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The new issue of the UK magazine "Infinity" features a previously unpublished 3 page interview with Ed Bishop!


UFO visual effects production manager Ken Holt passed away yesterday at age 88.


In the UK, Network is having a "Black Friday" sale through November 29, and the UFO Complete Series blu-ray is now only £14!


Issue 24 of ANDERSONIC magazine is now available, and for fans of UFO this features the first installment of a new UFO comic strip, and a look at the UFO episode "The Dalotek Affair"!


The Italian Section of SHADO (ISOSHADO) has added a convention report and many photos from SHADO CON 2 to their website!

In Publicity Photos, added a new photo of Commander Straker and Lt. Harrington on Moonbase!


In Publicity Photos, added a photo from the UFO episode COURT MARTIAL, of Commander Straker standing outside General Henderson's office.


A 2-DVD set with footage from this year's SHADO CON 2 convention is now available, and is limited to 100 copies total.  See this Facebook page announcement for details on how to order!


Moonbase Central has a guest article written by ISOSHADO founder Paolo Malaguti!


That UFO rifle that was up for auction ended up selling for £7000!  I don't know who the new owner is.

This site was down for a few days, due to a major failure at the web hosting company it was hosted at.  I finally gave up waiting for it to be restored, and moved it to a new web host.  Hopefully everything is still here!


There is currently an auction going on for a rifle prop that was used in the UFO episode "Kill Straker"! 


Starting next week in Germany, all 26 episodes of UFO will air on ARD Alpha (free to air via Astra satellite), in English.


Here a fairly new UFO website that it appears I've neglected to mention in the past -- S.H.A.D.O. Research Labs.  Check it out!


In publicity photos, I've added a B&W photo from a photoshoot to promote the premiere of UFO on UK television.  This photo was taken on 15 September 1970, on the steps of the Birmingham Hall of Memory.

The folks from UFOcast have posted a new video interview with Alan Perry, recorded during this year's SHADOCON 2!


On my links to other UFO websites, I've added a couple newer sites, and removed a lot of sites that no longer exist.


The official Gerry Anderson site has a review of SHADO CON 2, and Moonbase Central has an article on the original UFO props that appeared at SHADO CON 2!


Here are two reviews of SHADO CON 2 - one from a Patrick Wymark website, an another from Moonbase Central!


SHADO CON 2 took place over this past weekend!  I hope to have a proper page up devoted to this soon, but in the meantime, here is an excellent 30-minute video taken at the convention, shot by Jeff Smart!


The Gerry Anderson fan club FANDERSON is releasing a soundtrack CD for the film JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN (aka DOPPELGÄNGER).  This is only being sold to members of the club.  And of course, some of the music created for this film was reused in UFO.


It has just been announced that Suzanne Neve (Mary Straker in UFO) will be a guest at the upcoming SHADOCON 2 convention in Derby (June 30)!

The UFOcast podcast is now up to episode 16, KILL STRAKER!


Okay, I've now received one of the new ITV UFO DVD sets.  Unsurprisingly, this is merely a repackaging of the original Carlton UFO DVD set from 2002.  So the contents of the discs are exactly the same.  The packaging is different however.  If you want to see what the new packaging looks like, I've posted some photos on Facebook here.


Surprise!  ITV has released a new UFO DVD set in the UK!  Now available on, and presumably elsewhere.

Also, there is a new 1/48 scale resin "garage" kit of Sky One now available, with a Diver kit expected later this year.


There will be a 16mm film showing of the UFO episode TIMELASH at the Southend film festival (UK) on Sunday May 27!


The "Official Gerry Anderson Store" now has a UFO beanie available for pre-order!


The Official Gerry Anderson website is reporting that actor Jeremy Wilkin passed away on December 19, at age 87.  He played a Skydiver crew member in several episodes of UFO.

The current list of guests planned for this summer's SHADO CON 2 include (subject to commitments) Deborah Grant (Psychobombs), David Collings (Psychobombs), Alan Perry, Alan Harris, and James Winch with his recently-restored SHADO Jeep!


Tickets are now on sale for "SHADO Con 2",a one-day event in Derby (UK) on 30 June 2018!


Issue 7 of the UK magazine "Infinity" is now available, and features an 8-page look at UFO!

Andersonic Issue 23 is now available, and features an interview with Ayshea Brough!

The UFOcast podcast is now up to episode #7!

In the USA, UFO is now on Tubi TV!  (this can also be watched if you have a VPN with a USA IP address)


Issue #7 of the UK magazine "Infinity" will feature an article on UFO!  This is expected to be on sale January 4, 2018.


For those who may have missed this in the past, Jeff Smart's "The Future Was Fantastic" documentary is temporarily available again in a 2-DVD edition (with a disc of extras)!

The UFOcast podcast site has had several updates, with episodes 4 (Exposed) and 5 (Survival), plus a special feedback podcast!


On eBay, there is currently an auction for an original (and heavily autographed) script for the UFO episode ORDEAL!

UFOcast podcast episode #3 (FLIGHT PATH) is now available!


UFOcast Podcast episode #2 (COMPUTER AFFAIR) is now available for listening!


Word has it that there will be a SHADO CON 2 convention on 30 June 2018, in the same location as SHADO CON 1 (Derby Quad).  Meanwhile, a DVD for SHADO CON 1 is expected to be available very soon!


In the UK, Network is having a 40% off sale, which makes the UFO complete series Blu-ray set only £26.00 (£31.20 with VAT) and the Invasion: UFO Blu-ray only £5.00 (£6.00 with VAT).

UFOcast Podcast episode 1 (IDENTIFIED) is now available for listening!


A new UFO podcast, UFOCAST, will begin on October 13, and there will be 26 podcasts over the 52 weeks that follow!


There is a new website,, which features scans of the UFO comics that originally appeared in issues of Countdown / TV Action!


Some sad news - actress Suzan Farmer, who played Paul Foster's girlfriend in the UFO episode "Survival", has passed away at age 75.


Network's new UFO Blu-ray is now available in the UK.  So far this appears to be the same as the previous release, except that the new version has no book, has no outer box, the disc case appears to be better designed (as it was difficult to remove the discs with the old case), and the retail price is lower.  However, at the moment on Amazon UK, you can purchased the old version for less money (£45.94) than the new version (£59.99)!


In the UK, Network will be releasing UFO on Blu-ray disc without the book and cardboard case, for a lower price than last year's release.  This will be released on September 11.

From this eBay listing, it appears that Unstoppable Cards will be releasing a second set of UFO trading cards in 2018, although I have not seen any official announcement of this.

The organizers of SHADO CON are putting together a 2-disc DVD covering the convention, which is expected to be available in the near future.

The website for the Italian Section of SHADO (ISOSHADO) has been updated recently, with photos from SHADO CON and Stephen La Rivière's new UFO book


With SHADO CON coming up in a few weeks, here is a page that has all of the current planned guests (as the list has changed over time). The current guest list includes Alan Perry, Shane Rimmer, Ayshea Brough, Susan Jameson, Michael Jayston, and Gary Raymond. Plus the possibility of a Skype session with Keith Alexander!

In the UK, UFO is now airing on Forces TV, Saturdays at 6pm! Forces TV is on Sky Channel 264, Virgin 277, and Freesat 165.


In the UK, UFO will start airing on "Forces TV" beginning on May 13!


A reminder -- Jeff Smart is releasing a 2-DVD special edition of his "The Future Was Fantastic" Gerry Anderson documentary. Jeff is taking orders until May 4, and then all discs will be manufactured and mailed out on May 8. There is definitely some UFO content here, with a focus on the UFO automobiles, but also the extra content will take a look at the original Interceptor and Sky One models. Narration is by Ed Bishop.

You can still order this on eBay here:

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