Tracy & Marc's Wedding Page!

Welcome to Tracy & Marc's Wedding Page!
We got married on September 22nd 1996, and here are some of our favorite wedding pictures plus our vows!

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Posed Shots

Awwww, aren't they cute? Artsy shot of Tracy in her dressing room
Wow, what a big dress! And the wedding party is... Ushers Rachell Brown & Lisa Osterloh, Maid of Honor Stephanie Sauber, Tracy & Marc, and Best Man Klaas Langhout

The Ceremony

Tracy & her father first appear from the other side of Tibbets Creek What a happy bride! Marc, Klaas, and officiant Lori Aletha anxiously wait for Tracy's arrival
Here she comes! Tracy & Marc welcome and thank everyone for coming A good turnout!
This is after Tracy figures out the ring goes on the left hand! The big kiss! Ahhhh, married at last!

The Reception

Cutting the cake... ...and then feeding each other! Tracy & Marc's impersonation of Mr. & Mrs. Tasmanian Devil

The Vows

Today I take you to be my husband/wife,
my friend, and my love.

I promise to encourage you, to bring out the best in you,
and to be the most that I can for you.

I promise to love you as an individual,
and to respect our differences in interests and opinions.

I promise to be open with you, to mend our quarrels quickly,
and to frequently remind you what a truly special person you are.

I promise to give you room to grow and change,
and to support you as you take on new challenges in life.

I promise to be with you in sickness and in health,
and to support you in failure and success.

Finally, I promise to love you without reservation,
and I will stay by your side as long as we both live.

(Vows written by Tracy & Marc)

Page by Tracy & Marc, photos by Rose Portraits