On my Books page, I've added 9 photos from the new "UFO Technical Manual"!
Rex Features has over 1300 thumbnails of photos taken during the filming of UFO! Unfortunately, the full-resolution versions of these photos are only available to the media. But the thumbnails are still quite interesting, and can be found using the following searches: "UFO 1970", "UFO 1971", "UFO 1972", and "UFO 1973".
Today is the release date for the UFO Technical Manual, and I've heard that people have been notified that their copy has shipped!

The news of a possible new UFO film has inspired yet another artist, check out the work of "arcas" on the Renderosity Digital Art Community -- Lt. Ellis, Moonbase Duo, Virginia Lake, Mobiles - All Operational.
The Gerry Anderson fan club FANDERSON has just mailed out issue 63 of their club magazine "FAB", which contains part 2 of their SHADO personnel Dossier. Here is an example of some pages with UFO content!
Variety is reporting that Matthew Gratzner has been selected to direct the proposed upcoming UFO movie.

Here is a piece of UFO-inspired fan art titled "The War is Over", by Franco Brambilla!
Originally announced in 2006, it looks like the UFO Technical Manual will finally be published next month!
Cinemaspy has an article about what an updated version of UFO might look like, which includes some interesting speculative artwork!
UFO art director and set designer Bob Bell has passed away.
Gerry Anderson talks a bit about the recently announced UFO movie here!
Gabrielle Drake will be appearing in the British soap opera "Coronation Street" beginning on June 5th -- here is a synopsis (with photos) of the June 5th episode.
Every few years we hear about a new TV series or film being made based on UFO (although none of them get anywhere in the end). Here is a brand new project being reported by VARIETY and SCIFI.COM
Actor Charles "Bud" Tingwell, who played Beaver James in the UFO episode MINDBENDER, has passed away at age 86.
Gabrielle Drake will be appearing in the British soap opera "Coronation Street". Here are some news stories about this, many of them mentioning UFO! one | two | three
In Scripts, added a transcription of the original script for the UFO episode MINDBENDER!
Today, Gerry Anderson celebrates his 80th birthday!
The latest issue of the Fanderson club magazine "FAB" features a photo of Col. Foster on the front cover, plus has part one of a "SHADO Personnel Dossier" (10 pages, character last names from A-H). Here is a publicity image of this issue.
On the hensel 3000 MySpace page, there are 2 songs in the music player of interest to UFO fans. The first is "Ed Straker", which contains audio samples from UFO. The second is "Confetti Check A-OK", which has lyrics based on this UFO episode.

Fanderson has announced another exclusive soundtrack CD -- this time for the TV series STINGRAY! This is significant for fans of UFO, as some episodes of UFO featured music that was reused from STINGRAY (for example, REFLECTIONS IN THE WATER and THE PSYCHOBOMBS).
RSI (Swiss TV) has a new video interview with Gito Santana (in English) that you can watch here! In it, Gito discusses his experiences working on UFO as an Alien.
The ISOSHADO website now has a short description of their recent event with Gito Santana (in Italian and English) plus photos!

In May, Silva Screen is releasing the CD "Stand By For Action - The Music of Barry Gray", which has 5 tracks from UFO!
Here is an online video (in Italian) from the recent ISOSHADO event with Gito Santana!
The Italian Section of SHADO will be holding an event with Gito Santana (who played an Alien in several episodes of UFO) on March 7th in Milan Italy!

Gabrielle Drake (who played Lt. Ellis in UFO) is currently doing a series of live performances in the UK with Robert Powell called "The Silver Screen"!

Wanda Ventham (who played Col. Virginia Lake in UFO) will be a guest at an upcoming convention for The Prisoner in the UK!
Issue 7 of the Gerry Anderson fanzine ANDERSONIC is now available at!

Keith McNeill's Space Models Photography site features a Gerry Anderson page which has some nice model shots of UFO's Lunar Carrier, SHADO Mobile, SID, Moon Mobile, and Lunar Module!

The SucLaro Microsoft Flight Simulator website features a downloadable Skydiver simulator!
Here is a German language website devoted to UFO!

For those of you wondering whatever happened to the UFO Technical Manual that was originally announced in 2006, it is still in work! It has been taking longer than expected for Nick Foreman to complete his computer-generated models, due to demands from other projects. So the release date has been pushed back to at least spring 2009. Also, it's possible that the name of the book will change to "The UFO Visual Guide".
If you live in the northeast part of the USA and have been enjoying the high definition broadcasts of UFO on Family Room HD (on Cablevision cable TV), you won't be able to do this much longer -- all of the VOOM channels are shutting down within a month.
Sixteen 12 (formerly Product Enterprise) will be reissuing the UFO Interceptor & saucer plus two of the SHADO Mobile die-casts (with more accurate weathering) next year -- see their announcement here!

In Feburary 2009, there will be a auction of items belonging to Gerry Anderson. The catalog is available from Comet Miniatures, and features some promotional artwork for a proposed new series of UFO! See this Fanderson article for more information.

Fanderson members can now buy a new piece of exclusive UFO merchandise -- a SHADO keyring!

Starship Modeller has a review of the 16" SID model made by UNCL.
In the USA, is having a big sale on the UFO Megaset -- you can now purchase all 26 episodes on DVD for less than $22!
On YouTube, episode 2 of the fan-made spoof video UFO:1999 ("SID's Return") is now available for viewing! Here is part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4!
The Surrey Herald has an obituary for Peter Gordeno which states that he died from liver cancer.

UFO director Ken Turner is considering selling two of his original UFO scripts (for the episodes CONFLICT and ORDEAL). A message regarding this can by found in the Eagle Transporter forum, although you must sign up to be a member of this forum to read it. Here is a link to the forum, and here is a link to the message.
Here is another obituary for Peter Gordeno, from "The Guardian".
Peter Gordeno (UFO's Captain Carlin) has passed away at age 69 -- here is an obituary from "The Independent".
As a reminder, it is now less than a month until the Barry Gray Centenary Concert in London. Tickets are available here, and there is a now promotional video on YouTube here!
In Conventions and Fan Activities, added some photos of Ed Bishop from UFOria (1988), Fanderson 91 (1991), and the 2002 Clacton Sci-Fi convention!
Added some photos to my New Photos page!
My photo pages have been updated with all of the "new photos" moved to their appropriate sections, plus all pages now use an updated gallery look. Check them out at Character Photos, Hardware Photos, and Behind the Scenes Photos!
Ron Haller's LEGO website features photos of a SHADO Mobile 1 and Control, a SHADO Mobile 3, and a SHADO Mobile Prototype, all made out of LEGOs!
Members of the Italian Section of SHADO recently toured various UFO filming locations. See their "then and now" photos here!
The fan-made spoof video "UFO:1999 - Breakified" is now available on YouTube!
It is being reported that is now shipping the DVD "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun" (Region 2/PAL) and the book "Special Effects Superman, the Art and Effects of Derek Meddings"! Reportedly, the book primarily focuses on Derek Meddings' film career, although there is a section on his Gerry Anderson years.

On YouTube, there is yet another new UFO animation from the maker of the films INVADER and OUTERWORLD -- a UFO attack on a Destroyer ship!
For those of you who have wondered whatever happened to Suzanne Neve (who played Straker's ex-wife), I've received confirmation that two years ago she was teaching acting workshops at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London!
Issue 6 of the Gerry Anderson fanzine ANDERSONIC is now available at!
In Germany, the September 2008 issue of WIDESCREEN VISION magazine includes a DVD featuring 2 episodes of UFO!
On YouTube, there are 2 impressive UFO animations from the maker of the films INVADER and OUTERWORLD -- one is an attack on Skydiver, and one is an attack on Moonbase Alpha!
In Germany, Euro Video will be releasing a complete set of UFO episodes on DVD in September! (UFO has previously been released in Germany on single discs and two box sets)
On, there are two recent podcasts devoted to UFO!

The first Gerry Anderson series to be released on Blu-Ray (high-definition) disc has been announced -- the complete Thunderbirds series will be released in the UK this September! Here is the cover art.
Donald James, writer of the UFO episode KILL STRAKER, has passed away at age 76.

Tickets are now onsale here for the upcoming Barry Gray Centenary Concert in London! This concert will feature live performances of the UFO title music and excerpts from "Sleeping Astronauts", originally used in JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN and reused in the UFO episode CLOSE UP.
The film JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN (which features many actors and props seen in UFO) is now available on DVD in the USA, and will be released on DVD in the UK this September!
The Gerry Anderson fanzine "Andersonic" now has a new website -- the next issue of this fanzine is expected around August/September!
Giuseppe Massari's FAB Library has now been translated from Italian into English, and also includes an English version of the UFO photonovel for COMPUTER AFFAIR!
Nadia Faienza has uploaded a 7-part UFO tribute video, "UFO on Positive Track" to YouTube!
In the USA, the Dish Network has just dropped all of the high definition channels from the Voom network, which means that Dish subscribers can no longer watch UFO in high definition on "Family Room HD".
In November 8th, there will be a Barry Gray Centenary Concert in London featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra. Original UFO keyboardist Harry Stoneham will make a guest appearance to play the UFO title music!
The Italian Section of SHADO now has a full report and photos from their recent weekend with Shane Rimmer!
Shubrook Bros. will be publishing a book later this year titled "Special Effects Superman: The Miniature Effects of Derek Meddings", which looks like it will have some UFO content!
On May 20th, Gerry Anderson will be giving a talk at the Watershed in Bristol UK!
On April 29th, Gabrielle Drake will perform in "Beloved Clara" at the Royal Hall in Harrogate, North Yorkshire UK!
On YouTube, the new fan-made Thunderbirds: Alien Attack - The Movie features elements from many Gerry Anderson series, including UFO!
On Mirrorpix, you can see (and purchase!) 8 rare UFO photos by typing "UFO television" into the search box!
The film JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN (which features many actors and props seen in UFO) will be re-released on DVD in the USA on June 24th!
Issue #11 of the UK magazine "SciFi Now" features a 2-page "UFO Bluffers Guide", and also a small photo of Gabrielle Drake on the front cover!

The Italian Section of SHADO will be having a fan meeting on April 27th in the Milan area, with special guest Shane Rimmer (seen in the UFO episode IDENTIFIED).

Amazing Science Models is now offering 4 UFO prints for sale!

According to this page, Ayshea is now a property developer and lives in Grantham, Lincolnshire!

The trade magazine "Comics International" will be featuring a 6-part series on Gerry Anderson comics, with UFO being covered in part 5 (issue #209)!
Issue #5 of the Gerry Anderson fanzine ANDERSONIC is now available for purchase via eBay and STAR TRADER. This issue features an article on the UFO comic strips in COUNTDOWN, a photo feature on UFO locations, and reviews of 2 UFO episodes!
Amazing Science Models is now offering a large UFO model, limited to 50 pieces (half in kit form, and half fully assembled and painted)!
Al Mancini, who played Interceptor pilot Andy Conroy in the UFO episodes THE CAT WITH TEN LIVES and MINDBENDER, passed away last month at age 74.

The MySpace page for the Japanese band Les Cappuccino features a new cover version of the UFO theme!
The Gerry Anderson documentary "Standby for Action" can now be viewed online via Joost!
Following up on the "UFO Rinse Out" remix mentioned last week -- near the bottom of this High Cigar page, you can find this plus 2 more UFO remixes!
On my UFO in HDTV page, I've added a high definition clip of the UFO opening sequence, plus comparisons between the DVD and HDTV versions.
On the Film24 documentary "Stand by for Action", UFO did indeed get a few minutes of coverage, however it was primarily Gerry Anderson summarizing the series and its cancellation/transformation into Space:1999. Apparently this documentary will be online at at some point in the near future.

A behind-the-scenes report on the 1989 UFORIA 2 convention can be read here!

Craig High's MySpace Page features "UFO Rinse Out", a wild remix of the UFO theme!
In the UK, Film24 (Sky Channel 158) is showing part 2 of its new Gerry Anderson documentary "Stand by for Action" repeatedly this week. Presumably this will cover UFO to some extent!
Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info site has a detailed review of the new Australian UFO DVD set!
The Italian Section of SHADO website has been updated with photos and a report (translated in English at the bottom of the page) from their recent trip to the UK for Fanderson's HD21 event and visits to other UFO filming locations!
Today, Alan Shubrook's new book "Century 21 FX Unseen Untold" arrived in my mailbox! This book has a 20-page chapter devoted to UFO, featuring many behind-the-scenes photos from the series. Some of the photos were taken by Alan himself, and have never been published before! The book spans the time period between Thunderbirds and UFO, and is loaded with photos and behind-the-scenes information.
In the UK, Film24 (Sky Channel 158) is showing a new 2-part documentary on Gerry Anderson. Part 1 was shown yesterday and will be repeated throughout the week, covering Gerry's career prior to UFO. Part 2 will presumably include UFO, but I do not yet see it on the channel's schedule.
Filmfax magazine issue#116 will be available next month, and will feature a Mike Trim article (continued from the previous issue) covering his contributions to various Gerry Anderson series, including UFO!
Here is another YouTube clip of Ed Bishop on Italian TV, this time a 1996 appearance on the TV show "Quelli che il calcio"!
On YouTube, here is a clip of Ed Bishop dressed up as Straker in a 1997 appearance on the Italian TV show "Anima Mia"!

In Videos, I've added a few photos of the packaging for the Australian UFO DVD set!
In Conventions & Fan Activities, at the bottom of the page there is now a detailed report and photos from Fanderson's recent "HD21" one-day event!
The Product Enterprise website has lowered the price of their talking Gay Ellis model from £39.99 to only £9.99!
For those of you waiting for Alan Shubrook's new book "Century 21 FX Unseen Untold", these did not ship out before October 1st as promised. Apparently the book was printed in the USA but will be distributed from the UK, and all copies have been stuck in UK customs! Added to that, there is a postal strike in the UK which will likely delay things even more...
On YouTube, here is clip from a 1973 Barbara Streisand TV special which features the Moonbase console from UFO!
In Music & Effects Tracks, I've added the complete M&E track for the episode COMPUTER AFFAIR, and updated the track for DESTRUCTION so it is no longer missing the final 10 minutes!
Lois Maxwell, who played Miss Holland in the UFO episodes THE CAT WITH TEN LIVES and THE MAN WHO CAME BACK, has passed away at age 80.
On YouTube, here is a 1970's British advertisement for mashed potatoes ("Smash") which features a UFO spacesuit!
In the UK, Sylvia Anderson will be a guest at the October 19 - 22 Cult TV Weekender!

This past weekend, Fanderson held their HD21 one-day event. Early reports are that they showed the UFO episode TIMELASH in high-definition (with the top and bottom of the original image chopped off to make it widescreen), and also there was a tour around Pinewood Studios featuring points of interest to UFO fans.
In the UK, TK MAXX stores are carrying several of the Gerry Anderson Product Enterprise die-cast models for only £9.99 (a huge discount!). So far, the only UFO model that has been sighted is the talking Gay Ellis, and this was located in one of the men's sections.
On September 23rd, Gabrielle Drake will be appearing in "Mortimer's Miscellany" at the Theatre Royal Bath in Bath England!
I'm experimenting with revamping the website using more modern web page development methods (e.g., cascading spreadsheets instead of tables), and have made a new front page for the site (may require a browser "reload" to see properly). Hopefully in the next several weeks, the rest of the site will be updated as well.

On YouTube, a 4-part Gerry Anderson documentary video has recently been added. Part 4 includes UFO clips and commentary from Ed Bishop!
The Space:1999 Catacombs website has an interesting page devoted to UFO!
Gabrielle Drake will be in California next month in connection with a film about her late brother, musician Nick Drake, titled "A Skin Too Few". On October 2nd, she will be in San Francisco at the Herbst Theater. On October 5th, she will be in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

Here is a Mike Billington interview that I don't think I've pointed out before.
The winner of the UFO casino chips from CollectablesMANIA's UFO contest is John Lawton of Michigan, USA. Congratulations, John!

On eBay, here is a rather unusual auction -- for a signpost which appeared in the UFO episode CONFETTI CHECK A-OK!
The fourth issue of the "Andersonic" fanzine features a cover photo of Gay Ellis, plus an article about the UFO episode TIMELASH. You can find this issue mentioned here, here, and here!
The stock footage company World Backgrounds has some special effects clips from UFO! Do a search on "UFO" or "4816", and you'll be able to download small Quicktime movies featuring the UFO ending sequence, SID, UFO's flying in Earth's atmosphere and space, Sky One shooting down a UFO, and a UFO attacking Straker's car in TIMELASH! Note that much (but not all) of this footage has been previously seen on the UFO DVD's and Gerry Anderson documentaries, and also note that this stock footage company is located in Borehamwood, near where UFO was filmed!
In Videos, I've added a few menu frame captures and a disc photo from the new Australian UFO DVD set!

Note that I've also heard that the Australian UFO DVD's are "region-free", meaning they will play on any PAL DVD player in any region!
Here's an update on Alan Shubrook's upcoming book, "Century 21 FX Unseen Untold" - the printer has finished printing all copies of the book, and they will be sent out to customers on or before October 1st. The book is limited to 2500 copies, and no reprint is planned. It can still be pre-ordered from
After years of delays, the Australian UFO DVD set is now available -- I've seen reports of it in the store at JB Hi-Fi, and also reports that DeVoteD has already shipped pre-orders!
Today, Sylvia Anderson will be a guest on the BBC Radio 4 program "Woman's Hour" (10 am - 11 am). You should be able to listen to this live (or an archived recording) here.
Here is a detailed review of the upcoming Australian UFO DVD set, due to be released next week!

In Videos, I've added pictures of the DVD sleeves for the Australian UFO DVD set!
If anyone would like to win a free set of UFO casino chips, then enter CollectablesMANIA's UFO contest today! (the winner will be selected on September 3rd)
In Movie Clips, added a higher quality version of the "Alien Cheese Encounter" animation!
Check out this new animation on You Tube - UFO Alien Cheese Encounter !
In the UK, UFO is now being broadcast on ITV4 every Thursday evening at 8pm. Repeats are being shown on Sundays. These episodes are not the same high-quality versions available on DVD, and they are also edited to make room for more commercials.
CollectablesMANIA is now selling 12 UFO Casino chips!
The upcoming Australian UFO DVD box set is now available for pre-order from DeVoteD and ezydvd. Both places list a release date of September 3rd!
In Movie Clips, added 5-minutes of highlights from past ISOSHADO (Italian Section of SHADO) events!
In Movie Clips, added a 50-minute clip of Ed Bishop and Mike Billington at the 2001 UK "Eclectic 21" convention!
Product Enterprise / Iconic Replicas has added some photos of an upcoming SHADO Mobile replica!
UFO fan John Lester has created a UFO-based short film, "From Out of Nowhere". You can view a trailer on YouTube, or download the whole 5-minute film from his website! (also make sure to check out the UFO-based special effects clips in his "Video FX" section)
In Music, added another piece of library music heard in INVASION: UFO!
Sylvia Anderson's new book, "My FAB Years", is expected to be shipping within the next week or two from FAB Gear and elsewhere, and will also be available at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con!
For the upcoming Australian UFO DVD release, here is a trade sheet!
In Movie Clips, added a 43-minute clip of Ed Bishop and Gabrielle Drake being interviewed at a 2000 Fanderson convention!
In Movie Clips, added a 3-minute clip of Sylvia Anderson discussing why the women on Moonbase wore purple wigs!
In Movie Clips, added a 50-minute convention interview with Ed Bishop from 1986!
In Movie Clips, the short excerpts of interviews with Ed Bishop and Dolores Mantez on "Late Night Late" have been replaced with the complete interviews!
Following up from yesterday, in Movie Clips, most of the remaining clips have been updated to higher quality versions.
In Movie Clips, the UFO opening sequence, UFO closing sequence, and Sci-Fi Channel commercial break clips have been updated to higher quality versions (and are now in Windows Media format instead of Quicktime)
Here's some more news on the upcoming Australian UFO DVD release from Umbrella, which is now due to be released September 1st -- here is the box art, and here is a press release! Note that even though we've seen some impressive UFO DVD releases in the past, this has an amazing list of extras, including 6 episode commentaries (including new ones from George Sewell and Deborah Grant), Fanderson's "UFO Documentary", the complete compilation movie "INVASION:UFO", Sylvia Anderson interviewed on "Tomorrow Today", a reprint of the original ITC publicity brochure, script scans, and more!
Fanderson has put up a web page for their upcoming "HD21" one-day event at Pinewood Studios, which will feature a high definition showing of UFO and a UFO-oriented tour of the studio!
Alan Shubrook's upcoming Century 21 special effects book can now be pre-ordered online! This site is also selling some behind-the-scenes photos!
Here is the front cover of Alan Shubrook's upcoming Century 21 special effects book! This book should be available for online pre-ordering within the next few weeks, and should be published by October!
Here are two more George Sewell obituaries: The Guardian | Fanderson.

An update on the repeatedly-delayed Australian UFO DVD set -- Umbrella Entertainment is now quoting a release in late September of an 8-disc set.
Some more UFO publicity photos have been added to the new photos page!
Angelo Finamore's The Art of UFO website is back online, looking better than ever!
The Italian Section of SHADO has posted a photo gallery showing George Sewell in Italy

Here are three more George Sewell obituaries: The Independent | The Herald | The Stage.

It looks like Product Enterprise is planning on releasing a larger version of the SHADO Mobile at some point in the future - see this discussion thread for information and photos.

Also, on that same site, see this discussion thread for some UFO amusement (make sure to look at all 5 pages).
Here's some sad news -- George Sewell (Col. Alec Freeman) passed away on April 1st, at age 82. Here are some obituaries: Telegraph | EI
Here's an update on the upcoming Gerry Anderson special effects book by Alan Shubrook, previously mentioned on 9-Feb-07. This book will document the time when Alan worked on Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, UFO, etc., and will include many previously unpublished photos, plus stories about how he got the job, meeting Derek Meddings for the first time, humorous stories, and various tricks of the trade. This book will appear in stores in early 2008, however it will initially be made available online in October 2007. These initial online copies will be personally numbered and signed by Alan to the recipient, and include a rare 8 x 10" photo. If you wish to be added to a mailing list for further updates about this book, please email!
In the most recent issue of Fanderson's FAB magazine, they announced "HD21", a one-day event at Pinewood Studios on September 23rd, 2007. This will feature high-definition TV showings of UFO, Space:1999, Thunderbirds, and the New Captain Scarlet, and will also feature tours of the studio designed for fans of UFO and Space:1999 (both series having episodes filmed there). Note that the older series may be shown "pillarboxed" (black bands on the sides of the screen) to preserve the original screen shape. This event is not yet mentioned on the Fanderson website, and at this point, the specific episodes to be shown and the special guests have not yet been determined.

Here is a web page which features photos of Ed Bishop appearing at a 1991 convention in Plymouth, England.
Here is a discussion forum which has photos of the new Konami Ultimate UFO Collection!

On Denise Felt's UFO fiction page, she has just added the 20th (and final) installment of "The Conover Saga"!

UFO fan James Lechner has added a UFO special effects test animation on YouTube, and also posted a 3-D model of the alien spacecraft on Google's 3-D warehouse!
Hobby Link Japan is now shipping the Konami Ultimate UFO Collection!

An update on the repeatedly-delayed Australian UFO DVD set -- Umbrella Entertainment is now quoting a release for "the second half of this year".
Some more UFO publicity photos have been added to the new photos page!
The free space flight simulator Orbiter has add-ons available for UFO craft on (UFO, Moonbase, Lunar Module, Interceptor)!

Last fall, I gave details on a new "UFO Technical Manual" that was expected to be available in April 2007. I've now gotten word that this probably won't be available until sometime in 2008, but the good news is that the publishers liked the initial results so much that the book will be expanded in scope.

On YouTube, here is a new version of the UFO theme!

Last fall, Georgina Moon (Skydiver operative) attended the STARCON UK autograph show in London. Here is a page showing a photo of Georgina at that event!
I'm currently adding some new publicity photos to the website, and also updating some old photos with higher quality versions. For now, these are being put on a new photos page!
I've just gotten word on a new book expected to be released later this year by Alan Shubrook, who worked on the models / special effects for Gerry Anderson from Thunderbirds to UFO. This book is expected to be hardback / A4 size / 150 pages, contain untold stories and secrets of how the special effects were done, what life was like working on these series, and contain hundreds of previously unpublished behind-the-scenes photos! The book's title, release date, and price are still to be determined.

On eBay, there is currently an auction for rare photos of Georgina Moon taken in 1971. Georgina Moon played a Skydiver operative in UFO.

A week ago in Sydney Australia, UFO was discussed on community radio 2SER. You can listen to this segment here.

From now until April, the BBC is looking for people's recollections of UFO. You can read other people's comments and add your own here.
The SHADO Library has two new pieces of UFO fan fiction, Siamese Sanctuary and Threshold, both by Pamela McCaughey!

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